From: Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, February 2, 2016

Link from which Dunford’s statement, appearing further down this page,  was taken:

I decided today that I wanted to get to the bottom of what is going on with General Dunford, Anna von Reitz, and the New Republic. I have spent much of the day documenting and writing about what I have learned, almost as I have learned it. I invite you to consider my ideas, and most importantly, I invite you to consider my conclusion.  I ask you not to post a comment unless and until you have read my statement carefully and viewed the links. If you haven’t that kind of interest that’s just fine, but then I am not going to take time to read your comments. 

Many thanks and hugs,

* * *

Why does William Mount (in the video below) even refer to Ben Fulford and at a later time to the Ashtar Command? If people don’t realize yet that Ben is a CIA operative, and the Ashtar Command is a hoax, well, you can also continue to believe this fiction about General Dunsford. Today, I can find no info from Mount. At this crucial time, Mount seems to have gone silent.

One of the initial statement’s I published from Anna can be seen HERE. It is a letter to General Dunsford, notifying him, as I see it,  that all steps have been taken to establish the New Republic. 

Anna’s statement of Clarification about her work with Dunford is also important to the total picture; I’m posting it in full below, with my highlights added.  As I see it, she IS working for Dunford; she does not deny it. She calls it the New Republic and gives her reasons why she is not working with him, reasons that I think do not hold water – she is not acting as ‘his legal’ counsel. Sorry, but that’s not good enough for me!

Clarification — What We Have Done (by Anna von Reitz)

I am not a legal counsel for the General (Dunford). We are all working on reclaiming American assets for Americans. For right now, it’s improper to call what we are doing a “New Republic”— that will require a public education process, each one making their political status (citizenship, etc.) choices, the election of Fiduciary Deputies from each State to attend a Continental Congress to either amend or abolish the existing actual Constitution. 

For now, we have saved The Constitution for the united States of America. The rats sought to “vacate” the contract by entering the UNITED STATES, INC. into bankruptcy without naming a successor to contract. That left the “federal” side of the contract vacant and flapping in the wind. We formed an agreement with the American Native Nations — the Athabasca and Lakota– to fulfill the federal side. We issued two sets of Sovereign Letters Patent, one to reaffirm the united States of America, and one to establish a new arrangement with the Native people to bring them out of their POW status and incarceration in the Jurisdiction of the Sea and put them back on the land as free, sovereign, and independent people. We then sealed this arrangement with a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, spelling out the intent of our actions. These actions were sent by Registered Mail to the Pope, the Queen, the UN Security Council, the United Nations Secretary General and others. 

For the first time since the original Constitution was adopted, the federal side of the contract is now in the hands of Americans devoted to America— not British (Federal Reserve) or French (IMF) interlopers. For the first time, the Federal Agents have a vested interest in truly and honestly protecting America and Americans, because if they hurt or plunder us, they hurt and plunder themselves.

And now we are all going after the assets that are owed to Americans which have been purloined by international banks and the “governmental services corporations” they have run as storefronts — under conditions of gross fraud and deceit. 

Please note there is no “statute of limitation” on the crime of fraud, much less malicious fraud tort claims.

 * * * 

Apparently, Anna’s words have made the statement below, the actual subject  of this post from the General,  ‘incorrect’. But I’m wondering if you, my readers, understand fully what the New Republic will entail for us, as Americans? This is what I am trying to figure out. It sounds just wonderful, but in reality is it? Will it be?

When something becomes confusing, as confusing as this situation has become — for example, she works for him, but she doesn’t —not really, I tend to think ‘smoke and mirrors’ is involved, and I’m trying my best to figure it all out! Is this situation for real, or is it not? ? ? 

*  *  *
Here is the statement from General Dunford, as suggested in the title of this post: 



Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.a
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff



*  *  *

So far my questions are:

Can the American Constitution be ‘saved’ for us? If is a contract that we have made, while it can be stolen from us because of our ignorance of it, how can it be either saved or destroyed?

From my experience with Anna, when she did not answer Leonard Harview’s questions, today for daring to question her I will be put down with arrogance, but this doesn’t deter me. I have a right to ask questions!

See Leonard’s exchange with her HERE. I think it’s well worth your time! Is Anna coming from a place of love and caring for her fellow countrymen — or plain sarcasm like that often employed by those who belong to what KrisAnne calls The Cult of the Expert, as she apparently tries to put Leonard in his place? Is she trying to educate us or simply shut someone down who is asking too many uncomfortable questions? Because of my understanding of the paradigm into which we are moving, I think these questions are extremely relevant! I didn’t like her attitude then, and I don’t like it now.

Kris Anne says – and I totally agree — that the recovery of our Constitution should come gradually  in a process as we Americans begin to understand not only how we seem to have lost our sovereignty, but how the Constitution seems to have been subtly ‘changed’, mindyou — without our consent. Then, we can come together as a nation of people with mature understanding — and decide together to reestablish as it should be. 

My feelings and thoughts about this are that there are too many here in the United States whose educational background — for whatever reason —  has been so stunted that it will take a major effort on our and their parts for this to happen. (I’m hoping when the financial collapse sets in, then people will be forced to look more quickly at these issues.) If, however, the Constitution is restored in any other way, I believe we are going to be left, once again, with an ‘us vs. them mentality’, which is exactly what has been the control device used successfully against us so far: divide and conquer! 

If General Dunford, or Anna, or anyone else is able to restore our Republic without our even understanding what it is that is being restored, then, IMO, we are setting ourselves up for much more of the same: rule by psychopaths, who will ‘get around’ us every single time, just as I fear they are trying to do now.

This could be a very painful lesson that will go on for years – perhaps until such a leader as Putin emerges for us! The Russians have learned their lessons in the hardest of ways, through the death and destruction caused by the psychopaths — just think what they suffered in WWII! I pray God we don’t have to learn in the same way. When it comes down to having our country or not having our country, the only thing that should matter to all of us is that we have our country — together!

Here is a link to a short statement Putin has just made, and I urge you to consider his words:

Putin: “The Only Unifying Idea Is Patriotism” – Fort Russ

Late today,  I received an email from Leonard Harview, stating what he thinks those working to establish the ‘new republic’ are seeking to do, and this statement makes it very, very clear what they are up to  — the highlights are mine — and I hope that reasonable people will think deeply on this and begin to decide for themselves the honesty of what is going on with General Dunsford, The New Republic, and most particularly with Anna von Reitz.

In my own mind, I have finally been able to clarify the lack of honesty and transparency in which these people are dealing — and what the result will be for all of us, should we be willing to accept their ‘new republic’, and I earnestly request that you no longer bring any of their efforts to my blog.

What you choose to believe is your choice  — and from what I have read elsewhere, you may well create your own reality — so that you can learn from it, but I can no longer waste my time on this topic. What Leonard suggests below to my way of thinking, takes a period of time, the kind of time KrisAnne Hall is advocating, because living in freedom requires people who are really mature.

If you have listened on KrisAnne Hall’s recent post to the initial interview with university students HERE, you may have been appalled to realize just how far the people of the United States, IMO, are far from being in that place.

* * *

Leonard’s extremely helpful words: 


Most of what was written by me in direct response to Anna and to which you linked above already explains what these people are attempting, and I did so via direct questions/comments to Anna.  They are trying to coax the people into their camouflaged governmental jurisdiction which will eventually be worse than what we enjoy today with the exception that there will only be about 200 million or so left on earth to comply with such a Babylonian debt-slave-type jurisdiction. This means the elimination of over 7 billion people brought on by the law of conquest.

The bottom line is the fact that the people must be freed. I mean really free to a point where one can do anything they desire as long as no one is harmed, no one’s property is damaged and of course, all lawful contracts and I truly mean lawful contracts are honored. 

Another decent explanation would be that everyone is considered a King or Queen without subjects.  Malum In Se jurisdiction which is natural law, and a good example is Anglo Saxon Common Law and not the Common Law of today. Anything other than public officials subscribing to an oath to the people as opposed to a government is ripe for the same old shit storm of oppression.  The people could sign an individual Declaration of Independence (DOI) as opposed to one signed by a few (Our current DOI as an example) which they claim applies to all.  I mean after all, some may not want to be free and would rather be enslaved. It’s really about free will choice for all people.  The globalists can have all who competently elect to be enslaved by them; however, the way they have done their deeds to date lacks true disclosure/transparency via deceit yet some may still elect to go with them even if full disclosure/transparency is the case. 

Thomas’ idea is to have a public trust set up in place of a government and constitution.  There would be lawful courts of record set up under a jural society with no judges, no prosecutors, and no grand juries.  If the people elect to have some sort of constitution drawn up, it would be imperative to not have the judiciary as part of such constitution because the courts of record absolutely 100% needs to be in control of the people as opposed to some government structure like we have today because look what such has got us today. 

Best regards,


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42 Responses to From: Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, February 2, 2016

  1. enki says:

    Leonard Harview…..HOORAY…..I agree 100% with his opinion.

    Common Law…Sovereigns can do what they want as long as people/property is not harmed and NATURAL LAW is respected.

    The person known as Anna von Reitz appears to be a Vatican “follower” of many generations standing.
    I do not beLIEve she will do anything other than serve up more of the same or…..WORSE.
    I would be happy to be proved wrong.

    Off topic ref the Constitution but, on topic reference Sovereignty….

    The Maori King….there may be more than one…has issued a ‘Formal Notice Of Veto Of The Trade Agreement’.
    He said the New Zealand government lacks the authority to sign the TPPA without the agreement of the Maori elders.

    • Jean says:

      Enki, I thought I’d responded to this with deep thanks, but apparently it was lost. I just posted the Maori article, and will correct it later, when their attention is elsewhere. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • enki says:

        Please do not waste any time correcting anything.

        I am just so grateful there are humans on Earth doing what you are doing.
        My thanks come from the bottom of my heart, to you and all integrity bloggers.

        What you do is amazing AND the as the pen is mightier than the sword, I believe the contribution you and your fellow “informers” make to the ……..NEW SOVEREIGN WORLD ORDER…….. is ENORMOUS.

        A million thanks.

  2. Kim Hayes says:

    Thank you for doing all the digging, collating of facts and sharing your findings with everyone. Flash back to when ‘Anna’ appeared on the scene awhile back and she was genuflecting to the Pope. That set off bells and whistles for you, me & others immediately. Obviously, she changed tactics quickly realizing that was not gonna fly. These false prophets keep coming from every direction to test us all. Fulford as CIA, Gordon Duff at VT whom will occasionally say he gives dis-info on purpose and real info at other times. Some have said his real name isn’t Gordon Duff?? So, he must be taken with a grain of sand. Sadly his behavior reflects poorly on the other really fine writers at VT. I have not wasted my time to listen to William Mount and as you say, anyone listening to phony channeled Ashtar Command info has been sniffing ‘Hopium.’
    KrisAnne certainly does have a gut reaction that rings true with intelligence & common sense, a fine mixture.
    People, especially Americans it seems are lazy when it comes to knowledge regarding their country, politics, foreign policy, the economy, educational system and the list goes on. I am an American, yet somehow, thank goodness have always lived by the creed, ‘Question Everything’ and so I cannot wrap my brain around people living in a tiny bubble of their little world. Maybe because I was lucky enough to travel the world for 22 years making wildlife/natural history films for TV that allows me to pull back so to speak and look at big pictures and see patterns. Yet, it’s the ‘not caring’ that disturbs me the most. Deep down inside I am still an optimist, I think humanity has an ‘ACE’ up it’s sleeve and the stupid beam will get turned off, yet as you have stated a number of times so eloquently, (my paraphrasing) until the rug is pulled from under these peoples feet and they crash to the floor and bump their heads and then look around to see what hit them, they are determined to not wake up.
    If by chance you have ever seen a film called, ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle” that Robert DiNero starred in and produced through Tribeca films years ago, (which is also quite funny, as R & B jump from 2D to 3D and animate) it lays out a story line about a giant satellite dish atop a skyscraper that was beaming out a frequency that has everyone drugged or in a trance, very similar to the theme of David Carpenters, ‘They Live.’ There really seems to be something in the water, a veil, an implant, a frequency or vibe that is more than fluoride, more than GMO’s, more than vaccines, more than Big Pharma, more than Common Cause, an unidentified mental cage that a vast amount of people are trapped in. Something is hypnotizing everyone.
    I stopped reading newspapers in the 1990’s, stopped watching any television in 2000, the year I got out of it and I am appalled at what passes for entertainment these days. People are glued to Dancing with the Stars or some insipid ‘reality show.’ When I suggest they come outside to the real reality, groan. I walk in the woods and see a Pileated Woodpecker, which is very primordial and then it calls which is absolutely haunting and tell people about it, they can’t believe I would expend so much energy and be so excited about my day. It’s very sad and disconcerting.

    Thanks again for all your discernment, dedication & hard work, it is appreciated!
    Safe Journeys,

    • Jean says:

      Your thoughtful response is enough! My work today has been successful. Thank you so much. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your words. Hugs, ~Jean

    • YouMa says:

      Kim, ditto to what Jean just said – thank you for your words. Have you watched Kymatica yet?

      It’s more than just the . . . fluoride in the water . . .

  3. vlad says:

    These are my thought’s (1) (But how the Constitution seems to have be subtly changed ) there are two constitutions one the orginal including the orginal 13 th Anmend ( Title of Nobility ) and
    the US INC. constitution which replaced the orginal 13 th and replaced with a new 13 th and continue. which is being used to this day.
    I do not think Anna is working for Dunford ,but with him and she has filed papers for the population
    just like a class action law suit.
    Also Anna,Dunford and many others in this type of situation can not and should not be open on certain things so that the criminals would also be informed.
    Jean I agree with you that we will have to wait for the financial collapse to occur and the people
    will have no food, water etc. then maybe they will stop watching sports, tv, etc and I think many will
    Die ! America is not what it uses to be, because a country is what the people are, at that time in
    history and a large majority of what we have now is _??????????????????___________.

  4. SacredPeaks says:

    Thank you! I think you and Leonard have nailed it Jean! Going back to the exchange between Judge Anna and Leonard says it all. Her nick-name is Dee-Day? Really??? Well, that’s a Satanic occult ritual date and just happens to be the date of the horrible WWII ritual slaughter where thousands of innocent men died in a trap set out for them in Normandy. These dark evil ones have even placed a Satanic ritual memorial there to amplify the energy there!

    • Jean says:

      Having had your input, I can now breather more easily. I worked and worked on this. It took me so long. Thanks for your support 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Leanne Marie says:

        I respect everyone’s opinions as we are all trying to figure out what is going on – but I feel that many in the comments about Anna and Dunford are being blown out of proportion and out of context. Anna may have been referenced by Dunford as legal counsel, and in his eyes he sees her that way because of her extensive knowledge of law and what she and others have accomplished in the Affidavits, other filings and the subsequent liens involved in all this. According to Anna, on the other hand, she has deputized him, in his current position as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to be the military arm in the collection and safety of assets within those liens to be returned to us and this country from the WB, IMF, IBRD, etc. What is wrong with that? This is the beginning process of rectifying all that has occurred in the past. I don’t know where everyone is coming to the conclusion, as in Leonard’s statements that the new Republic is a set up. Where is the proof of such an assertion? Just suspicion as far as I can tell. Anna even says that it’s not really a new Republic – but a beginning for all of us to start from scratch and decide together what we want to do now. Please explain to me where you get the idea that Anna is a part of the cabal/Luciferian/NWO group? What evidence and fact can you provide? I am very confused. Not angry, just confused as to where all this is coming from.

        • Jean says:

          I worked very hard to straighten out my own confusion, and I’m sorry that not able to straighten out other people’s thinking. You’re asking too much of me. I’ve been studying this situation for quite a while, so when I honed into it yesterday, I wasn’t starting from scratch. To understand this takes work, and lots of it. I hope you will find the time to study it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • leanne marie says:

            Hi Jean. I do study…you say that you are looking and researching Anna, Dunford etc., I do ad well. I have not seen anything on your site that clearly shows that Leonard’s assertions are valid that Anna and Dunford are aligned with the Cabal. Anna has worked with the Vatican but it is necessary. the triumvirate of power one of which is the Vaticanis still that power base. How can she not work with them in order to instigate and have success in making the changes not only that she has done so far but to continue on to bring the criminal syndicate under control. what facts do you all have that show that Anna and Dunford are working for the criminal syndicate?

            • Jean says:

              You need to read deeplyabout Thomas Deegan’s efforts. You need to study in-depth what is going on at the Vatican and who they are, a totally corrupt, satanic corporation. That is what your words tell me. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

              • Leanne Marie says:

                I know very deeply the Babylonian Cult background and history of the Vatican. It is a history of violent suppression and cult practice that turns my blood cold. I will say that I have looked into the Deegan case, but not in the detail as I would like, to date. There are similarities to what Ammond and his group have done, in occupying federal or agency “property” which is a lawful thing to do and a righteous thing to do. Deegan and Ammond’s group are imprisoned falsely because of the fraudulent systems currently in place. I can understand why, even if I know that it is all a sham.

                Anna and the work that she and many others are doing and have done has required her to enter the den of vipers and call their Babylonian system for what it is. That does not mean she is “with them and working for them”. To the contrary.

                In all love and respect – we come to our truths in our various ways. I know we agree on that. I only say that the suspicions you and others assert and have asserted in the past about Anna and her work is just that – suspicions; only because all that I have read in your comments do not provide evidence or fact of those assertions. That’s all.

                In love and respect always,

                • Jean says:

                  Yes, I have love and respect for you, too. It’s time for each of us to make our own decisions, and it seems you have made yours 🙂

                  Let me ask if you know the precise reasons Thomas Deegan moved at the time he did to free West Virginia from its corporate control (surely you have viewed the D&B reports). He did so, because he knew the purpose of the Pope’s visit to the UN was to re-enslave us through the signing of documents concerning the Climate Hoax. He also knew that the (good) military cannot act without a civilian platform, which he could have provided had the militia been willing to stand with him, but as we have seen, they have been infiltrated. If you know and understand all these things and have still reached the conclusion that you believe in Anna, I’m sorry, but I cannot help you, and, indeed, it is not mu job to help you. It is now time for each of to make our decision and learn our lessons from the consequences.

                  Hugs, ~Jean

                • leanne marie says:

                  Thank you Jean! Now I get it. Time to redirect my research beginning now. I was aware of Deegan’s attempts and failure to get militia to stand but was vague in my understanding of military needing civilian authority to act.

                  Your patience with me today has been admirable and I extend my humble gratitude!

                  And by the way, I have not made my mind up about anything. Was just befuddled as I had missed important details.

                  Hugs back atcha!

                • Jean says:

                  Leanne, your message is so welcome.I appreciate your determination and stick-to-it-ivness 🙂 Thanks for letting me know your feelings, and I’m also glad you haven’t yet made up your mind.

                  To my mind, Thomas’ cases is for more complicated than Ammon’s, but they are both definitely connected. I have also found Thomas’ site complicate – I believe. My suggestion to you would be to do a SEARCH on my blog using the name DEEGAN, which I think will bring up just about everything you might need. Then go to the oldest posts, and simply work your way through them. Gradually, the picture should begin to fall in place.


  5. youma says:

    Thanks again, Jean, for your due diligence.

    I’m almost finished watching Kymatica, the full move. With all of this going on, I heartily recommend to anyone and everyone to watch this – it’s on You Tube. See what it feels like.

    It’s more than just fluoride in the water . . . lots deeper. Ah, spring is coming so why not get a jump on it and begin early spring cleaning of ourSelves? 🙂 This movie, Kymatica, is particularly appealing to the young folks. 🙂

  6. Joan Bonnell says:

    Thanks Jean for laying a lot of this out. I’m on the Fulford site and many of us there have wondered about his true allegiance. He certainly jumps around a lot, talks about the White Dragon Society, P2 Freemasons and Pentagon White Hats and many of us are skeptical. Some of what he says appears to be happening, but often it’s all in the shadows. There are some knowledgeable contributors on the site and that’s why most of us stay. Are you familiar with Russ Winter at all? My conclusion is that a catastrophic event will be necessary to wake up the country, unfortunately, so many are deluded by Trump or Hillary.
    I’m not sure the people should control the judiciary though, so many are cognitively weak and easily influenced, just look at Trump followers. We need serious rule of law with consistent oversight and enforcement. Where do you stand on dimension ascenscion, galactic alliances and alien presence on the planet?
    Thanks always for all your work,

    • Jean says:

      Allow me to address your comment about a judiciary. I hope you have understood the simple fact that NOT having a judiciary such as we presently have is key to our success as a free people. Thomas Deegan understands that we are living on a free-choice planet, and he provides the means for people who want to continue to be enslaved to make that choice. Did you read Leonard’s words?

      Freedom requires a certain kind of maturity, and like you, I feel that many people are not ready for it. I also think it is fair to say that KrisAnne Hall would also agree.


  7. Leanne Marie says:

    I am commenting on two things, the question Jean brought up about how can it be that our original Constitution was saved for us and then I wish to comment about Leonard’s questions/responses from Anna. Those two things I wish to speak into.

    In reading the question/answer posting between Leonard and Anna, I was frustrated. Anna was answering the questions very succinctly but Leonard seemed to be playing a broken record and in denial of what IS and how to deal with the facts correctly. He is caught in the blindness of anger over the injustice going on. Well, yeah! It is what it is and has been this way for thousands of years! The fact the Leonard and many others, including Deegan, have woken up to this fact does not mean that we can all snap our fingers and expect all injustice will just magically go away, simply because what we say or do is truth in action or just in our eyes. I agree with Anna in that Deegan’s actions, which led to his imprisonment, is not surprising. One cannot take actions, whether lawful or righteous, in a system that runs on a legal basis, not a lawful one. The system doesn’t recognize The Law, it recognizes it’s laws. That distinction is important (including what is capitalized or not capitalized in that last statement). It seems to me that Anna’s answers have not satisfactorily answered each and every one of Leonard’s expectations of how she should have answered them, in his opinion. She has tried – but her response is not being assimilated, is not being heard. Deegan’s situation is the example of one who “gets it” and then flies out the door with their hair on fire, without considering how to go about accomplishing it with effective strategy.

    In my view and what I would like to express here is that Anna is a very busy woman and what she has accomplished so far is extraordinary. She is not done yet, but is working to accomplish much more at the current time and continuing on, moving forward to keep the ball rolling; not just for this country, but for the entire planet. Give her a break. If I was in her shoes, I’m not sure I would have been as gracious with my time to respond to Leonard, not to mention the countless others who write her, call her, send messages and so and so on – what with all on her board. I might not have responded at all! But Anna has and does respond when and where she can, no matter what is on her board. There is an old saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Anna’s obvious desire to educate people and their ability or inability to truly understand what she is informing us all on, is varied; depending obviously on where individuals are at, what they perceive and whether or not the multitudes of meme’s in our heads allow us to see, assimilate and change our mind sets. It takes as long as there are individual souls on this planet. It is the frustrating fact surrounding the education process. One thing I will say, based on Anna’s extraordinary success so far; she still is not imprisoned, hasn’t paid taxes for over 20 years, etc., says to me…she knows her stuff and she knows what, where and how it can be accomplished.

    Now, for the “saving the Constitution” question, here is my view:

    In my understanding of Anna’s statement that ‘our original Constitution was saved for us’ (and forgive my layman’s way of expressing these concepts) is this: the original Constitution was what was left behind in the first bankruptcy (Civil War period), but still in force and effect because the actions done to incorporate a new charter for the federal jurisdiction and the writing of a new constitution for that new corporate charter was a fraudulent action – major fraud! They did not have the authority to do what they did.

    As time went by, following the 1933 bankruptcy and the one this last year, where USA, inc went into chapter 11, they have been attempting to play the whole fraudulent scheme again and do to us what they did back in 1933, but to a new level that would accomplish destroying our ability to regain our true standing as a people and a union of states. This was the final step to get away with all the stolen assets and resources they have squandered away since at least 1933 and also it was the end play to bring all of the people within the union of states into total servitude. They were claiming that there was no one in the land jurisdiction, the people (who were now in US status as US Citizens, not American State citizens) had abandoned all property and assets and they would therefor lay claim to it all.

    The filings by Anna and her husband (plus many unnamed others, certainly) established and proved the fraud over the last 150 years for all to see. They established that the original Constitution is the only valid “contract” that has ever been in effect between the federal side and the union of states, and all that has been done on the federal side since the Civil War forward is fraud – therefore null and void. As a result, the current bankruptcy/chapter 11 situation going on now is simply a private corporation that has no standing with the continental united States of America or it’s people. The stolen assets must come back to us as remedy, and the original Constitution, the only valid contract between the federal and the union of states, is back in full force and effect.

    That is what Anna means when she says the original Constitution was saved for us. The world, the PTB and all of us now know and understand the truth. Now, we can lawfully move forward, bring our stolen assets back to ourselves and our states, correct our status as American State citizens on the land (as opposed to US Citizens status they changed us into) and restructure our governance as we see fit. It’s the beginning – and the opportunity to embrace the Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution and decide for ourselves what should be altered within that original Constitution to bring us up to where we are now. The challenge we now face is to decide for ourselves what remains the same and what, in our estimation, will change so that our best interests are served in the now. The original Sovereignty and intent of the Declaration of Independence is ours, truly for the first time in history.

    That’s how I see it – and Jean, as always, I am grateful to you and your blogpost. I read it every day because of the valuable content you provide and your dedication to bring so many important issues to all of our attention. Many thanks!

    • Jean says:

      Leanne Marie, I realize how hard you have worked to present these two ideas, and I’m happy to release them. To be quite honest, however, it was tortured reading for me. IMO, your understanding should never have to follow such a tortured path. As I read your words, I kept thinking, “Oh, she doesn’t have this piece of info, etc.”

      To understand takes work and time, and when you see it, it can all be expressed very simply. Of course, this is my opinion. Thank you for sharing here, however, because I hope people will read your thoughts . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • leanne marie says:

        I am sorry if my comment was tortured reading for you. you mentioned that I am missing certain information, perhaps that’s true. But it is not because I don’t read I read all the time, everyday. it is one of my major passions in a quest for fact, I read your entire site everydayand I don’t recall reading anything that has led me down a path of recognizing Anna and Dunford’s complicitywith the cabal group. That is my confusion. Sorry!

        • Jean says:

          I’ve tried to answer your question in your previous comment. . . and I respect your tenacity and interest. I think others will tell you that the answers are here, but my feeling is that people have been glossing over the videos and posts I have offered. I don’t know that, but I think it’s a very good guess. . . and I’m not saying that is what you have been doing.

          There comes a time when push comes to shove … and maybe we are approaching that point. I’m sorry, but I am not here to teach people. While I might like to, I simply don’t have the time. I offer information, and what people do with it is their choice 🙂


          PS Where is the logic in dealing with criminals to solve a problem they, themselves, have created?

        • enki says:

          leanne marie

          “……Anna’s complicity with the cabal group”.

          In a letter 18th July 2014, to the Archbishop of Chicago, Anna von Reitz writes……

          “My dear Archbishop George,
          My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court.
          I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire…..I have myself served ….in service to his Holiness pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis”.

          1) It appears that Anna von Reitz family has been in service to the Vatican since the First Holy Roman Empire which I believe would amount to ……MORE THAN 1,000 YEARS.

          2) From the letter above it would appear that Anna von Reitz …HAS SERVED….. or…. IS CURRENTLY in SERVICE to……. Pope Francis ?

          How you choose to interpret the information above is your choice.

          I choose to think the information …COMPROMISES…the …”integrity” of Anna v R, bearing in mind the ….MALODOROUS….CHARACTER …. the entity known as the ….VATICAN ….arouses in some quarters across the globe.

  8. In response to “Where is the logic in dealing with criminals to solve a problem they, themselves, have created?”, perhaps the logic is to recognize that criminals are a ‘catalyst’ for each of us to grow up and out of fear, limiting beliefs, and separation, into self empowerment, which is the courage to collectively take peaceful action to end all harm.

    Funding and voting for politicians make us complicit in their improper and offensive actions, so why do people still vote? LaVoy Finicum knew that [17:00 -18:50 min mark]

    This Is Really Why They Assassinated LaVoy Finicum

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Doreen. If you’ve been reading my blog, you will see that every single article in the SOTN article has already been covered here. If people want to see them all in one place, I suggest they visit the link you share. Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Ken Harris says:

    Jean; the old saying goes that a leopard can’t change it’s spots. But with respect to this New Republic deal, this leopard may have different spots, but it is the same leopard. This is all part of the cabal plan. Make the current government so visibly corrupt that the people will welcome a new “form” of government with open arms. Just like the passing of Obamacare, people will accept it completely before they decide to read it. It’s a scam designed to complete the enslavement process they have already begun. When the reality of this New Republic sets in, it will be to late to change anything.

    There is hope however. A very highly placed spiritual being once told me that when the situation seems the darkest, and all seems lost, that is the time when we are winning the most. The cabal (and their minions) are losing, in a big way. They know it, and are pulling all the stops to stay on top. It will not work. This next election may not happen, and we may all find ourselves banding together to govern our local areas. One thing is for certain, the truth is being revealed, albeit slowly at times, but revealed nonetheless. We, the people, must keep our mindforce focused on progress for the highest good of all. If we fall victim to the negative influences of fear and violence, we give them the upper hand and prolong the process. They are going to lose, it is preordained, but we are the deciding force as to when.

    • Jean says:

      I know that they will lose, Ken, but there is the risk that we might not keep working together, so that they could succeed. When I think of all the people all over this planet in so many different fields of endeavor and geographic areas working to bring the cabal down, I have to smile. We are truly becoming the people we have been waiting for!


  10. john-henry:west says:

    Leanne Marie, I would like to address a couple points you refer to which may be of utmost importance. The original Constitution for the united States of America circa 1787 was total fraud right out of the gate because if you go back to the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 and understand what such entailed regarding our ongoing Babylonia debt and enslavement jurisdiction and the Vatican is right there in plain sight, no? Here’s a copy and paste of the treaty with pertinent words in brackets: “It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, [arch-treasurer] and [prince elector] of the [Holy Roman Empire] etc., and of the [United States of America]”

    Here we have John Jay, John Adams, and Ben Franklin sign on to this treasonous treaty as esquires and esquires are titles of nobility, no?

    The Declaration of Independence would have been lawful if such was an individual declaration as opposed to a few signing on behalf of all, no? I mean after all, where’s the free will choice for a free people having to abide by what a few had subscribed to? There were many who would have rather been under the oppression of the King at that time, no? The lawful act would have been those who defy, sign an individual declaration and use the law of conquest from there, no? As a matter of fact, I think it is this exact process we need right here and now if we are to be saved lawfully. This includes an oath to the people for all future public officials and military personnel as opposed to an oath to a government, no?

    How about the Articles of Confederation? Perpetual Union? We must turn to the maxim of law which prohibits perpetuity, no?

    Rather than spend a bunch of time and bandwidth providing evidence backing what I attempted to ask Anna, I could turn to the first pertinent matter that pops to mind regarding the oath both Anna and purported judge Steve Curry were pushing by having people subscribe allegiance to an oath which referenced a document that does not exist in law or at law and to which mirrors the current and fraudulent oaths. Anna’s and Curry’s oath to the “uNited States” (no such document) and of course the current oath which references “the Constitution of the United States” (no such document). These are only a few of the topics that I truly think Anna knows better about and her allegiance to the Vatican and specifically the Pope brings up red flags of ending up with the same old Babylonian debt slave jurisdiction but, even worse, no? I agree, some of what I write is repetitive but, as important as such should be, and based on her history of unwavering back and forth debates with many others such as Thomas David House of Deegan, Karen Hudes, Nancy Battle and Arnie Rosner of Scanned Retina to name a few, one would think she would have answered my questions, no?

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, John West! I really appreciate your participation here. I also call your response to Leanne Marie to the attention of Tracy, who had some questions, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Leanne Marie says:

      Hello John West;

      Thank you for responding to my comments. And yes, the original Constitution was a fraud – the signers to it, the ones who survived the slaughter by British troops after the signing were obviously the double agents for the king – the great majority of them were murdered. Our precious founding fathers had double agendas, so the Constitution was designed with a back door for various interested monarchies in Europe – and the various treaties that followed our original Constitution prove it – I believe it was the Treaty of Versaille which named (can’t recall at the moment) some royal personage in England as the Prince over the United States. And yes, we have always been under the control of the Vatican.

      I also agree with you about not having a Constitution at all as we move forward – personally, I don’t believe in government and find it a ridiculous concept as no body of people or singular person can “represent” everyone – the concept is ridiculous. It has never worked and it never will. That’s the primary reason humanity’s potential has been suppressed – that and religion. One thing I do ponder though, is that the great majority of people are so brainwashed, they have never developed critical thinking skills…so on and so forth – that it seems we should contemplate stepping stones to total independence, if only to prevent potential chaotic conditions. There are many people who would immediately thrive with true independence – but what happens to those who would struggle to function out of conditioned dependency? It’s something I contemplate as many other do as well. To take it further, I’m ready for a world not based on money, but on a resource-based economy – but you bring these concepts up with many people and they look at you like a deer in the headlights.

      The reason I contributed to the comments was that I am not totally sold that Anna Von Reitz is working for the criminal syndicate – that she herself is a double agent. General Dunford, on the other hand – well, I’m not so sure…it’s hard to tell as I have not read much about him – never read a book written by him – I have no feel for him. This whole thing about the Republic being restored…definitely could be a psy-op – wouldn’t surprise me at all. But Jean was kind enough to go back and forth with me regarding my questions as to why most on her sight seem to absolutely believe Anna is not who she says she is. I was simply asking why they feel so strongly about it – and that was never truly addressed back to me. Jean mentioned thomas of the house of deegan and she expressed why he did what he did in his attempt to take down the corporate government in West Virginia – he couldn’t get the militia to stand with him and could not get the military to assist because of a lack of civil authority. My point that I wished to say back to her – although I hesitated because Jean seemed to feel that I had made my decision and she couldn’t save me. well, I don’t need saving – and was not asking the questions I did because I was looking for a savior – I was just trying to understand why all on the site in the comments had made up their minds. The question I pose is – isn’t Anna as a civil judge on the land jurisdiction actually what deegan was missing? She has that authority in Alaska. Perhaps she is the one who can move us out of the corporatocracy we all are in the vice grips of. Maybe not. The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned.

      All I do know is that I have read many of her writings on and I hear her speaking absolutely as Jean and many others do about where we would like to go now. She has spoken as you have in your responding to me – that people should have the choice to make their own declarations and so forth – it depends where a person is at. Many people wouldn’t know how to begin contemplating that – that they would want a government – and a civil government of the land jurisdiction, where people’s voices could be heard – people could experience for the very first time a sense of community, of justice. It’s not for everyone – but I do know that many people are simply not in a place to handle total freedom – not at first. Not without some true education.

      One other question I have regarding Anna and why so many have decided she’s not really who she says she is – I’m wondering…were the filings she made – are they not valid and unrebutted and stand as truth in law? These are the question I have. Does she not have the civil authority on the land jurisdiction, therefor able to utilize the military? And were the Affadavits and Notices and so forth – were they not valid? do they not stand as truth in law? Those are my questions. I thank you for responding to me, John and I thank Jean for an incredibly wonderful and beneficial website! One of the best out there!

      Love to all —

      • Jean says:

        🙂 I’ll await John’s answer to your excellent questions. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • John West says:

        Leanne Marie, First off, I was using the username of john-henry-west as an alias due to an attempt awhile back to sorta stay under the radar due to being visited some time ago. 😉 I am actually Leonard Frank House of Harview.

        In attempt to answer some of your questions we can go back to my reference of Anna’s and purported judge Steve Curry’s oath which references to The uNited States. That right there is fraud and therefore since that is the oath she is attempting to use to obtain a lawful foundation with under civil authority fails miserably right off the bat. As specified, Oaths should be (I say must be) subscribed to and sworn allegiance to the people and not some government or government contract. You see, if Anna could get someone for civil authority such as a mayor of a city as an example and this mayor actually renounced their current corporate contract (oath of office) followed by subscribing allegiance to a new oath of office to the people along with this mayor signing an individual declaration of independence for expatriation purposes, such would lawfully prevent the PTB from persecuting this mayor for treason or sedition. However, it’s really not all that simple because I would first suggest the convening of a court of record consisting of 12 people of peers under a jural society. Of course, this court of record would need an enforcement arm and my idea there would be to gather up what may be construed as a currently serving and so called constitutional Sheriff who must also renounce his current, unlawful oath followed by taking the new oath as well as sign the declaration. Of course, this Sheriff would then have to have the gonads to go into the unlawfully founded corporations purporting to be lawful government, arrest the agents and principles followed by liquidating the unlawfully acquired assets of said corporation as well as confiscate the hidden corporate bank accounts. This process could then initiate the funding of his enforcement arm such as deputies and posse members. Of course, the newly initiated court of record is there to make this all lawful. Now, this mayor has the court of record in place along with the enforcement arm for enforcement of the courts rulings but most importantly, this mayor has just acquired the civil authority to order the current military to take actions in protecting the people lawfully. It is of my opinion that once such a process is initiated and has success of say, the Sheriff goes in and arrests a banker for attempting to foreclose on a homeowner who holds a totally fraudulent mortgage due to the bank’s fraud and breach of contract violations of said mortgage, a snowball effect could commence an unstoppable trend to the path of freedom. These corporate foreign agents purporting to be lawful government would all of a sudden become terrified and many may turncoat automatically back to the rule of law.

        Regarding Anna’s actions being defaulted on due to non response. I agree such should be valid under default however, I fail to see a lawful foundation for her to operate from as I have presented above due to that horrific oath. I’m also deeply concerned by Anna’s lack of including the Vatican and specifically the Pope on her poop list consisting of the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, etc. and I’m also weird-ed out by the lack of bashing the UN which is especially the case with purported judge Steve Curry who I have corresponded with before and he is a big fan of the UN. It is for these reasons I see a possible ploy by both Anna and Curry attempt to recapture of the Cestui Que Vie trust from the people of the world on behalf of the Vatican. It was this very critical topic to which I felt it imperative for Anna to answer my questions to her and, IMO, she avoided such answers like the plague and therefore I base such possibilities of a ploy off of their actions or the lack thereof.

        • Jean says:

          Again, Leonard, I thank you for participating here and helping us to understand. I’m learning so much, but I still can’t express myself about it all. Hugs, ~Jean

          • Jean says:

            Done! Hugs, ~Jean

          • Leanne Marie says:

            Hello Leonard;
            I appreciate very much your responding to my questions, whether as john-henry or leonard-frank, but I appreciate the clarification and empathize with utilizing an alias what with the conditions we are all under in these days and the brave stand you took in assisting Deegan.
            One question I want to ask is when you spoke about the oaths Anna and Curry signed, and this may be splitting hairs but with the word of art at play, you said they took the oath to the uNited States and I just wondered which one you were referring to; the united States or the United States! Or, out of the need to look at words very carefully and their capitalizations and meanings in the legalese world – is there another meaning spelled uNited?!! I jest, but not really…
            Based on the body of your response, the crux of the problem lies in the foundational aspect of the oaths they signed – which was not to the people, but aligning to a government or corporate contract. I would very much like to read the oaths they took for my own comprehension. Where can I read the oath they signed? I am also curious about the Affidavits, Notices and Liens which are affected by the underlying improper oaths – if I understand correctly, the Affadavits, Notices and Liens, by themselves are valid in the unrebutted status. Can those documents and filings be utilized by others as a foundational standing in law – by someone or a group who have taken proper oaths and moving forward to pick up the ball and run?
            I would like to express my sadness at the prospect that Anna and the others in her group may not be who they say they are – that it is a potential psy-op to distract and confuse. The last few years I was researching history and going down many rabbit holes – usually a lonely pursuit for most of us – it certainly was for me. When I stumbled across Anna and then the recent publication “You Know Something Is Wrong When…”, I found my research vindicated and clarified. It gave me a surge in hope that we could now begin dismantling the monolithic beast of this system we have been entrapped in for the last few thousand years. The realization that it may very well be another OPPT shenanigan was disheartening to me, to say the least! So, I do have questions and comments that will help me assimilate and settle in my mind, yours and other’s suspicions – and ask your patience with me here.
            I keep hearing allegations that Anna and co. are friends of the Vatican and I can only go by the prolific writings of Anna to say, while the suspicions are certainly possible, it doesn’t seem probable to me. In all her writings, including the Affidavit, the Vatican is totally complicit in the gargantuan fraud, if not the foundational element, participating fully with the Crown of London, the Queen and past monarchs, DC, Federal Reserve, UN/IBRD/IMF and all of their subsidiaries, franchises and off-shoot foundations and associations. The only break Anna gives the Vatican is that the last two Popes, Benedict and Francis, have been cooperative – the Motu Propio of 2013 for example, whereas the Crown of London and the queen have been totally non-cooperative and silent. Every allegation that she is aligned with the Vatican flies in the face of all her writings – for what that’s worth! Is there anything you can do to give weight to suspicions of an alignment to help me see clearly what others are saying? One other comment I would like to add is that Anna and others had to deal with the Vatican itself, to enlist and entreat them to fulfill their own charter and role as Trustee for the Global Estate in the Jurisdiction of the Air. It seems to me one would have to tango in the devil’s den and look it in the eye. That seems a given to me.
            You also spoke of Curry as being a big fan of the UN. I really can’t speak of Curry as I focused on Anna’s writings. I only recently heard that the Curry’s were imprisoned for filing the liens in Colorado. Can you expand some on what Curry expressed in regards to being cozy with the UN. My initial thoughts about that is that an international body already established could facilitate a global body of integration of a new system, instead of recreating the wheel. The UN could be repurposed, its charter amended and those who have participated in the NWO criminal syndicate would be relieved of their positions there. Could that be where Curry was coming from? At this time, the activation of the AIIB, CIPS and the development bank of the BRICS alliance seems to be, on its face, the strategic move to not only take down the western hegemony of financial control but the take down of the criminal syndicate controlling it. Of course, there is the suspicions that it could be a cloaked NWO trick, once again…but in the end, that seems to be the general truth, that the world is aligning against the criminal syndicate. To elaborate further on why the wind got knocked out of my sails in regards to the possibility that Anna and co. are not what they seem, is that the Affidavit, Notices and Liens, from our neck of the woods are the perfect accompaniment to the strategy employed by the countries aligning with the BRICS nations. Without our participation, the US, Inc. which is bucking this transition as the parasitic military arm of the triumvirate of suppression, is escalating their tactics towards the host itself, the Continental American States. I would love to hear your thoughts and view on this and what it means for us here in our country.
            One last question – do you think the Lufkin/Houston case would be the best defense for Deegan and the Bundy group?
            All my best to you, in thanks and gratitude – Leanne Marie

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