Oregon Citizens want BLM and FBI To leave

If you, my readers, determine the efforts of Anna von Reitz to be correct, then the citizens of Burns, Oregon need to be notified in some way, as does KrisAnne Hall!

I published this post before, but it was limited and I don’t think we heard the full scope of this conversation. ~J


Published on Jan 24, 2016

The citizens of Oregon have spoken ! The BLM is to disarm & disband completely and the FBI is to call off all units engaged in armed & surveillance operations of Malheur county. Failure to comply will result in a swift and overwhelming constitutional militia response. The BLM, FBI & other officials have been proven to be in the wrong

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14 Responses to Oregon Citizens want BLM and FBI To leave

  1. brackenkaren says:

    What a woman!! What an American!! I pray these people stand their ground and run those evil people out of their state. Their Sheriff should be ashamed.

  2. a week after this video, the FBI shot and killed an unarmed man. They shot him dead. They shot him while his hands were up and he lowered them after the first two shots hit him in the torso. They claim he was going for a gun which we have only their word was hidden in his pocket.

    They produce a grainy out of focus video with no audio claiming that this shows what happened but it shows something else entirely.

    The ranchers in several western States have been brutalized by the BLM and when they finally protested, the FBI killed one and shot or arrested others. The protestors have not fired a single shot. The Feds have done all the shooting and killing.

    • Jean says:

      . . . and there is zero news coming out of there now. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • John Wedgwood Golden says:

      You are dead on Robert ! I scrutinized the video you mention over a dozen times ! This was a military style Summary Execution of Mr. Finican ! The video was censored to show how Mr. Finican was reaching for his concealed pistol ! But once we view the entire video we see what a FUCKING LIE they told !

  3. Karla von Hungen says:

    Where is the hew and cry for “Hands up Don’t shoot?” Sheriff Ward was not elected. He was appointed to replace the prior Sheriff who retired early. Sheriff Ward used to work for the BLM. Demand a new constitutional Sheriff through elections!!!

  4. Harry Talbott says:

    This is an example of people not understanding the proper role of the Sheriff who should have been the firewall between the Feds and the ranchers. Also what is the FBI doing in getting involved. The BLM, authority does not include police powers. Also we might look into whether the governor should have used the Oregon National Guard. I hope the Public Lands states are waking up to the evil of Federally administered lands, not being returned to the States who were to come into the Union on an equal footing with all the previous states.

  5. I had my own tame by comparison run in with a BLM goon a couple years ago. He came onto my property to tell me to put out a fire in an approved fire pit during a time burning was approved by our county. I tried reason but he was too dumb. He finally made the mistake of calling me “stupid” at which point I told him to get the f*#k off my land and that the next thing he would be speaking to was going to be my shotgun for being an asshole in another man’s home.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Nice to hear from you, Dennis. Thanks for contributing here 🙂 You have boots on the ground, and that is important to us all. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. John Wedgwood Golden says:

    I am a former Prison Guard at San Quentin ! I am also a former Peace Officer ( Hawaii State ) ! After viewing a drone video tape showing the homicide of a Cattle Rancher in Harney County Eastern Oregon , named Mr. Finican ! It came to my horrible realization that this Murder carried out by the Oregon State Police was a Military style Summary execution ! I am well aware of how to shoot a person LEGALLY ! This must not be allowed to stand ! These Three Officers that Murdered Mr. Finican if found guilty in a court of law should be executed by firing squad ! See my book Once Upon A Time At San Quentin at amazon.com

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my John! Thank you for your supporting statement here. Please look at some of my other posts today, which you will find agree with you. I do believe the tide is turning. I pray that it is. Hugs, ~Jean

  7. How much longer?

    Free Kentucky: We don’t fear you


    Who or what really has LaVoy’s blood on their hands?

    • Jean says:

      I’m sorry, but your comment showed up in my spam, and I’m just seeing it now. I hope people will check out your site. . . much itneresting info there. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  8. Lee Burger says:

    Your govenor is the one that called in the FBI & escalated the situation. You are right to ask all to leave except the Sheriff. Please call your governor she is the one with blood on her hands. My observation & opinion.

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