Surprise, Surprise! Oregon State Police (Who Killed Lavon Finicum) Trained By Israelis

As I understand this, most all our police in the United States – probably, for sure, in the cities – are now trained by the Israelis! ~J

By Martin Hill
January 29, 2016

The killing of rancher Lavoy Finicum by the Oregon State Police made international news Tuesday, and in a very unusual move, the FBI quickly released the video of the shooting yesterday, which was filmed by an FBI helicopter. Finicum, whose final post on Twitter was a lovely rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ hours before his death, was one the passionate protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for the past several weeks.

Not surprisingly, the Oregon State Police and other law enforcement agencies across Oregon have been admittedly trained by Israeli military and have gone to Israel for training seminars.

[Related: Lessons To Be Learned From The Tragic Shooting Death Of Oregon Protester LaVoy Finicum – Even if you’re in the right, you have to be VERY careful any time you’re around our amped-up, Israeli-Trained police officers. To underestimate this grave danger is to your peril.]

The Former Commissioner of the Oregon State Police Department Trained in Israel.

Commissioner Ron Ruecker of the Oregon State Police Department is listed in the official document of Law EnforcEmEnt ExchangE Program (LEEP) Participants in the JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) Israel Program for Law Enforcement Executives (2004-2009).

You can read the document here.

An official FBI Press release from January 2009 announced ‘Ronald C. Ruecker Named Assistant Director of Office of Law Enforcement Coordination’.

Excerpt (emphasis added):

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller today announced the appointment of Ronald C. Ruecker as Assistant Director of the FBI�s Office of Law Enforcement Coordination (OLEC). Mr. Ruecker replaces Louis F. Quijas, who retired from the FBI for a position in private industry in August after more than six years as the head of OLEC.Most recently, Mr. Ruecker was the Director of Public Safety for the City of Sherwood, Oregon. He is also the Immediate Past President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and was previously the General Chair of the IACP�s Division of State and Provincial Police. He served for more than 31 years with the Oregon State Police, concluding his tenure as Superintendent in December 2006. While there, he also served as Deputy Superintendent, Commander of two of the department�s three Bureaus, and Director of the Office of Professional Standards. Mr. Ruecker was appointed by Governor John Kitzhaber as Oregon�s Homeland Security Advisor in 2001 and served in that role until 2004.

�Mr. Ruecker is a highly respected law enforcement leader who brings a wealth of experience and a record of accomplishment to the FBI,� Mueller said. �He will be a valuable asset in our continuing efforts to foster cooperation and strengthen relationships with our law enforcement partners.�

The OLEC was established by Director Mueller in 2002 to enhance coordination and communication between the FBI and its federal, state, local, county, tribal, and campus law enforcement partners. As Assistant Director of OLEC, Mr. Ruecker will advise FBI executives on ways to enhance the FBI�s working relationship with its partners and the use of state and local law enforcement expertise and resources in FBI investigations. OLEC is the FBI�s primary liaison for the national law enforcement associations and organizations and ensures the needs and concerns of state and local law enforcement agencies are being addressed within the FBI. Mr. Ruecker will also be responsible for liaison with the Department of Homeland Security, the Attorney General�s Director of Intergovernmental and Public Affairs, the Department of Justice�s Office of Justice Programs, and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.

Mr. Ruecker is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the FBI�s National Executive Institute, and the Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He and his wife, Ann, founded the Oregon State Police Foundation in 2001 and he has served on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics Oregon since 2007.


Ronald C. Ruecker is listed on the official page of the Oregon State Police Past Superintendents page. He served in that capacity from 1999-2006. After Ruecker were Timothy F. McLain (2007-2010) and Chris Brown (2010-2011).

The current Superintendent is Richard Evans Jr.. It’s not that big of a leap to conclude that the current Superintendent and officers under him are also indoctrinated and trained in Israeli military tactics.

Evans’ official bio states:

“Superintendent Richard Evans Jr. was confirmed by the Oregon State Senate on May 23, 2012, as the 12th Superintendent of the Oregon State Police. A 25-year Oregon State Police veteran, Richard Evans Jr. started his career in 1987 with Executive Security before being hired in 1988 as a patrol recruit trooper with an initial assignment in Umatilla. He was appointed Deputy Superintendent November 1, 2010 and previously held positions as Major (Police Services Bureau); Captain (Office of Professional Standards); Lieutenant and Sergeant (Portland Area Command Office); and, worked Patrol and Criminal Division assignments at numerous locations including Albany, Portland, Central Point, and Grants Pass. Superintendent Evans appointment and subsequent confirmation followed the retirement of Chris P. Brown on December 31, 2011.

The Oregon State Police ‘About Page’ is here.

In 2003, the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau issued an official press release proudly announcing that their police Chief, Mark A. Kroeker, was travelling to Israel to recieve training from the Jews. Excerpt:

Chief Kroeker attends terrorism conference in Israel
January 03, 2003 00:00
Follow @PortlandPoliceOn Thursday, January 9, 2003, Portland Police Chief Mark A. Kroeker will leave Portland and travel to Israel joining several law enforcement leaders from throughout North America in the first ever conference on “Law Enforcement in the Era of Global Terror.” Chief Kroeker will travel to Israel as a guest of the event organizers. While en-route to Israel, Chief Kroeker will join police chiefs from several large metropolitan areas throughout the United States for a terrorism meeting in Washington D.C.

The major goal of this conference is to exchange and share information and to gain a better understanding of the current problems facing law enforcement agencies. Conference attendee’s will also participate in a simulated terrorism attack.

In anticipation of this conference, on Tuesday, January 7, 2003, at 11:00 a.m., Chief Kroeker will meet with members of the Jewish and Muslim communities, along with the Co-Chairs of the Chief’s Forum, to obtain public input and brief community leaders on his expectations for this seminar. The meeting will take place in the Chief’s Conference Room on the 15th Floor of the Justice Center. The media is invited to attend.

Media Relations:
Sgt. Pete Simpson
Desk: 503-823-0830
Pager: 503-790-1779

Portland Police Bureau
1111 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 1526
Portland, Oregon 97204


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12 Responses to Surprise, Surprise! Oregon State Police (Who Killed Lavon Finicum) Trained By Israelis

  1. pat says:

    does anyone know if this is the same Robert Mueller that used to be the acting director of the United Nations back in the ’80s?

  2. bewareofserco says:

    Most, if not ALL police officers today are recruited based on the results of psychological profiling. If the aim is to turn out “robo-cop” killing machines, should we be surprised that they are trained by Israel? Probably not! Maybe they’re planning on making Americans the ‘new Palestinians’.

    Training our police isn’t the only lucrative ‘pie’ that Israel (‘God’s chosen people’) has its grubby finger in either.

    • Eileen K. says:

      No, we shouldn’t be surprised at nearly all police officers today are trained by Israeli war criminals. Certainly the ones who murdered LaVoy Finicum were .. they were trained in ambush tactics .. and that’s how Finicum was murdered. The ambush killers, however, failed to kill the other 7 men who were with the Utah rancher, even though they fired several shots in the group’s direction.

  3. One Ghoo says:

    Do crisis actors really die?

  4. KP guitarzan says:

    No mystery- Its a Babylonian Sumerian Cult (IS)is (RA) (EL)ohim—-EL-ohim translates to “gods” also known as higher beings from the other side not God the Father and Creator of the Elohim like they have indoctrinated. There is no such thing as Jews— only ashkeNAZIs and Khazars. That’s right–The so called Jews were the Nazis all along. A pill of truth that will be next to impossible to swallow because of your programming. Calling me antisemitic no longer works because I realize that would imply I am anti-arabic and no I’m not Christian, Muslim, Jew, Satanist, Pagan, Luciferian, Mormon Catholic Agnostic or Atheist which are all divide and CON-quer (ELohim) religions to CON-trol the masses and I never hide behind fictitious names because you can’t with the technologies they have now. 99.4 % of all of it has been a CON for several thousands of years.

  5. Sam says:

    At the end of WW2 there were hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of bodies left in place, in Germany, and the other European nations, where war had raged and concentration camps were constructed, by the Germans. The “Allies” had access to all the dead in all of Europe, after examining the dead and after all was said and done not a single corpse could be found that could be said to have been gassed to death by the Germans. Not a single one (1). Today we are told six million “Jews” were gassed to death by the Germans during a short period of time and in a relatively small area, though not a single bone, tooth, or hair has ever been found that could prove anyone was ever gassed to death by the Germans ever. Had people been gassed to death then the evidences of the gassing(s) would be like wild grass, popping up everywhere. This, is a fact, this is the truth. One does not need faith to believe proven truth, “faith” is a requirement when what the person is told to believe is a lie or some part of a lie. Like the ME religion’s tell us to “believe” in their god’s we are told by the Jew controlled Governments in the world to “believe” the Jews Holocaust Story is a real story, a story, depicting something that really did happen. Something, that has no real evidence to prove it, but, we are compelled to “believe” it. This, I think, is the first sign of insanity, and, people so disposed to believe stories of men though there are so many evidences disproving the stories, are insane. For reasons of their own and quite profitable for them the so called Israelis, though these people have nothing about themselves nor their history that has anything to do with Palestine/Israel, are taught from early childhood to never trust people not like them, because, people not like them murdered six million of them in “gas chamber.” Meaning, a whole semi nation of people are taught from early childhood to distrust and fight against people not like them nor of their kind. A hatred real and deadly, we can know, is what all of this “holocaust” mess is about, and, we can know by the way the Israelis rape, maim and murder Palestinians that this insanity is in fact -murderous. So, why do we allow our children and officials to be instructed by these insane people types, when we know the results of such instruction, when we know these same people so instructed are intended to bring the information and mannerisms home, to America, to be used against the very same kind of people, i.e., Gentiles, that the Instructors in Israel have been taught to hate. The truth: is money rules America, it is not truth or even good sense, but money that rules America. We as a people, as a nation, we are in deep trouble when we send our military and police to be trained by the very same people who pray for our early and miserable demise…any politician, who sides with the Jews against America/Americans is instantly a traitor to America, a terrorist, to the American people, not Jews.

  6. dennis says:

    it was not an airplane–it was a Aurora Orion Drone…!

    Yes, ..It was a DRONE…!
    Yes, ..It has Amazing Capabilities…!
    Yes, ..It was a BOTCHED Operation…!
    Yes, ..It Will Be Hard Pressed 2 Find This INFO Released Elsewhere…!
    This is Technical Data on the camera system that Filmed the FBI AMBUSH Shooting of the 3-car road block…!
    Provided is a transcript of the 8:11 video by Allen Lardieri …!
    Provided is the BREATH of some Patriots’ via Comments, Suggestions &
    additional Resource URL Links…!
    Provided is Product Descriptions, Photos & Capabilities from AURORA Flight Services, the Mgf. Of Orion ISR Products & Services…!
    Jo Ann Mendez
    They Didn’t Have to KILL…!
    He Wasn’t a Killer or Anything like that…!
    He Rose and Adopted Lot of Kids…!
    They Have Electric Gun Teasers…!
    Especially if he Wasn’t Armed..!
    He was HUMAN Like EveryOne Else…!

    ORION : ISR platform [ Intelligence Surveillance Resonance ] operated by ASO [ Aerial Surveillance Operators ]
    A. Verified by Ex-Military experienced persons with over 500 hours of “ Screen Time “ Usage.
    The Orion ISR system was probably operated on an AirCraft rather than a Drone because of the sophistication and the best human operation of the system.
    B. Human operated with 2 setting called EO WIDE
    or EO Narrow for standard or zoom focusing. [ EO = Electro Operating System ]
    Due to the coming darkness, this Orion ISR should have been operated in the Infrared Mode to provide better viewing and video recordings.
    When in the infrared Mode under the low light conditions, the Orion ISR system could have and should have been able to show the occupants in the Vehicle #2, White 4-Door PU with White CAB over the bed & sharp, clear viewing of entire 3-car roadblock area.
    The ASO never did go into or use the EO Narrow which is left for questioning why is was not used.
    C. With the terrain of the 3-car road block and the height of the Pine Trees, it is estimated that the AirCraft was operating at an altitude of 3,000 to 3,500 feet.
    This attitude is not the best for these conditions of low light and tall Pine
    A much higher altitude would have provided better opportunities for less Pine Tree obscuration and better stabilization of focus on the ground.
    This additional altitude would allow for a larger oval flying pattern around
    the 3-car road block.
    D. With the thermal capabilities of the Orion ISR system, it has a 96 Megapixel camera and can detect thermal conditions and variances of the ambient temperatures of objects compared to normal ground conditions.
    A base ASO would normally use the infrared thermal mode under these low light and Pine Tree obscurations.
    The quality of the video is quite low due to ASO operator errors and other unknowns, even though it is has been handed down quite a bit from source to source to the public.
    E. It appears to be consistent with a 2-mile oval orbit which is consistent
    with known operating procedures.
    F. A good ASO and Pilot of the AirCraft would have had a better height and orbit pattern, so there are questions as to the experience and skills of the ASO that produced this FBI Surveillance Video…!
    G. Notice the ASO never did go into the IR Mode…!
    Video description by Allen Lardieri Jan 30th, 2016
    Please LIKE … SHARE … FOLLOW
    If you like the content concerning Personal Liberty, Trending News,
    Constitutional Rights & Obligations Presented with this Editorial…!

    • Jean says:

      Dennis, I believe I posted the video a while a go. It’s extremely important, and I thank you for it and the additonal information.

      For the moment, I can’t recall how to pull up the video . . . If I do, I will link it.

      Thanks and hugs,

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