NorthPoint ASTROLOGY JOURNAL: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for February 1-7, 2016, by Pam Younghans


Photo: Aurora over Fairbanks, Alaska, USA on January 27, 2016
(credit: Ayumi Y. Bakken, posted on

ALTHOUGH our days of dealing with the exact Pluto-Uranus square are behind us, we are still working with the lingering effects of that transformational aspect. As we begin February, the two planets are separated by only 91 degrees — very close to the 90 degrees of separation that define an exact square aspect.

This means we need to be especially aware now of the days when other planets form aspects with Pluto and Uranus, because those aspects can “trigger” the energies of the primary square. This week, the asteroid Vesta triggers Pluto on Monday and Uranus on Thursday; Mars triggers Pluto on Wednesday and Uranus on Friday; and both the Sun and Venus trigger Pluto on Friday and Uranus on Saturday

In other words, we’re still putting some finishing touches on the canvas we’ve been painting since late 2011 or early 2012 — and Vesta, Mars, the Sun, and Venus will help guide our brushes this week.

THE ASTEROID VESTA represents the principles of focus and commitment, and the sacrifices we make to attain a goal, especially a goal with spiritual overtones. Right now, Vesta is in Aries, strengthening our commitment to our personal aspirations, and heightening our resistance to being dominated or controlled.

As Vesta squares Pluto on Monday, we can watch for power plays to be increased, perhaps exacerbated by self-centered attitudes. The challenge is to use our personal power to support the greater whole and not to get caught up in the drive to fulfill purely selfish desires. When Vesta aligns with Uranus on Thursday, the need to rebel against any containment is increased, and our commitment to a new vision — whether that vision be spiritual or political — takes centerstage.

MARS is the next triggering planet on our list. The Mars-Pluto sextile on Wednesday is a helpful aspect, providing us with opportunities to direct our energies in support of causes we are truly passionate about.

The quincunx aspect between Mars and Uranus on Friday is more problematic, representing the need for an attitude adjustment before we can move forward. With Mars in Scorpio right now, that change in perspective will most likely necessitate releasing old resentments and angers that are only serving to limit our potentials.

THE ASPECTS involving the Sun, Pluto, and Uranus occur on Friday and Saturday. These are not major aspects — in fact, the Sun-Pluto semisextile on Friday may manifest as only minor frustrations incurred when our personal autonomy is questioned.

The Sun-Uranus sextile on Saturday is a supportive aspect, encouraging us to claim our personal freedoms and rights. In this case, the Sun is acting as an outlet for the tensions of the Pluto-Uranus square, and helps us tap into a futuristic perspective that can see beyond current struggles and limitations.

HOWEVER, Venus will be aligned with Pluto on Friday, and will probably find it very hard to maintain any sort of objectivity. Since Venus represents relationships, values, and financial concerns, strong emotions are likely to erupt around these issues. This may be a good time to get to the heart of problems, but the process of revelation is not likely to be a comfortable one.

The Venus-Uranus square on Saturday indicates further disruptions in those specific areas of concern. In fact, based on what comes to the surface on Friday, there may be more abrupt changes on Saturday as people become restless with the status quo and decide to break free.

APART from the Pluto-Uranus triggers, there are other aspects scattered throughout the week that we should note. In particular, sextile aspects on Wednesday indicate opportunities for us to bring understanding and wisdom into our interactions. And on Saturday, a helpful Mercury-Jupiter trine will be along for the ride, to help guide our conversations to productive and practical outcomes.

The prevailing atmosphere on Sunday may depend on which side of the bed we wake up on, and how willing we are to let the past be the past. On the one hand, a Sun-Mars square means disagreement and discord can trip us up — but, a Venus-Mars sextile can help soothe relationship issues, if we are willing to lay down our swords and extend a hand in reconciliation.

In peace,


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