US Republic – The Biggest CIA Lie In History, from William Mount

I think we must also note that the video suggesting that Mercenaries are active in the Burns, Oregon area is likely also a hoax: Reports of Blackwater or Blackstone Mercenary in Burns Oregon Mercs in Harney CountyRemember, this was initially report by the infamous Judge Darby! ~J

Published on Feb 4, 2016

Last night we were told by the folks we know that the New Republic will be announced at noon PST today, then two hours ago we were told that at 1PM PST the announcement was to be made and that General Dunford was at “The Bank” wrapping every thing up. This time the lie was ratcheted up to involve the President so now this story must be published.

William made the first comment under this video:

For 7 years I have been investigating this New US Republic Off and On. now, without a doubt, this is the Biggest CIA Lie In History and Has Hurt More People Than Any Other Lie. Please pray that those behind it are punished to the fullest extent by the Living GOD Immediately.


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6 Responses to US Republic – The Biggest CIA Lie In History, from William Mount

  1. DJ says:

    Hi Jean,
    Look at Judge Anne’s face. Doesn’t she look familiar?

  2. worldface2012 says:

    wow Jean… Hi my dear friend. First I have to say that I have been impressed by what he had said, … and second…that maybe he is not that far from the truth. For years we have been waiting for that wonderful day etc., … but, apparently it has gone the wrong way. All of this things he had said are still ringing in our ears, but the last one about the ZIKA virus is totally the worst one ever done by who ever is trying to hurt humanity. One question…But why and what purpose? When I hear and see these things I can not believe that at these moments in our lives here on Earth, we are killing each other… and for what? I do not denied and I do believe in a creator of our existence. It ( and I say it) because I can not say he, because I do not know if this creator is a he or a she, but we have been created by a powerful force with a great ability to place each element in the right place at the right time. So I do believe that at these moments we have to evolved in such a manner that all that is happening must be understood as a farce, but with real dramatic consequences. The worst part of all this scenario if “fear” but to control that fear is not that easy, but it can be done. We have to know more than that, because as I always say… We are more than what we have been told we are. Jean… thank you for shaking our minds so we can find solutions, truths, and most of all understand for once that this is a wonderful world and creation.

    • Jean says:

      WF, doesn’t our fear have to do with our fear of death that the cabal has taught us? Once we face our mortality, it is much easier to live life to its fullest. . . just my thoughts. Hugs, ~Jean

      • worldface2012 says:

        Jean Absolutely. … you are right. I remember that I have been close to death three times and the last one I was already saying or shaking my hand saying goodbye because I could not breath and was fainting. This was because an allergy to a spice. Well I was not in fear and very calm, and now I have more confidence in what life and death is, plus I can do better even living a simple life. For me it is awesome. Love to talk to you Jean… I am always checking your posts. Great weekend…

        • Jean says:

          I, too, have been close to death – and it felt so good, like I was going home! Yet, you can see we have been raised to fear dying. . . all planned, in my estimation. Thanks for sharing and hugs, ~Jean

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