What We Are Experiencing Now Is The Death Of Fiat Currency: Rob Kirby

Published on February 3, 2016

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4 Responses to What We Are Experiencing Now Is The Death Of Fiat Currency: Rob Kirby

  1. enki says:

    I listened for 20 minutes and then gave up.

    In that 20 minutes there is no mention of the Gold-Yuan peg being introduced by China in the first week of April i.e. 9 weeks time !

    http://www.goldstockbull.com/articles/gold-price-discovery-moving-to china-in april/

    Neither is there mention of the US/UK ? pulling the SWIFT plug on Russian credit cards, a year or so ago.
    Russia was not warned in advance that the “West” …..aka a$hkeNAZI bankers……would remove the right of Russians to have credit card payments cleared through the SWIFT clearing system.
    Russians travelling abroad, presenting credit cards as payment, had them refused.
    Russians suddenly found they could not pay Hotel bills Hospital bills etc !

    a$hkeNAZI PERFIDY forced Russia to set up a parallel financial system.

    Khazars seem to have a short memory when it comes to their own crimes, in fact AMNESIA would be a more precise description.

  2. They won’t “fess up” to 911- or any other big lies they have perpetrated on us- going right back to 1945. They (Zionists and their Cohorts) are going for broke.

  3. Deborah says:

    All’s Quiet on the Walmart Front, Until Now! The Real Reason Why Walmart Is Closing Multiple Stores—The Answer Will Floor You!

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