Headlines from the RAIN Newsletter. . . February 1, 2016

Check any of these stories out here: 

The Rain Newsletter

1. Ban Ki-moon: Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel
2. 10,000 refugee children are missing, says Europol
3. US anti-Islamic bills create ‘environment of fear’
4. The Trump Doctrine Revealed
5. Israel,Turkey Sign $1.3 Billion Gas Deal Despite Public Protest
6. China’s Road to the Middle East
7. Israeli Academics Feel Shunned as Boycott Movement Gains Steam
8. US Customs: If It’s Made In Gaza, It Can’t Be Labeled ‘Made In Israel’
9. Democracy of the Billionaires
10. Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed: Western Warmongers Have All the Answers, and They’re All Wrong
11. Justin Raimondo: Remember Kosovo? We “liberated” it into chaos
12. Israel’s culture war heats up

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