RT: First cases of Zika virus detected in Arkansas, Virginia

Published time: 26 Jan, 2016 19:18Edited time: 27 Jan, 2016 12:42

A transmission electron micrograph (TEM) shows the Zika virus, in an undated photo provided by the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. © CDC / Cynthia Goldsmith
The Arkansas Department of Health has just confirmed a resident has tested positive for Zika Virus. Another case was confirmed in Virginia, according to the Associated Press.

The US Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) told the department late yesterday afternoon that the infected Arkansas resident recently traveled out of the country and had “a mild case of Zika.”

In Virginia, the state health department said an individual who was recently overseas also contracted the virus, AP reported. Others are not at risk from this unidentified person, officials said, due to the lack of mosquitoes in the winter months.

Still, the state cautioned travelers who may want to escape cold temperatures for warmer climates to check travel alerts before leaving the country.

Meanwhile, the CDC said it was adding the US Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic to its Zika virus travel alerts, according to Reuters.

Originally discovered in Africa in the 1940s, the relatively-new disease first appeared in Brazil in May 2005.

According to the Arkansas health department’s statement, the virus has since spread to at least 20 countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

“Arkansas residents traveling to Central or South America or the Caribbean, where Zika is present, should take precautions against mosquitoes. If you are pregnant, consider postponing your trip,” said Dr. Nate Smith, Arkansas Department of Health Director and State Health Officer.

He added that Arkansas mosquitoes are the kind that can carry Zika if they bite someone who is infected.

People who travel to countries where the disease is known are urged to take precautions against mosquito bites for ten days following their return.

Travelers should also contact their doctor upon their arrival home if they experience symptoms within three to seven days.

Zika is contracted through mosquito bites and has also been detected in human seman, but cannot be spread by human contact.

Symptoms are mild and include fever, rash, joint pain, and red, itchy eyes. However, Brazil’s Ministry of Health has previously said that sometimes people infected with the virus can go without symptoms.

Pregnant women are most at risk, as the virus has been linked to serious birth defects. The disease has gained international attention in recent weeks because of the increase in infected cases.

In Brazil alone, nearly 4,000 babies born to women infected with Zika had microcephaly, a neurological disorder which affects the size of the baby’s head. That’s a huge increase from 2014, when only 146 babies were affected.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment for the disease.

This is not the first case of Zika virus entering the US. Back as early as 2007, one American traveller was infected with the disease.

According to Scientific American, since then there have been over two dozen cases of travelers who contracted the virus from about a 12 countries around the world.

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6 Responses to RT: First cases of Zika virus detected in Arkansas, Virginia

  1. Um, when RT at last runs a story headlined, “Prenatal Vaccination: What you need to know about the latest global health Disaster” this Old Turtle will take the topic as-presented there quite seriously. Meanwhile, really, imvh&experienced_o the AGITPROP Red Flag flies over this story as with all others of the genre. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

  2. lecox says:

    Who was it that was warning us that another big health scare would be dredged up and peddled to US audiences? Part of the justification for a declaration of marshal law? I try not to think of what I would do if some guy with a badge and a gun came to my door and told me I had to leave because of a bioweapon attack. Will we really have to face something like this?
    I wonder if anyone from the World Health Organization will step forward and try to calm down the hysteria. Seems like that’s what happened with Ebola, and maybe some other ones that were tried earlier. It’s good to see (article from Germany) that some scientists believe this is just another red herring.

    • lecox says:

      Oops – missed the WHO proclamations further down on the page. So they’re going along with the hype for now. Then if it all turns out to be a flop, I guess they’ll send someone out to report on some study findings or something that indicate it wasn’t Zika after all.

    • Jean says:

      I have publsished some posts on this, Larry. At about that time I also read that a major security concern of Putin’s is bioweapons. . . Interesting. . . they are going down their list . . . and hopefully, we are catching them . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. Debbie says:

    ZIKA Virus…cover up for tainted vaccines? Brazil mandated this new TDap Vaccine in early 2015…Bill Gates – NWO depopulation at work:
    Word from Brazil: Zika is B.S.
    off Jim Stone Website:

    EDU wrote:
    Zica pandemic is bullshit.

    Here in Brazil the government speaks of 1 million confirmed cases last year. Please let me know how the hell they confirmed these cases? Did they use molecular tests in all cases? Because Brazilian public health system is so crappy they cannot even confirm dengue flu, which has more strong symptoms. Molecular tests are scarce at best.

    How the hell you confirm a epidemic of a disease with symptoms so mild that 80% of the infected people show no symptoms at all? Without molecular tests, it’s simply bullshit, it could be anything other than zica virus.

    And now WHO says there will be 3 million zica cases in the near future.

    The truth is, these numbers are a blatant fabrication. My response: Take this Zika coverage on this web site and show it to a few Brazilian doctors who work with pregnant women, especially the coverage about the Tdap shot. A highly respected Mexican doctor already said it has to be true, so doctors there are likely to agree, and they will be in a position to do something about it. We have this in the bag because the truth is so obvious, all we have to do is inform to wake the right people up.

    January 29 2016

    The front page is getting too many hits to change, so the top post from yesterday is going to stay on top today.

    Quick note: The trolls despise this page, and are slandering the * out of it saying I am trolling for the NWO (quite the opposite in fact) to keep people from hitting this. New ZIKA perspective: They are going to use the Tdap shot to cause serious birth defects which will be blamed on a myth, to try to fully “justify” abortion in the minds of Latin America. They will then use that as a slippery slope to fully legalized abortion. This is one direction all of this is headed.

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