Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy from Judge Anna – 22 January 2016

January 22, 2016
Anna Von Reitz

Most Beloved Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy,

Surely it is apparent now that the Doctrine of Scarcity hasn’t worked? And that tolerance of idolatry hasn’t worked, either?

These things have only promoted injustice and terrible suffering and caused the Church to stumble.

The Americans have repudiated the odious debt accrued against them via fraud by the British Crown. They have also refused Jacob Rothschild’s offer to buy the bankrupt UNITED STATES, INC. and operate it as a successor to contract.

This is because neither the UNITED STATES, INC., nor its predecessor the United States of America, Inc., nor its predecessor The United States of America, Inc., nor any of the incorporated municipal governments of the District of Columbia ever had a consensual contract with the States of America to begin with.

They were all interloping foreign governmental services corporations passing themselves off as the government owed to the people of this country, occupying what appeared to be public offices, and abusing those offices for private gain, operating various coercive racketeering and fraud schemes against the innocent people, and generally acting as parasites among us.

As a result of the American action the French government has been thrown into a state of economic emergency; because the UNITED STATES, the IMF, and the UN Corporation have all been chartered under French auspices, and the creditors come home to roost. Perfidious Albion, again.

It is unavoidable that the French government and numerous other parties will inquire into the charters of these corporations and will learn many fascinating things as a result, not the least of which are the identities of the architects of this present messed up and fractured world.

The Doctrine of Scarcity is a lie. Our Father provided us with endless and generous abundance. There is no scarcity at all, and to claim that there is, is to call Our Father a cheapskate and a poor provider in the face of abundance. There is no actual need for any child to go hungry, any elder to suffer, anywhere on this planet. It is only the greed, cruelty, and selfishness of evil men that make it so.

Whatever service delivery problems there have been or which still are, can be overcome now via a truthful and honest worldwide currency and credit system using block chain technology.

Please admit the Truth and end this blasphemy, this false claim of scarcity, once and for all. Admit that there are only two things of value on the Earth so far as trade among men is concerned—-labor and natural resources.

Instead of taking one or two or three commodities and using them as standards of value—which always leads to scarcity and hoarding and manipulation of those commodities—why not flip this paradigm on its head, and use all the value of all labor and all natural resources to back a common worldwide currency delivered by block chain technology, available to everyone, everywhere?

Test studies have already been done in Switzerland using a similar model and standard credit account technology. People were given individual credit accounts sufficient for all their basic needs—food, water, housing, transportation, education, medical care, insurance, utilities. They were also given individual investment accounts and allowed to invest in any business or venture so long as it was good for people and the Earth.

Dire predictions that everyone would stop working fell on their nose. It turns out that the vast majority of people like to work at something, and though the additional income sparked a flurry of home improvements and medical and dental care that had been delayed for lack of funds, that soon died down.

Over time about double the normal number of people changed jobs, went back to school, or retired early—but overall, the results were fine. Job satisfaction soared, skills were improved, and the early retirees were able and willing to take on other duties as child care providers for younger family members and community service volunteers. Likewise, the investments people made were in things they cared about and were familiar with and as a result were very productive and positive, too.

There is no reason that every man, woman, and child on this planet could not be given a basic living stipend and an investment account. This could be delivered using two separate pre-paid credit accounts with transactions via block chain. Governmental needs could be addressed the same way, with each national government receiving investment funding for infrastructure and waste management and other needs based on population. We can do away with banking as we now know it.

We can do away with at least 90% of the misery and poverty that are the direct result of dishonest banking and credit practices–flush out the nest of vipers and be done with it.

And we can do away with the evils of idolatry, too. Is it not clear enough that graven images whether stamped on pieces of paper or pieces of metal and used as money, are idols? That these representations of value are not value? A piece of paper is not equivalent to a man’s labor or a pile of wood and yet we pretend that it is, a circumstance that renders the entire human race in a condition of insanity or delusion.

Worst of all, this practice of using arbitrarily chosen (gold) or created (fiat money) to stand for labor and natural resources encourages men to literally worship money, to fight for it and die for it and steal for it and go to war over it, when it is essentially nothing but a fraud scheme imposed by bankers and politicians on the rest of us.

The pernicious and delusional idea that gold is or ever was so very valuable rests on its use as money, and money is just a symbol of value that allows us to exchange value. That can now be done using digits instead of Silver Dollars and the sooner the better.

The bankers have traded for centuries in idols and delusions of value and con games of all sorts. The simple Truth and the reduction of their false “god” to a mere implement of trade means the end of their cushy jobs and demand for their services as pundits at every paid-for-plate dinner, but it also means the end of suffering, economic malaise, and fraud that has plagued hundreds of millions of people for generations.

Please stand up now for the Truth.

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12 Responses to Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy from Judge Anna – 22 January 2016

  1. truth says:

    the idea is good but I would prefer more something practical and touchable than electronic stuff as symbol for exchanging,because electronic money can be controled by computer and banks,and the electronic card and worse microchip controls us directly and this is not something to go towards,so yes distribution,yes with fixed price of something real ,like a kg of flour as basic value,but with something we can change each other without control of computers!Otherwice who controls the computer controls everyhing!

    • Jean says:

      Truth, if people are awake and paying attention, it could work very well 🙂 It seems to me it has been our lack of knowledge that has made it possible for them to commit their crimes. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Ilex says:

    A cashless society. I think we’ve discussed this before.

    So, in the next 1-2 mos: the fed goes negative interest, all bank accounts are wiped out then we go cashless. Nope, sorry. This time around, WE THE PEOPLE have a vote on how this is going to go down.

    • Jean says:

      Iles, c’mon. This is a very superficial answer. Yes? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ilex says:

        No, not at all. The USD is on it’s way down. Supposedly once the DOW gets down to 500-1000 or what ever it takes for folks to notice that it’s not going to return the USD is done. We’ve done the Gold Standard before, so it’s in our history, it’s not unknown. Folks will need some time to get around the Gold Standard and understand the good, bad and evil with it. At this time Americans will need to vote on whether to keep the Gold Standard going forward. Once this is done, then folks will need to do the same thing with something like Bitcoin. We will need to learn the good, bad and evil around Bitcoin, then everyone will need to vote whether we persue Bitcoin and use Bitcoin or not. There will have to be an introductory course, an intermediate course and an advanced course to make sure everyone understands all levels of a new currency. I don’t understand bitcoin at all so I’ll be in all three classes. Could be online, in the libraries, I guess even on the television.
        The continued controlled matrix is about to come to a stop. Humanity will have to step up to the plate and take our rightful place in history.

  3. Deborah says:

    Posted on January 29, 2015 by David Robinson
    By Anna Von Reitz

  4. truth says:

    The important thing is we do not need microchips to get to our accounts and the cards are not made to control our movements ,second transparency of all the system.

    Still who owns the computer controls the game and hackers and clevers will try their ways..
    In europe with the euro changing, prices doubled everywhere in 2 days….so ..
    .what it is really important is fixing prices of food and material things with the symbolical object money or digit introduced and spread.. :the famous kg of flour..or in a while you would not be abe to buy anything with your income!!!
    Same prices in the whole world would be perfect.No need to import things because are cheaper or going to work abroad… to get more money.. no enslaved populations to produce stuff for richer countries and same basic income for everybody, more what you earn working,of course with fixed salary for everybody,presidents or workers..
    Full payment for your studies and your living if you make you are preparing and working intellectually to provide society a particoular service,but then same wage as anybody else when you work! This is the world I would like to live in!.
    Things grown abroad would be more expensive the further the more.. so people would prefer to produce their food and stuff where they are and all economies would grow.. .or maybe we find cheaper ways to travel….There are many possibilities and solutions and it is nice to imagine them all but we also have to find ways fitting with our reality and the problems around,the selfish mind the greatest of all,and find solutions to avoid more troubles going on..

  5. bromiliad says:

    I am heartened to read Anna ‘ s request for truth from the ones who, as corrupt as they seem to be can make all the difference.
    I feel this is the call on almost the eve of the signing of the horrid trade agreement…the TPPA.
    I so pray sensibilities surely prevail for the health and well being of humanity. The truth is no longer hidden….there can be no excuses now!!! Unless ‘they’ are totally evil to the core..
    I see now the value of who we are cannot be farmed in a sleep full state abiding by the gross fiat system and we The People can live in peace together….albeit with digits on a screen equating to trade or barter. Having utilized the LET’S system of trade and barter in a community some years ago….the numbers were called buccas and were recorded on a chit of paper. IT CAN BE THAT SIMPLE. And we created great friendships and a wonderful arena of support for all involved. We felt valued in very real terms.
    It will be most interesting to see response to Anna ‘ s letter. Waiting with baited breathe…..

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