Other Headlines of Interest, February 1, 2016

RT: Turkish artillery shells Syrian territory – Russian military presents video proof

RT: Lead levels in Flint water still too high for govt-distributed filters to handle

RT: 150,000 homes without power, gusts up to 115mph as El Nino storm hits US southwest

RT: Activist exposes US law firms advising foreigners on loopholes to invest ‘dirty money’

RT: West’s lack of morals & disregard for law caused current political crisis – Duma speaker

‘RT: Turkish Kurds trapped in Cizre victims of brutal state terror’ —  Op-Edge

RT: IMF sees years of austerity for Saudi Arabia, as debt defaults loom – Business [Shouldn’t they be willing to do for the Saudis what they did for Ukraine?]

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One Response to Other Headlines of Interest, February 1, 2016

  1. Captain says:

    This is one big part of why the USA is in the mess it is in at present. If I didn’t believe in the Indus’ Wheel of Life, I would have to think that all the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves because this has been allowed to happen to The Republic which they founded.

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