We Need to Understand the Context for Everything Occurring in the US


Why?  Because it is one of the criteria Bush listed that leads to a coup under NSPD 51, with a pandemic emergency the only one among them that leads to an invasion of UN troops and take over by the WHO (Rockefellers and Gates).

Stuff like the methane leak  are not just meant to hurt everyone but are part of a script meant to ring the “environmental disaster” bell as one of Bush’s 5 things that justify a president suspending the Constitution and taking over:

1. “environmental disaster”

2. collapse of the economy

3. civil unrest

4. attack on the country (I think that is one or infrastructure breakdown like the grid)

5. and the trigger for an invasion – pandemic emergency

It’s why the plan has to be out there.  It’s context for everything occurring.

The reason the maniacs can freak people out is because people have no context to see what’s going on and it feels like it’s coming from everywhere, independently.  Context changes that.  It makes sense.

There is a planned coup.  It’s on paper.

Context bursts the bubble.

Here is what looks like some context for what’s going on (or is it the script?):

First 9/11 Then Guillotines

Part One: Bush and 9/11 Using Explosives, Part Two: Rockefellers and A Coup, Using Bioweapons

How the FDA Has Quietly Removed Access to a Life or Death Piece of Medical Equipment

Is Bush’s presidential directive 51 a trap door to a secret TTIP, or to something vastly bigger?

This context dispels some of the chaos and confusion which lowers the sense of terror.   And people involved in any of those areas listed might be able to see how they are being used and think what they might do to foil things.


Another context put forward is for Armegeddon but that isn’t written down and signed by a president or linked to other things on paper, too.


If anyone sees yet another context, they should put it out there.
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One Response to We Need to Understand the Context for Everything Occurring in the US

  1. lecox says:

    I am aware – if only dimly – of a broader context. It involves the standard operating basis of most of the space-going societies for expanding their areas of influence. It mirrors in many ways the history of Earth, as all of us (or at least most of us) were from such societies before we found ourselves here. Outposts (or dumping grounds) such as Earth tend to be utilized for a while and then forgotten about or neglected until they somehow attract attention to themselves (such as by exploding a nuclear weapon?). Then it is time to go in, assess the situation, and establish a plan of action for bringing the planet “into the fold” and securing it (as property would be secured) from others wishing to do the same. It may be that a more enlightened view has emerged that each planet should be treated as an independent enterprise, free to trade with whatever groups it sees fit. However there is at least one group in this sector which has a very bad reputation, and should be excluded if at all possible. The population of the planet is to be looked after only to the extent that it seems useful for trade and similar purposes. Excessive warring, crime activity or unusual interests in “spiritual” matters or “freedoms” are all bad signs. But the population can be tracked and tested and (usually) a useful plan for development can be arrived at. It is normally wiser to let the local managers deal with the masses. Their skill will ultimately reflect in their rewards. However, if existing management seems to be totally incompetent, a takeover may be orchestrated in an attempt to salvage the situation. Left to its own devices, an ineptly-managed planet, after passing through the industrialization stage (as Earth has done) will usually commit suicide, and though this is very wasteful, it may be better in some cases to let that happen – or act to hasten such an end – so that the planet may be plundered without undue interference from its prior inhabitants. Though subterranean inhabitants may be a factor on some planets, they are usually easily dealt with, as they seldom have any military power to speak of.

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