THE TIES HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY BROKEN By Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court January 30, 2016

I saw this post yesterday, and something made me stop and say I need to examine this very carefully, which I have been doing most of today. A question that kept arising in my mind was, “Who is the WE she constantly speaks of?” I have not yet found an answer, but I have found some extraordinary recent posts from Anna, one which clearly seems to say her allegiance is not for the Pope — anyway, not anymore. Maybe I have misunderstood, and I am more than willing to admit this fact. I am going to publish several other recent posts which have totally captured me here this morning. This is why until now you haven’t heard anything from me. I still do not know if her facts are accurate, but it certainly seems that they may well be. ~J

These other posts are ordered with what I think is the most important post at the top:

– Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy from Judge Anna – 22 January 2016

– Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna

– To: General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces

– What China Can Expect and Needs to be Told – Judge Anna Von Reitz 

– Instructions Regarding “FBI” Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon 

 * * *

The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

In March, the IMF’s governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.) went insolvent. It was entered into Chapter 11 without naming a Successor to Contract. That left the “federal” side of the Constitution vacant and flapping in the wind.

The intention of the perpetrators is obvious. They meant to void the Constitution once and for all.

So, what to do?

We had already delivered Due Process to the IMF dba UNITED STATES and its franchises, resulting in a proper Judgment of Commercial and Administrative Default.

We had already entered a properly constructed claim in commerce to claim back all the assets naturally belonging to the American people.

We formed an alliance with the Lakota and the Athabasca, two of the largest Native American nations—-which are “federal” and which have internationally recognized tribal governments, and we filed Sovereign Letters Patent and a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.

The Constitution was saved and a new foundation begun.

The Native Americans are now free to come home to land that they were “removed from”, no longer POW’s, they have regained their sovereignty as free, sovereign and independent people living on the land.

The united States of America and the free, sovereign and independent people living on the land of the organic states have regained their sovereignty in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

For the first time since 1789 Americans are in full control of both their natural land and sea jurisdictions. We are finally whole!

Those who have read our affidavit of probable cause, “You Know Something Is Wrong When….An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” know that the Founders cut a deal with the British King allowing him to retain control of nineteen enumerated essential governmental services, all in the jurisdiction of the sea.

This “split” the jurisdiction owed to American states and people and created two different populations of people from the outset—- the free sovereign and independent people of the United States and the British Subject inhabitants who remained to provide these services under the Constitution.

The so-called “Federal Government” was never a sovereign government. It was always an association of sovereign nation-states. And it was never our government though it was under contract to serve us. It was always a foreign government operating under the foreign jurisdiction of the sea and the equally foreign Law of the Sea.

So long as the British King remained honest and honored his obligation to us to act as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, the future remained safe— but almost immediately the “Troubles” began, as King George wiggled like a fish on a hook and sought to regain his position over the Americans.

Things appeared to settle down after the War of 1812, but by 1845, the then-Pope and the British King sealed a secret pact agreeing that the egalitarian American Republic was incompatible with the idea of Papal Supremacy and the Divine Right of Kings. The Secret Treaty of Verona was a grotesque, criminal and highly secret Breach of Trust by both the British Monarch and the Holy See.

Within 15 years members of the American Bar Association loyal to the British King had elected Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer, to the Office of President of the United States — CEO of the commercial trading company deceptively called the United States (Trading Company) —not the land, not the country, not the organic states, and not the people. The actual Constitution already had provisions denying any member of the Bar any public office, so in Lincoln’s case the only “Presidency” he could occupy was as the CEO of the trading company doing business as the “United States”.

It is not a mistake that Abraham Lincoln led our country into a vicious Civil War, the results of which we are still dealing with 150 years later. The Civil War was not about ending slavery, as you can see by closely reading the 13th Amendment of the corporate “Constitution” called the “Constitution of the United States of America” adopted by the perpetrators of all this criminality, betrayal, and fraud in 1868.

Though loudly proclaiming the abolishment of slavery, the 13th Amendment of this federal corporation document (which is actually a corporate by-law) goes on to enshrine slavery as a permanent part of the newly formed federal corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated’s form of law. It makes criminals slaves and leaves the corporate “Congress”— an elected Board of Directors—free to define who the criminals are.

A close reading of the 14th Amendment shows that they made everyone who was a United States Citizen (Federal Citizen) a criminal by definition, a slave by definition, and a debtor, too. To this day, when these vermin bring innocent Americans into their private corporate tribunals (which are misrepresented as public courts) the charges are addressed to “persons” named after the victims. These “persons” are legal fiction entities defined as public trusts and more recently as public transmitting utilities—and they are already guilty by definition.

This is why it does no good for anyone mischaracterized as a “United States Citizen” to claim the guarantees of the actual Constitution, and why these courts do not hear any of the laws or the facts of any case and also the reason that their own court rules for judges admonish them to provide “an appearance” of Justice where there is none. All that is really going on is a determination of how much these criminals will charge you for their “service” and whether or not you will be “impounded” as cargo or held ransom as chattel backing the debts of their corporation.

This heinous crime, duplicity, Breach of Trust, enslavement, and merciless abuse of the American people has gone on for 150 years and since the 1930’s things have only gotten worse. Until now.

The very mechanism they hoped to use to finish us off was turned against them. We slipped in, invoked our true standing, formed the new federal alliance, issued the new Sovereign Letters Patent, issued the new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty— and booted both the British and the French off our shores once and for all.

Our answer came by Divine Providence, even as representatives of the Wells Fargo Bank (owned by the US Attorney General) were claiming that the united States of America no longer existed, that we no longer had a national currency in circulation, that all the Americans had “voluntarily” given up their birth right and accepted the slave status of “United States Citizens”, that our land was “abandoned property” and the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt UNITED STATES governmental services corporation should be allowed to come in under color of law and claim our land, our homes, our businesses and everything else to pay the debts run up under conditions of fraud by the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES.

A few weeks later Jacob Rothschild showed up. He assumed he could just cut a deal with the IMF and move into place as the Successor to Contract and begin the long-planned seizure of our land and other assets via the use of commercial mercenaries disguised as employees of our lawful government—– just like what is going on in Oregon now with the Uranium land-grab and the fake “FBI”.

The “FBI” like the “BLM” are just brand names of old used-to-be units of other governmental services corporations long gone. They’ve been run under color of law for years as private security and property management subcontractors of the IMF dba UNITED STATES and its corporate municipal franchises. Those men shooting and threatening people in Oregon are private commercial mercenaries acting under color of law, impersonating government employees.

That thing is Washington, DC that you were misled to believe was “your” government and which you trusted accordingly was never your government. It has always been an abusive and criminally mismanaged foreign government perched on our shores, here under contract to provide “essential governmental services”.

We are not responsible for the debts of this foreign entity and we have repudiated them accordingly. All we ever owed the UNITED STATES were reasonable fee for nineteen services – most of which we never received.

It was our distinct pleasure to inform Mr. Rothschild that other arrangements have been made and his offer to act as Successor to Contract was accordingly refused.

We will be providing our own services and taking care of our own business and our own people from now on.

The drive is on to reclaim and repatriate all American assets to America and to Americans. The Bank of International Settlements has already agreed, the World Court has already alerted all six branches, and an initial brief has been filed. The American Armed Forces have been alerted and true Americans from every walk of life and corner of the globe as well as friends from around the world are rallying to our assistance.

The world is waking up, led by tiny Iceland, and now by the Americans. We have lived for a long time under the thrall of criminals, as have many other nations. The British and the French, the Germans, the Japanese, the Canadians, and the Aussies—- all direct victims of this same fraud and criminality, while the rest of the world has suffered both directly and indirectly from this plague of dishonest politicians, corrupt judges and the banks which have functioned as crime syndicates.

Please do your part to support this mighty effort to restore the peace, prosperity, and health of the whole Earth and the people living on it. Together, we are all the True Sovereigns— born to learn who we are, born to learn how to rule ourselves, born to be caretakers of each other and our beloved planet.

Please print, post, send, carry, do whatever it takes to inform every American. Especially inform all members of the police, the military, the so-called “law enforcement agencies”, the clergy, the community leaders, school officials, everyone who needs to know.


If you have resources, knowledge, or skills to offer, please stand by. There will be needs aplenty in the days to come. There may be possible disruptions of public services, possible disruptions of supply chains, possible confusion and very probably misinformation spewed by the Mainstream Media which is owned entirely by international corporations that have benefited from the fraud and very obviously failed to do their real job.

It is either criminally stupid or a purposeful malignant circumstance when all a country’s major news organs are owned by foreigners. Now that you know that fact, turn the knob. Take everything these talking heads say with two grains of salt, use your own brain and common sense.

Trust in yourself, your abilities, your skills, your friends, your families, your communities, your most cherished ideals, your fondest hopes. If you are like most Americans you will feel panic and anger and confusion when you realize just how close we have come to total disaster.

Believe in the Magnum Mysterium, the True God, the Great Spirit that shares One Life with all of us with One Love that is truly Divine.

Walk forward now, together, hand in hand, and fear no evil. When the Truth comes what is False must pass away

See this article and over 100 others on Anna’s website here:

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20 Responses to THE TIES HAVE BEEN PERMANENTLY BROKEN By Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court January 30, 2016

  1. hannacora says:

    *Jean, I am a little confused as to who is Anna Von Reitz. Google search has 4 pictures for the same name, the links are: *

    *GENERAL PAGE FROM GOOGLE: I admit they all have similar features…What are we dealing with here? I discovered the older Anna a while ago and then went to Google and well this is confusing. Do you have any idea of what is happening here??*


    * *

    *Fostering Literacy for our World!*RadioLiteracyOne PodCast

    * @ *

    * *

    On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 2:15 PM, Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth wrote:

    > Jean posted: “I saw this post yesterday, and something made me stop and > say I need to examine this very carefully, which I have been doing most of > today. A question that kept arising in my mind was, “Who is the WE she > constantly speaks of?” I have not yet found an answ” >

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Jean. I’ve been praying you would again revisit the work of Judge Anna. I too am well aware of the fraud of the Vatican, et al. If you or your readership is unfamiliar with she and her husband, James Belcher’s published affidavit entitled, ‘You Know Something is WRONG When… An Affadavit of Probable Cause’, I’ve a friend who spent many hours distilling it’s content down to a 100 pg PDF he and I would be happy to share. It does have a few typos, but hey, we’re currently still human– hopefully we can regain control of our beloved planet and halt the on-going attempts via Geo and Food Engineering to turn us into even more easily controllable trans-human slaves. Peace and Love to you and all your readership….

    • Jean says:

      Jennifer, is her husband the ‘WE’ she talks about? Also could you leave a link to the .pdf here? That way people could take a look if they wanted. Is my impression right, that recently she let go of any hope the Pope might see the light? This is what I find confusing . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Jennifer says:

        I assume she speaks of the ‘we’ in that way– but as well leaving it open for others to consider themselves in it. In my reading of her work, she has indicated that she has ‘communicated’ with the Pope and that ‘he agrees’ with her assessment of the fraud as she’s lain it out. I too, took a step back last year from her when I was afraid she may have Vatican ties. However, in deeper discerning, I’ve come to feel that in recognizing that the majority of the Christian world is totally asleep to the Greater Fraud, to ‘call out’ the Pope in a forceful and negative way would, at least still at this point, serve to alienate more than galvanize. It would appear she too is playing a Putin-esque , 3D chess game (unfortunately necessary still at this time). We must remember that the majority of folks remain still so asleep that to even ASSUME out loud that the ‘constitutional stand-off’ in Oregon could somehow be related to The Vatican and the Pope simply sounds ludicrous. We see it. They’ve yet to.

  3. Jennifer says:

    For the record: there is much ‘shill-ism’ going on out there in cyber-space… Many are posting in various places that she is not a ‘legitimate’ Judge, which is true as the very word ‘legit’ refers to the word ‘legal’ which, as hopefully most of your readership is now aware, refers to Admiralty Law– NOT either Common Law or Natural Law— which are as well different from one another– a point we MUST realize soon as well, but first things first— Judge Anna IS a LAWFUL Judge.
    Peace and Love,

  4. When people tell you that mass warrantless surveillance by the NSA – or any other agency – is constitutional, they’re either ignorant or lying.

    • Jennifer says:

      It may be, but to which or who’s Constitution are you referring?

      • Jennifer says:

        I find it’s helpful if not downright necessary to point out this level of the semantic deceit continually as we move forward.
        Would that be The Constitution for the United States of America or the look-alike/sound-alike-but-VERY-different Constitution for the United States of America?

  5. Knowledge Is Power: Educate Yourselves, Then Apply What You Have Learned.

  6. National Liberty Alliance: Educate & Empower Yourselves

  7. Hi Jean, and thanks for remaining open to all possibilities during these uncertain times!

    In the book You Know Something is Wrong When … An American Affidavit of Probable Cause, co-authored by Judge Anna and her husband James Clinton Belcher, the Affidavit reads as follows:

    We — the Affiants — a living man known to the public as James Clinton Belcher and a living woman known to the public as Anna Maria Riezinger free born on the land jurisdiction of the United States of America known as the Continental United States are able and competent and of age to present ourselves in the flesh and bring forth this affidavit in our own behalf and that of all the others similarly abused and affirm it as the truth from without the Federal Unite States.

    Perhaps this is the ‘we’ Anna is referring to.

    • Jean says:

      Doreen, right now I’m waiting on some news . . . I don’t know what is going on, but nothing is coming out of Burns. Nothing. I’m trying not to think the worst, but I’m finding it very difficult. . . Anna’s problem is like all the others; we have no way to enforce this. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. morleyrobbins827957509 says:

    Excuse my confusion, bordering on ignorance… So, what’s the consensus view: Is Judge Anna working FOR the Vatican to ensure our continued enslavement OR is she a true Sovereign lighting the way to ensure our freedom.

    I have spoken with her, I have read MANY of her letters, and I have seen “certified” documents indicating she is “in service” to Pope Francis…

    Please clarify & resolve this perpetual source of stress!

    Many thanks!

    • Jean says:

      Morley, there are a number of exchanges here in the comments section of my blog where posts were made on this subject, and I suggest you take the time to read them for yourself, so you can make up your own mind. Hugs, ~Jean

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