UPDATED: NOT SO!!! I totally disagree! ~J —Burns Oregon: Confirmation of Judge Gary Darby!

UPDATE:  🙂 🙂 🙂 I just had to update this post with a Comment earlier today from a reader:

Hi Jean……………..

WHOA…WHOA……WHOA………….WTF? What is going here? I have really serious issues with this audio only post.

First………………….who the hell is Judge Gary Darby. We never ever heard about this guy. A judge from WHERE? From WHAT State? How is he INVOLVED in the Hammond Case? This man comes OUT OF NOWHERE.

Second…………….Is this supposed Judge TAPING this perfect audio WITHOUT CONSENT? I have never heard in this segment where he advised anyone that they are being recorded….HAVE YOU?

Third………………..This audio is simply too clear to be a real taped phone conversation. It sounds like it has been done in a studio with VOICE CRISIS ACTORS! It sounds too fake and contrived to me. And why would a judge be taping this in the first place?

Fourth……………….If this were true, it would support all my past contentions that the military has been bought off……that in fact permission MUST come from the Governor’s ALL OF WHOM HAVE BEEN BOUGHT OFF AND ARE UNDER CONTROL OF THE CABAL.

Fifth…………………MAYBE THIS WAS DONE AND RELEASED SO THIS IS WHAT WE WILL BELIEVE………..THAT IN FACT THE MILITARY CAN NEVER HELP US AND IT IS ALL CONTROLLED BY THE FEDS. Did you NOT notice how Major Bomar repeatedly said this is a FEDERAL ISSUE? Wake up people and smell the DISINFO with your morning coffee.

Sorry Jean……………………I pray that I am wrong but on this one I definitely smell foul and generous BULLSHIT.

Hugs…………………Frank R

Hint: turn the volume OFF so you can concentrate! Maybe, stop the video so you can read . . . ~J

February 4, 2016

Here are the links:



Now you all get to make up your own minds!

This last link, alone, tells me this is — excuse me — total BS! I’m posting it here, because I said so at the time, without using such words – how clever these criminals are, taking other good people in: 


Doesn’t this latest UPDATE sound just great for those who are quite literally – hungry?  I think, though, that it is far too soon for any such advertisements. If nothing else, it’s in extremely bad taste. We have such a long way to go! This is once again,  total  bs!


Dec 15.15 detailed update at https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/breaking-news/

From Diane Hicks Dec 06.15 –

Diane Hicks and I have words in the past about this post and not checking things out. . . and her response to me concerning this was something like (I guess I should look it up, because I’ve saved it, it was so uninformed,  but I’m tired of this)  “Oh, well, it gives people a chance to learn” . . . or something like that. (Correction: last night I remember that this problem concerned Karen Hudes whom Diane was supporting at the time.) Careless, thoughtless. . . people don’t have the time to do this sort of research. That is what they are depending on Diane for. She then removed me from her mailing list! IMO, they totally suckered Diane right along with Doreen, because I do believe they both do care . . . !!!

Here is her post as it appears on Doreen’s site;

Well today I had the honor of speaking with Judge Bruce Doucette who commented that we need to fix the system and right now. Bruce is now retired, told me he made a lot of money, yet something keeps pulling him back to help fix the broken system.

Bruce is heading to Montrose Colorado Dec 07.15 trying to get Judge Steve Curry out of jail along with his wife Sandra. Steve was thrown in jail for filing the $279 Trillion dollar Lien. They also arrested his wife Sandra who is 71 years old. Court case is tomorrow, ought to be interesting Judges going up against Judges. I don’t have all the information, not sure if it was for just filing the lien or other charges as well. So far there are four Superior Court Judges on the $279 Trillion lien filed, along with many others. Please don’t take this information lightly, these people are risking their lives, for this word we call FREEDOM.

The other Judges I spoke with today put Anna von Reitz up on a pedestal where she belongs. This women is truly amazing, Anna really wants to educate the public, so please take the time to help her by educating those around you.

I suggested that perhaps one of the judges can help free Thomas Deegan. [Doreen]

Judge Bruce Doucette

Judge Gary Dean Darby – this was a total scam!!! Sahem on them!!!

Diane spoke with Gary today who asked her to send out websites the Judges are working on together [see below].

Judge Steve Curry arrested for being the person who was instrumental for the $279 Trillion dollar lien [PDF below].

Sandra Tyler 71 years old,arrested, court case tomorrow December 7th, wife of Judge Steve Curry

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


http://sovereignproject.com lots of videos on this website

http://theamericans.us/groups/judges/members thousands of people on here if you go under groups


These Judges were absolutely amazing to talk with today.They too now realize they’ve been fooled by the system. ” THANK GOD FOR THAT WAKE UP CALL, BETTER SOONER THAN LATER” [End]

An Affidavit and Commercial Lien was filed in Mesa County Colorado against the cabal that will change everything. It CAN NOT BE ANSWERED because it is 100% true. It is a true bill or affidavit of facts.

This lien has an S.E.C. trace number of  2640220.

It MUST be answered by January 15th 2016, or the Lien Debtors must pay 279 Trillion dollars to the Lien Claimants, the American people.  This document can NOT be reviewed by any “court” as it is a commercial affidavit operating in the land jurisdiction, and under commercial law.

There is NO statute of limitations on fraud. Fraud vitiates and cancels all contracts that it touches.

This might be the very last chance we have to solve the problems of out of control “government” in America by peaceful means. The claimants of this affidavit are real peacemakers, giving their opponents a real chance to repent and make their restitution without the use of physical force if their lien debtors show good faith and answer their allegations in the affidavit/lien/indictment.

Here is the actual lien document that was filed on October 15th, 2015 in Colorado. http://www.annavonreitz.com/commerciallien.pdf

SOURCE with thanks http://www.paulstramer.net/2015/11/the-fat-is-now-in-fire-cabal-is-on-run.html

Pray: unaware humans embrace good news, and VAST numbers of humans pull together to reclaim unalienable rights, willingly cooperate and renew this great Earth.

Please! Share this information to support these courageous Judges, their families, and others on the front line doing everything possible to defeat the cabal. Imagine, sense, ‘feel’, and give thanks for our victory with most ease and grace!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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10 Responses to UPDATED: NOT SO!!! I totally disagree! ~J —Burns Oregon: Confirmation of Judge Gary Darby!

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m not sure I comprehend all of the above; however it appears that Gary Darby is a Judge in the “Constitutional Jurisdiction of Common Law”. From what I’ve perused I see it looks as though a group of people (many who have been/or are bar members) and for whatever reason now (perhaps they realize the “crap hole” that they have helped to create that has morphed into utter lawlessness that seems unstoppable – my conjecture only), perhaps for this reason they saw the writing on the wall and determined to be a force for humane change. No matter they came together to enact “the common law courts”. I reserve my right to call b.s. at this time, as it appears maybe the tide has turned and now people have looked within themselves and desire to make right that which they helped to create; and those who were not part of the problem (except through apathy) desire to promote the cause for All to have “justice, freedom, divine sovereignty”, and help us exit from this artificial legal “system as prisoners of war lost at sea/see”. I am willing to give the benefit of doubt at this moment; we don’t have time to whip up division as All life on EARTH is fragile due to the compounded abuse/harm/force/coercion/intimidation/fear and other horrendous crimes against ALL the children of EARTH. The time is now to take the “leap of faith” to help one another secure our freedom. That is my humble opinion as of this moment. Thomas and other prisoners of an unjust, fabricated lawless system as well as myself (unskilled in this kangaroo system) would appreciate the help & effort especially by those who have knowledge, experience and understanding how all of these criminal misdeeds have been enacted against ALL of EARTH. My thanks to the person who posted the information on Judge Gary Darby – I hope and want to believe this is for real, I’m willing to take a leap of faith; at the very least to get better educated on this “system” that we all have been unknowing participants in against our will due to fraud. Time to get together, time to use this “kangaroo system” against the true criminals and file our claims of grievance against every last perpetrator of said premeditated lawlessness.
    The debt is owed for ALL crimes against EARTH and her children, it shall not be excused it must be paid. The time is now to stop the true criminals and shut this system down.

    • Jean says:

      To address one point, Judge Gary Darby is a lawyer, and as such he is considered a foreign agent. He has taken an oath (at the Bar) to the British Crown. I hope this will help you to straighten out your other confusions.


  2. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean……….

    Jean this IS A CO-OP WITH A PSY-OP and I just don’t how to better to say it. You mean to tell me that these people are all of a sudden going to speak for 300 million people and simply pull the U.S. Government and the Constitution right out of the trash can and set up a NEW REPUBLIC all by themselves without any coordination or communication from everyone else? AND WITH NO THREATS FROM THE O’BAMA ADMINISTRATION?

    RIGHT……..They will beat up ranchers and shoot Levoy in the Face but the people creating a “NEW REPUBLIC” get a free pass huh? Hey I got some beachfront property I want to sell down under in Alice Springs.


    And what really chaps my hide is ZERO COMMUNICATION AND COORDINATION WITH ANY OF THE REAL EXISTING ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. I guess this is really dangerous and we need to keep it on a need to know basis huh? A fiery horse, a cloud of dust and A HEARTY….HI YO SILVER …….WE HAVE SAVED YOU ALL ………..now sign on the dotted line.

    They are trying to do it one more time and WHY NOT? It ALWAYS WORKS! THEY ARE POSING AS “THE NEW SAVIOR” of America. I smell CABAL all the way here. The Cabal is getting their ass kicked so they are once again sending their hand picked minions to go out and mingle among the goyim, infiltrate and set up ….WAIT…WAIT……YES……………..A NEW GOVERNMENT USING REAL COMMON LAW SO THAT NO ONE WILL QUESTION IT BUT INSTEAD JOIN THEIR (cabal) REVOLUTION AND……………………..HEY………………WERE BACK!

    Worse than Bullshit………..HORSESHIT!

    Sorry Jean I am so angry I could spit……………

    Love and Hugs…………. Frank R

  3. wheepingwillow2 says:


    Just wanted to pass on some info concerning phone taping. Some states allow so long as one party which is being taped, consents to being taped, some states, you do NOT have to get consent, wherefore it is deemed legal and admissible.

    Further why wouldn’t he tape it? Not only for his safety, but confirmation that he actually spoke to the B.M.Gen and was directed to Major Bomar.

    You are correct, he is NOT a Crown Judge or attorney, and in this day and age, there doesn’t seem to be many of those which can be trust.

  4. Tracy says:

    O.K. Frank, I comprehend the “foreign agent” per those who have “taken an oath of allegiance to act as agents for a “false entity” who pose as authority over ALL the living BEINGS of EARTH. I revoke my consent to this farce. It was ALL perpetrated against us by force, lies, fraud. Frank I truly get your skepticism – and distrust on how this “NEW Common Law Government” will proceed forward and roll-out. I have questions too, and I realize “I don’t know what I don’t know” – but before you or Jean makes a snap judgment may I ask: who would you suggest we turn to, to lead us into the right direction – for the most benevolent outcome for ALL BEINGS of EARTH? [Before you answer – yes, I too would also choose Thomas Deegan however at this time he is falsely imprisoned within this “constructed system” and it appears very few desire or are able to step forward to assist in his cause for our liberation from said “constructed system.”] May I remind you of the lack of turn-out for those in Harney County, Oregon that resulted in an outcome of “injustice and murder by other departmental foreign agents” and yet the people slumber, and those awake have not rallied together in great quantity to protest these crimes, other than the inter-web.

    We can learn from the documents Thomas left for us to propose our remedy; however (until his release) I believe we need the knowledge of those who “practiced” this system. I still believe people are capable of being truly “remorseful”, and to prove it they must be given the opportunity to do so. And as you point out these “foreign agents” they do have the inner workings of this “constructed system”; would you and Jean both agree they perhaps might help to shed more light upon the hierarchy, rules of engagement, language, terms et.al of said system? So we the less informed might glean how to stop this runaway train by chopping off the head of the snake? I would agree with you there definitely needs to be “transparency” with creation of this “NEW Common Law Government” but may I ask you if you were an “agent” of this constructed system, and if you had knowledge that your pledge taken to this “construct” might find you “conflicted” in what you said you would do and what you are now doing which is a “broken contract”; and infers some type penalty. Knowing this and what could be at stake would you choose less transparency while you built up your cadre of like minded fellow agents to take down this “entity” you swore allegiance to? I sure would to mitigate potential blow-back from the “order givers/& fictitious authority” running this control system, and to preemptively protect my idea of action to stop their coordinated plan.”

    My point is we are up against some “dark-ruthless” beings who have proven they will stop at nothing to “impose this constructed system” to keep themselves in power over ALL EARTH AND HER BEINGS. Per the: Art of War {http://suntzuart.com/sun-tzu-quotes} a quote to ponder: “Keep your friends close, and your adversaries closer.”; what I am saying is unless you have a better plan to propose to help us extract ourselves from this “constructed system” – the best thing to do would be to “work together/ or learn from what this group is saying” to help us break free from this system. Maybe (these agents have come to see the error of their actions, I can’t say for sure but how does one convince another that one has changed their beliefs so that the other will believe you? Someone has to take a leap of faith in order for the benefit of doubt to be expressed through actions and deeds.) It’s easy to put up defenses and point fingers at every turn (we have been conditioned to do so, which does have merit – except when this is the only response to change or to adverse events; this fixed distrustful stance serves no benefit for a way forward.)

    I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and I find it (personally unusual) that I am even willing to pursue this stance (as I am generally very suspicious) however I believe I am evolving and desire to move past constantly being on “defense” otherwise I can’t progress past my immediate life course. I leave you to ponder what I’m saying, or please suggest a “strategy forward” that every person who desires “true sovereign freedom” could participate in to bring about necessary change to shut-down this “system”; a proposal with an outcome for the most benevolent/non-violent benefit of ALL BEINGS AND EARTH. We talk so much about “thoughts create things so when will we allow ourselves to “walk the talk” by taking the step towards breaking down the barriers of “distrust”, and having true faith that by doing so we will fulfill our goal to break free from this constructed system. In peace

    • Jean says:

      Tracy, good thinking. I hope Frank will choose to answer. I’m interested to follow this discussion. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Frank R says:

      Hi Tracy………..

      I comprehend your words and where you are going. I am sure there are well meaning Lawyers and officials who really want to do the right thing and try and stop this run away train but it is as I have said many times before. You need to FIRST communicate and IDENTIFY all the issues involved and get that information to ALL the people or at least a healthy majority before making decisions that will affect other lives and the rest of the country.

      I certainly would be furious if someone or some group, well meaning or not, quietly colluded with others a “RESCUE” operation without my consent or knowledge especially if I was still asleep and did not even comprehend that I even needed “RESCUING”. In fact I might inadvertently NOT go along with it because I would be distrusting of something I had not been made aware of if you can see what I am trying to say.

      I think Tracy that it is way too early to be reflecting on all Earth and her beings. What happens in the U.S. will absolutely dictate what happens to the rest of the world. If you lose this fight, the world as we know it will perish under the boots of the Cabal BUT if you win it, it will set the tone for the rest of the countries in the world to follow suit and clean house.

      In reference to what I would suggest to those or others who want to start to “make amends” and feel they have been used or deceived for me is very simple logic. Now at the time of this response I am very tired so I will just have to be very brief and not go into the detail I normally would.

      First……….if you are a Lawyer or member of the bar, denounce your oath, NEVER use the system again and if need be become a Common Law Attorney. Yes that means SELF SACRIFICE …….think of all who are suffering before yourself.

      Second………Find like minded Lawyers and citizens as you say and get them to to do the same. No one is going to trust anyone wearing 2 hats. Get a nationwide grass roots movement going and KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE INFILTRATED. Be ready for it and have a iron clad plan to deal with it.

      Third………..Full Transparency……..When you try to keep something hidden or quiet or “out of view” it is easier to be taken down. The safest place to hide is in plain sight. In this manner more people will hear about you, your group and your goals and this exposure will open more eyes more quickly. It will also display more honesty and people will initially be more trusting. While the danger to yourself and those with you in the early stages will be greater, this will diminish over time as more join your ranks. It always works that way.

      Fourth………..Be firm and stand your ground and explain you are fighting to “Save The Nation”………first by enlisting those who want to help, Second by educating and informing everyone. This procedure of informing BEFORE ACTING ON YOUR OWN is the single most important element in building a solid foundation THAT SHOULD INVITE people from every sate coast to coast to get involved. More importantly it will allow OTHERS TO GIVE THEIR INPUT INTO THE SYSTEM YOU ARE TRYING TO CREATE. Because I have learned that the more input you get, the better the ideas and the more solidarity you end up with.

      Fifth…………You and your peers put forth the best suggestions on how to proceed and what you recommend. Wait for responses, rebuttals etc and then provide a simple a bullet point plan to follow and explain each point so everyone understands what is going to be done initially and why. Advise the citizens that all of this can be modified or changed once power has been returned to the Lawful Government

      Remember Tracy what happened to Ammon Bundy and the others on their way to the meeting in the next county? It was easier for the Cabal to take them out NOW before they enlisted more ranchers and citizens. They were having tremendous success with educating the people of Harney County and many of those ranchers tore up their contracts with the BLM.

      It was easier to take him down NOW than it would have been in another 2 or 3 months. They would have had real problems then. This is what the Government fears most. They control the media and to a certain degree the Internet but they cannot stop you from talking FACE to FACE. That is what will ultimately take them down and Kris Anne Hall was backing them up all the way. This is the Governments Nightmare. That is why grass roots and full transparency is soooo important. And don’t make decisions for anyone else until they have given THEIR CONSENT otherwise you are just shooting yourself in the foot.

      We have time……….like Kris Anne said, this is not 1776 yet…….it’s 1770. Lets get on that horse like Paul Revere and spread the word about the planned “NEW Republic” and do this the right way. I have admired your commentary much in the past and I hope you see the side that I am trying to have people reflect on Tracy……….

      Love and Hugs to you and Jean both…………

      Frank R.

  5. Tracy says:

    Frank, A very welcomed response. You have given me good information and suggestions which I appreciate and stand behind each point very much. The denouncing of the “system” oath is a huge financial “self sacrifice” of those it pertains to, and I agree it is “required” to prove one’s allegiance to building the “New Republic”. I see point 4 will require much work – as you say many people are at stage 1 of the hidden veils, they are not aware there are any problems at all. So attempting to “educate and inform them” without force could be tricky; but asking for “input” would be a way to help ease the “rabbit hole” shock these persons might experience; by offering these unaware persons to invest in the process of “helping to save the nation.” I like that notion Frank, it’s a barrier softener. 🙂
    I also see with required transparency the difficulty of “giving the game plan away” to the dirty-deed-doers who use “force” to maintain control. That is the most difficult work-around I envision. How do we take care of all of these suggestions you’ve given “without showing our cards” to the other players (cabal)? I will say that the community Judge Gary Darby is involved with have a “wordpress website” so much of their information is “out in the open”/ or transparent as you say. I will have to take another look around to see if there is a “private/or membership” requirement which would prohibit “or secure some privileged information”. Not sure about that. Again I appreciate your willingness to “enlighten” me and offer very useful suggestions as to how we might work together to create our “New Republic”. Hugs back ❤

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