The Trick of Zika and the Carbon Tax

Those running the world, through their control of media, have been playing magic tricks with the world, shell games where people are encouraged to look here and not at what is really going on.

Zika is clear example.  Don’t see that GMOs and glysophate, funded by the Rockefellers and Bill Gates, both genocidal, and delivered by Monsanto, are to be perfectly blunt, the destruction of humanity.

No, the horrific birth defects come from a virus!

Never mind that scientists in South American such as Andres Carrasco have attempted for years to expose the connection between those exact same malformations to GMOs and glysophate, for years, and were met by warnings, beatings by biotech-funded mobs, and death threats.

Zika, the patsy for a GMO catastrophe?

The Rockefellers, Gates and Monsanto have fallen back on a magic trick – look here, not there.  It’s a virus not the vast amount of poisons we have poured into the whole food supply and the entire ecosystem.  A new virus gives us fear, it gives us who are anti-baby to begin with, alerts not to a whole country not to get pregnant, it gives us Planned Parent moving into South America for abortions driven by terror we created, it gives us possible “rescuing” vaccines which will almost certainly be sterilizing just as the tetanus and polio vaccines we’re giving right now in Nigeria and Kenya are, just as we did in the 1990s in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines.

Hillary Clinton: Women Around The World Are Awaiting Your Condemnation of Clinton Foundation Donors For Sterilizing 2-3 Million Kenyan Women

People have a choice to see what GMOs are doing and it’s far from only babies who are being wrecked.

Zika or Monsanto?

Or they can fall into the Rockefellers and Gates fear trap and fall for a virus.  That traps lets them decimate humanity as they do much wish to do and have been planning for ages.  The Rockefellers had half interest in IG Farben (a giant pharmaceutical and chemical industry) which ran the concentration camps under the Nazis, and experimented on prisoners, including experimenting to create vaccines as a means to surreptitiously sterilize women.  They have them now.  And IG Farben is who fund the WHO, controlled by Rockefellers and Gates.

Rockefellers and Gates who created the GMO industry and what they are doing to babies in Brazil and Argentina is so grotesque, so brutal, it’s beyond describing.

Will people not wake up to what they have done, and believe their desperate lie about virus instead?  We didn’t do it, it was a mosquito!
Terror is their means to make the world look elsewhere and not see what is really going on, so they can continue to do what they want. and take everything.

Global warming terror is the same.  Yes, the world is in terrible condition.  The extent of it is dire.  (The Silent Ecocide – “We are living in the sixth mass extinction, caused by humans, and we have the solutions to stop it!)

It’s not CO2 causing it but the multinational corporations.  Through one horrific industry after another and through suppression (even murderous) of whistleblowers and of inventors and doctors who could have freed humanity from oil and from diseases long ago, the corporations have stolen from mankind its own cures for the world and plunged the world into increasing hell for their own profit and power.

To hide their crimes against humanity behind COs is the Zika mosquito again.

And it comes with more of their life-crushing solutions – an international carbon tax that can be applied against anyone, any country, and destroy them; Agenda 21 to move human beings off the land so industry can have total run of it; the NWO – an on-going form of global martial law with mass surveillance and pervasive control through chipping, and large scale depopulation.

What is happening in Brazil shows how far they – the Rockefellers and Gates – have gotten using food as a weapon against life.  What they – the Rockefellers and Gates – are doing with vaccines shows how far they’ve twisted even the  idea of healing, now turning it into death.

Their answer to their GMO nightmare is a virus leading to vaccines that will be covert sterilization (and chipping).

Their answer to their own destruction of the world is a global carbon tax which sets them up for global plunder which can be directed against everyone but especially against all those protecting the earth – small farmers, indigenous peoples.

It’s obvious what must happen in Brazil.  The virus must be exposed as a hoax and GMOs must be ended there and worldwide.

As for the carbon tax, it must also be exposed.  It is an immense club in the hands of corporations which created it.  And like Zika, a carbon tax is these deadly tricksters’ means of  distracting from all the things that must actually be done to save this planet from the very ones who proposed the carbon tax.

Instead of a carbon tax, the world must:

1.  end extractive and explosive industries altogether – oil, coal, fracking, gas, nuclear, etc. NOT allowing them to trade away the harm they are doing,

2.  tax only the 1%,

3.  release the existing free energy technologies as soon as possible with industry required to use it and it being given for free to people around the world,

4.  protect and benefit small businesses and small farmers and all people, by removing taxes and all regulations preventing them from using green energy and from creating even more beneficial technologies,

5.  recognize that the current food safety laws are a threat to the environment and apply them only to the giant food industry, freeing small farmers and food producers and people to produce again,

6.  end agri-business – a petroleum-based, poisonous, industry that is extractive of the earth and of animals, and is pumping out methane into the environment from the abnormal feeding and mass imprisonment of billions of animals – and return the land to small farmers and people interested in farming.  Ruminants and Methane: Not the Fault of the Animals

7. end all genetic engineering of plants, animals, insects, and humans,

8. end pharma’s manufacture of petroleum-based products and use of genetically engineered organisms,

9.  end the use of plastics and all other petroleum-based products,

10. end the production of all poisons, the use of chemtrails, the fluoridation of water (or its contamination by any other substance).

11.  end the smart grid which exposes humans, plants, animals, and insects to biologically destructive effects, and all technologies of human surveillance and control, including chips,

12.  end the military-industrial complex and shift funding and personnel into a world clean up of land and water, into rebuilding infrastructure, into building free housing and installing free energy for humanity, into resettling migrants at home, into building mass transit including aeronautics all based on free energy.

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One Response to The Trick of Zika and the Carbon Tax

  1. Tracy says:

    I had to look up IG Farben and its relationship with WHO (nothing found yet with substance to prove the connection) except on the Wiki page it appears that due to “war crimes” they have morphed into other successors ~
    1] — scroll down to the bottom to see the
    Successor companies.
    2] = historical article of IG Farben dissolved.
    3] — my initial search results (take a look)

    Good article Jean, which shows the level of “filthy evil” thrust against us/Earth and our innocence as good people. It is so mind numbing this diabolical eugenics plan and the smoke and mirrors manner it is presented through the “corrupt media” who spin the truth into “corporate lies” so the urgency of these ongoing global crimes is difficult for society to perceive. We’ve got to stop this putrefied rot!

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