UPDATE: Second video has surfaced – Enhanced Video: LaVoy points out his Assassins, plus links to three, IMO, appalling Veterans Today posts on this subject. ~J

Published on Jan 30, 2016

Thank you to Call of Duty Goddess : https://youtu.be/HRmbVDS4p4I

Definition of Assassin: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictio…

This footage must get everywhere. This also needs to be downloaded by anyone and everyone that has the ability. Please reshare, and save and help spread the truth of what happened.

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Update, second video has surfaced . . I believe there is also a third video, as well, but we can all get the idea. . . . ~J

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Links to three Veterans Today posts that I find appalling! Gordon Duff as Senior Editor? He needs to go!!! Has he gone crazy? Anyone who is honest and legitimate, working for Veterans Today needs to leave this publication, pronto! ~J

Witness Video: Police Version of Shooting in Oregon Totally Correct


Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down (updated)


Bundymania: Just the facts, ma’am



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15 Responses to UPDATE: Second video has surfaced – Enhanced Video: LaVoy points out his Assassins, plus links to three, IMO, appalling Veterans Today posts on this subject. ~J

  1. Captain says:

    Duff and Dean at VT both have made their ‘decision’ without looking at the facts or any investigation on their part. They have again shot their credibility to bits. (See Duff and Jade Helm fiasco.) This was a deliberate and staged shooting. Most likely LaVoy was shot, and any ‘action’ on his part was after that. Bottomline — no one died until the alphabet boys got involved.

  2. Old Shep says:

    VT has really shown its true colors here. I already had big doubts about Gordon Duff due to his stances on vaccines, Jade Helm, etc. This leaves no doubt in my mind who this piece of garbage works for, and it isn’t the people. This is yellow journalism at its worst.

    • Jean says:

      Old Shep, I don’t know how to say this, and I won’t say it in a more public article, but I think Preston James is also being used, and if he is, he needs to get out of there – quickly.

      Remember how he spoke about the military coming to our aid? Frankly, I think that is BS. I’ve had some secondhand experience with the ‘good’ military, and there is no way they would be tipping there hand. None. Zero. Nada. The only way they can act constitutionally is if they work off a civilian authority, and there is no civilian authority in place. Thomas Deegan is in jail, because he tried to provide us a civilian authority, and the militias, which have clearly been infiltrated, never showed up, and actually turned against him. The ‘good’ military is waiting quietly for the people to awaken.

      It’s my opinion, we are headed down a very dark path unless/until we awaken and understand the divisions under which we are living, and that they have been created by propaganda. In today’s video, KrisAnne Hall, a conservative, calls a spade a spade. It isn’t just the Dems, about whom we hear so much that is sickening and just plain dirty (Hillary’s We came, We saw, He died, and her maniacal laguh – oh, how terible), but the GOP is involved up to its ears. They are all involved. The entire Congress needs to be replaced.

      If the ‘good’ military should dare to act now, without a civilian platform, Obama can arrest them, declaring a coup, call in the UN troops, and put us under martial law. These facts alone should have those who are awake working overtime to get this very basic information out there.

      Forty years ago, when Papa Bush was elected, as I understand it the military began to retire and plan for this day. They saw it coming. What do you think has happened to those good military who are being forced out on charges of sexual perversion, drugs, etc.? I’m not sure about them, but my bst guess is that they haven’t gone away, and that they, too, are just waiting for Americans to awaken, so chaos is not created when they step in.

      Efforts are ongoing to keep Thomas out of jail, but they are not going to be stopped, illegal or not, even though they haven’t got a leg to stand on.

      Back to Preston for a moment: He is also talking about aliens and the debauchery, but is it time for this? People who are just awakening are having a hard enough time getting their heads around the truth about our country. I remember how long it took me to get my head around the terrible perversion. . . I first read about it/them at Abel Danger’s site, but I just couldn’t take it all in. While I was shocked, I didn’t get it and its meaning in the larger picture for a very long time.

      If Preston is being encouraged to write this kind of material, I believe it is because ‘newbies’ will find it all a total shutdown, and will not seek further information. This is mere speculation on my part, but it is why I haven’t published his articles on my blog. My readers already know this . . .


      • bewareofserco says:

        We should not get too down about being pushed down a “very dark path”! The further we get pushed down that path, the more it awakens the people and therefore, the greater the resistance against those who are pushing us – who themselves become increasingly exposed for the evil that they are – which in turn wakes up even more people!

        As for Thomas Deegan, he has not failed, he has just discovered one approach to solving a problem, that did not work! Many patriots will have learned from TD’s experiences so I am certain that his efforts are extremely valuable to many.

        Nor should we get too disappointed by any perceived lack of action by the militias. It would be unreasonable to expect any militia today, to engage in any kind of armed conflict with the Feds bearing in mind the technology and resources that the Feds can utilize (and will use at the drop of a hat).

        We just have to stay patient. Those who are in a position to act can only do so when the time is right. I personally think that the judicial system will have to be cleaned-up FIRST and I think that this job has to be done by those WITHIN the judicial system itself. I also think that this process is already underway, unfortunately it is a very SLOW process which is frustrating for those who see all the problems and desire an immediate solution.

        Without a properly functioning judicial system, there is no hope of freedom for anyone, as TD has found out. That’s why I think that Judge Anna Maria Riezinger’s work is so important at this time.

        • Jean says:

          Well, my problem with Anna’s work, just like everyone else’s is that there is really no means of practical enforcement, not yet, anyway. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

          • bewareofserco says:

            IMO, I think that the judicial system HAS to be fixed FIRST. Next step will be to fix the “enforcement” and that is when we can expect the ‘good-guys’ within law enforcement to step up to the plate. There would be no point in enforcement rounding up a bunch of traitors – only to see them discharged by a corrupt judicial system! Things need to be fixed in the correct sequence, can’t be putting the cart before the horse!

            Have faith!


      • Old Shep says:

        Jean, I agree with what you say. It would certainly seem that things are coming to a head. If there really is a group of “white hats” out there with the power to save this sinking ship then we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to find out one way or the other. If intervention is to come then timing will be paramount since there may be only one chance to get it right. Until then, silence is their best weapon.

        So many factors are at play here, not the least of which is a financial system that is at the breaking point. If the white hats are to act overtly, they will need the support of the people. To garner that support the people may first need to experience real financial pain, or at least a financial scare, enough to recognize the seriousness of their predicament. They need to understand the depth of the corruption and that their so-called leaders are not whom they purport to be. Hopefully, LaVoy Finicum’s execution will help to open some eyes and his sacrifice will not be in vain.

        There is no longer a separation of powers. Executive, legislative and judicial branches all act as one. The checks and balances that are vital for limiting federal power have been removed. The supreme court, congress and senate work on behalf of foreign corporations rather than the people. Most, if not all, of these people need to be removed asap. The original constitution needs to be reinstated, but updated to plug any holes that may allow its circumvention in the future.

        Republican, democrat… it makes no difference. Political parties provide the illusion of choice so the people believe they have some power in the decision making process. It is a choice between slave masters. Regardless of which party has held the reigns over the last 50 years, the slow, steady march towards collectivism, the movement towards centralized power, has continued. The rules and regulations imposed upon the people continue to expand while their freedoms are systematically removed. False flag terrorism has become commonplace, the government’s tool of choice.

        There is much evidence pointing towards a global currency reset being in the works, being very close, but how can such a reset be successful if a foreign Cabal is still controlling the western governments? I believe that such a reset and the Cabal’s removal from power would need to transpire almost simultaneously, otherwise, the Cabal would simply steal the money again. A financial reset may be what the white hats have been waiting for, and working towards, before exposing their hand. The BRICS banking system is now fully in place and running parallel to the corrupted Rothschild World Banking system, a vital component for what should be obvious reasons.

        I view the Cabal as a wild beast in it’s death throws. It is being squeezed on all sides, politically and financially, and no longer has the power of unlimited finances to pay its mercenary armies. It is possible that the transition of power from West to East is one giant game of Good Cop/Bad Cop, but hopefully Putin is the real deal and this does not turn out to be the case. Either way, I believe we in the West have a hard road ahead.

        As far as Preston James and the ET thing goes… I believe ETs exist but the movement for disclosure has been co-opted and has taken on a religious tone. It’s practically impossible to divide the truth from the fiction. It’s always about control. Control the information and you control the minds. Control the minds and you control the people.

        • Jean says:

          You have covered the topic from just about every angle, and I pretty much have to disagree with everything you are saying.

          I agree with you and believe how we come through this will almost totally depend on the ‘timing’ of those who will move against the cabal. . .


  3. TONY LANE says:

    I have never made any comments on this ranch standoff in Oregon, because I did not understand all the details, as in the UK we have never had anything like this happen, but from all the things that has been happening in many states it looking like it is fast becoming a rogue police state or country, that everything seems to be in reverse where it is– The Good People V The Bad Guy Cops, my brother who lives in PAR RHUMP just outside of LAS VEGAS near the sierra Nevada mountains keeps sending me cuttings of what is happening there in Oregon, that I have found it hard to get my head around, about 20 years ago my brother and his wife judie who had an apple orchard and grew dried herbs in a six pack in Oregon, and my brothers wife may have scattered relatives that are living there, And I still have some Newspaper Cuttings of judie’s ancestral family who was on the original Oregon Trail, so my brothers wife still has an emotional family connection to it, so this video brings home to me the very seriousness of the situation that may possibly follow them to NEVADA, more so as many of the police recruits are mentally damaged war vets from various places around the middle east. I do know that this is so with the Hawaiian special units, that are psychopathic zombie’s. well anyway we keep hoping that this will have some justice soon. hugs–TONY

  4. SacredPeaks says:

    I noticed Mike Harris, Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall had a much different take on the Oregon situation. Preston has also gently raised concerns with Duff. I was even surprised to see Kevin’s critique posted on VT last week via his False Flag report. The truth is coming out on so many fronts right now. It appears TPTB are trying to do controlled demolition but no longer have control of the narrative, timing of intel releases, etc. People are finally wising up to all the spoon-fed MSM BS and doing their own homework!

  5. Marilyn says:

    I’ve been reading some of Judge Annas articles, I can see where it all sounds about right on about what has gone on, Correcting it all is the problem part. How are we going to know were not all being sent in a bad direction again. There is just so much corruption. Trust is something you earn. NWO comes to mind.

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