Drawing by Paul Levy

I was first introduced to the spirit of ayahuasca (a spiritual medicine used by indigenous people in South America) in the mid-nineties when a Peruvian shaman who had never been out of the jungle-never having stepped on concrete before-came to the city where I was living to give a talk about his culture’s most sacred and healing medicine. He had a big jug of ayahuasca next to him as he gave his talk, and he cradled it as if it was his most holy and dear possession. The bottle seemed like it was his infinitely beloved child, his most treasured consort, as well as his precious mother and supreme guru all at the same time. We innocently came up to him one by one to get initiated into the spirit of ayahuasca, and he simply touched a little bit of it to our forehead. It was a very simple, but powerful-and very dreamlike-ceremony. Little did I realize at the time that the ayahuasca genie was now out of the bottle….[read more] 

Video of Book Release, Awakened by Darkness, by Paul Levy

Published February 1, 2016

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