UPDATE: Death in Oregon, the Realities of the American Police State, by Gordon Duff, with commentary from a reader!!! and an introductory statement from ~Jean

Early this morning when I read this, I had the feeling I was in a crazy house with mirrors and slanted floors trying to twist what my inner being knows to be true. I was sickened by Duff’s words, and so I sent it to a friend, who returned it to me with a few from-the-gut comments that I’ve decided to include here.

If you read this and feel the same way we both did, remember the FEELINGS, because it is a tip-off to us that our sense of reality is being played – big time! FEELINGS are related to our HEARTS, which do have brain cells, and this paradigm shift is all about tuning into the messages from our hearts and making sure our minds respond in service to our hearts. Also, if your minds felt confused, like mine did, like WOW, this will take a big effort for me to understand, then your minds are being played by using facts in a confusing way, so you will give up trying to understand. Again, remember how you felt!

The kind of attitude that I think is displayed in this article, along with the Cult of the Expert is going to be in full swing, particularly as they throw important sounding (selectively chosen) facts at us to try to sell us on accepting a reality like the TPP that is meant to destroy us. We are going to have to use both our minds and HEARTS to discern the truth of the statements. . . and KrisAnne Hall seems to be a master at cutting through the jargon and making it simple – but that is for you to decide!




I remember well when I was literally starting from ground zero to create myself AGAIN psychologically, I was totally alone in a new city with no one there to help me. I had to learn to make my own decisions, right or wrong, then stand with them, modify them, and move on. I made lots of mistakes — some of them very big, but they were my mistakes and no one else’s, and I learned not to be ashamed of them, because this is the only way we can learn and gain confidence in our abilities!!! (We should be teaching our children that mistakes are OKAY, and what we learn from them will determine if we have learned anything to make our lives better!) 

In the years since I started this blog, I have learned much from my mistakes, and I’ve tried to be transparent about them. so you all can understand that life is about making mistakes – and rather than let the 3D thinkers come in with their cruelty and sickness, we must understand what they are up to. Their’s is an effort to control us through shame and to keep us from growing, to keep us in the place where they live, to hold us back. What we do as we learn clearly makes many of them uncomfortable, but that is their problem, not ours, and we must NOT allow ourselves to take on their problems.

Hopefully, this article can represent an opportunity for us to start testing our ability to discern and to learn from our mistakes. No one is grading us on this, so please give it a try, and then sit back and see if you are right, and if not, where did you go wrong? Maybe you only have a sense that something isn’t right, so you decide to wait and watch. As I see it, that is a very smart thing to do. As you gather more factual information, you can always modify your beliefs — and by factual beliefs, I also include vibrational messages to your heart that 3D thinkers will likely tell you cannot possibly be measured scientifically.

Remember, this isn’t about what anyone else tells us, it’s about how we decide to receive the words of these people. Messages to our hearts are all about ‘reading’ the energy of these messages, articles, words, and as my skills have increased, my experience has taught me these energetic/vibrational messages are totally valid. I hope you will begin your own efforts to ‘read energy’. . . I have found it to be a great tool to discern the truth.

Since we are moving into a time when the mind should be in service to the heart, here are some thoughts to consider that are mostly ‘heart’ thoughts: How do people like Duff speak about others? Even if they consider them in the wrong, do they speak with respect, while giving us alternative facts to prove their point, or do they try the all-time 3-D winner, the emotional denigration, the put-down of people who are their targets. These tricks have been used against all of us for years. They are tricks to control us and keep us in our place and have been used on us for so long that many of us simply do not trust ourselves anymore. We MUST resurrect our ability to discern; it is there in every single one of us! Still, although many of us are waking up, they continue to successfully intimidate us. Now, from the opposite point of view, how many times have you been sucked in by flattery from other people, and then realized, painfully, that you were being used?

Now is the time when we must begin to trust our hearts/feelings and listen not to just their words, but the vibrations those words send to us – any love, caring, kindness involved for people with whom they disagree? Any desire to help them change their views, to educate them to the truth, as they see it? How about us? How would they express themselves about us should we dare to disagree with them? On a personal level, when people share with us, what is the message from their faces, their eyes, and what is their body language? Is it kindly, or intimidating?

Remember Anna’s words of sarcasm and arrogance to Leonard? They were a big tip-off to me. Were they from someone who should care deeply that we ALL understand — even poor Leonard , who I don’t think is poor at all, but I use these words to help you understand what Anna conveyed to me. Look at her photo; what do you see in it? The other big tip-off is the complexity of her writing that really is very  impressive and to my mind fits right in with the intimidating Cult of the Expert, but is totally unnecessary in a reality based in truth. Think of your friends and family, think of the people who wait on you in the stores; in other words, good people who very likely do not yet have your understanding. What would they do with the information Anna shares? Why? Consider then the difference in the words of KrisAnne Hall, who for me makes understanding the Constitution very simple — because it IS SIMPLE. Which person could these people understand, and to whom would they be likely listen, and then ask yourself what is really going on here. To me, in a truth-based reality, Anna’s words are a great big a put-down! So what is/was her game? ~J

UPDATE:  If you haven’t ever read any of the words of the great indigenous leaders living in our country, I ask you to take a moment to read these short excerpts – and then try to decide how high and IQ and how many degrees might be required to understand what I consider to be their profound words. Sooner or later, if we are to make our way through this confusion being perpetrated upon us, those of us who truly care are going to have to visit the words of the indigenous, words that come out of a deep inner place of peace and silence:

*** The Wisdom of the Native Americans, by Kent Nerburn: Introduction

INTRODUCTION (a small portion. . . ~J) In 1492 Columbus and his crew, lost, battered, and stricken with dysentery, were helped ashore by a people he described as “neither black nor white . . . fairly tall, good looking and … Continue reading

 *** From The Wisdom of the Native Americans: THE BETRAYAL OF THE LAND, by Kent Nerburn

Kent Nerburn’s books are of great value to anyone with interest in learning about the wisdom of the Native American culture, as it is also representative of indigenous cultures all over the planet. A couple years ago I spoke with … Continue reading

  *  *  * 

Okay, everyone – have a read what Gordon Duff has to say about Ammon Bundy and friends, along with some extra-curricular comments 🙂


American police are no better than the communities they serve. Corrupt communities have corrupt police. Racist communities have racist police. Lazy communities, communities that care more about feeling safe than protecting individual rights end up living in a police state.

On a national basis, America has, since 9/11, become a full-blown surveillance state with over-armed militarized police, in some but not all areas, a threat.

In 1881, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting the use of the army to enforce domestic policy. However, state governors who control the National Guard, the 3rd level of military reserve, have used these troops over and over to smash trade unions and, at times as with the “Black Legion,” a combination of National Guard, Ku Klux Klan and Republican Party, that terrorized trade unionists and African Americans throughout the Midwest during the 1920s and 30s.

Today the issue is militarized police, an obvious ploy to violate the still applicable and updated Posse Comitatus laws, by creating an Israeli trained military force inside the US. Law enforcement officials in the US, among the least educated and “morally concerned,” stoked up on decades of entertainment media “scare porn” vilifying Palestinians, Hispanics, military combat veterans and African Americans, live in a fantasy world seeing themselves as saviors of, well we aren’t really sure of whom.

You see, most police departments, not all but certainly most, have long allowed levels of corruption, working closely with “preferred” drug dealers, human traffickers and, of course, politically connected and powerful economic “fronts” that grew out of the Italian and Jewish mobs of the last century. These gangs no longer shoot down their enemies with machineguns. They now use courts and police and even the Federal government, their power has grown to this extent. They control entire states, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Idaho, Pennsylvania and more.

Challenging them are the Mexican drug cartels, partnered in the American Southwest with the Utah centered Mormon church. Through assassination and mass bribery, the cartel with their Mormon allies, relationships formed during the 1880s when Mormons fled to Mexico after an unsuccessful war against the United States, have taken virtual control of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, half of Colorado and portions of Oregon and Montana.

Militia’s and “supremacist” groups partnered with drug and human traffickers initially gained control over county governments and local police, spreading their power eventually to state offices and now are encroaching into Washington.

During the last election, Nevada gambling boss Sheldon Adelson contributed over $1 billion to select Republican candidates.

When taken into account that during the last Bush administration America set up the framework for the most oppressive occupation force in world history, a massive bureaucracy of dozens of organizations most dangerous of which are the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency, it is easy to understand the nature of the budding rebellion and threat of Balkanization of the United States.

From this point on this narrative makes no sense to me! It is so twisted around, it is the exact opposite of the real purpose of Ammon Bundy. Just sickening!

What makes this scenario particularly dark is that those who are most radicalized and the best armed are also those who are, because of lack of education and religious extremism, “closet supporters” of those who represent the real police state threat.

Thus, those who work to appear as supporting individual rights are, in actuality opposed to current levels of “excessive freedoms.” The real divisions in America are between those who would dictate religion, enforce racial segregation, (this sounds like the Dominionist view so prevalent in the Armed Forces)

abuse surveillance and police powers to enforce their narrow views and those who fear oligarchical rule.

This is where I want to throw up!!

The right wing coup in Kiev was at the hands of the political parallel to those who are now crying out for worldwide support in Burns, Oregon. Thus we move to that story.

Building up to make them more vicious than ISIS

The “Oregon militia” was not from Oregon, mostly Mormons, an odd religious sect,

Sounds like Gordon Duff is following his CIA orders to the letter!

There you go…I was right making them much worse than ISIS – I wonder if that will be published in VeteransToday? (certainly there would be readers absolutely not agreeing with this idiot!)

What this incident has exposed is the ability of those undeserving of any support, and the majority of Americans would have been happy if the FBI had moved in “Waco style” and wiped out the Oregon occupiers, to use social media and the internet along with foreign press to duplicate what is seen in the Middle East.

We are talking about ISIS.

Key supporters of the Oregon militia, such as retired American Major General Paul Vallely, former head of Psychological Warfare Operations, is a big supporter of these movements as are his invisible backers. Vallely has also repeatedly travelled illegally to Syria as has Senator John McCain, to meet with “moderate rebels,” including Baghdadi who now heads ISIS.

  • What an idiot, Vallely is in Syria right now training the alleged moderate rebels.
  • Vallely co-authored a book on Psychological Warfare with General Aquino (who probably is one of the top 5 satanists in the US). Wow that is lower than low. Is Duff also part of a satanists ring?

Oregon “occupation” also support presidential candidates like Ted Cruz and JEB Bush, pouring millions into the coffers. They also support Israel’s occupation of Arab territories, the war in Yemen, the coup in Kiev and have long advocated a war on Iran despite the recent nuclear settlement.

This same group supports military action against Russia to retake Crimea. This is the geopolitical picture that is not seen behind the Oregon “occupation.” Perhaps some should look harder.

This is it Jean – the minute speck of trust I had in Gordon Duff was pure illusion. This is really sickening. Everything is distorted, covered up or disinformation.

I guess Simon Parkes was right when he said: ‘more people will join the good side but unfortunately the rest will become more and more evil.

How we need each other to remain on the path of truth.

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11 Responses to UPDATE: Death in Oregon, the Realities of the American Police State, by Gordon Duff, with commentary from a reader!!! and an introductory statement from ~Jean

  1. Kim Hayes says:

    Duff has presented some concoction mixed up in a shaker and poured into a pretty glass with an umbrella still tastes like ‘bull shit.’ It’s almost like he threw darts at a wall with post-it notes and then sat down to incorporate all his targets. He has not done his homework at all. The pretend ‘human shield’ was in the back seat, not very protective there one would think. He reveals that he hasn’t a clue about the complete situation in the West. No mention of the years of Federal harassment , no mention of flooding lands to buy for nothing, the destroying of stock tanks, water issues in general (moratorium on wells dug), no mention of the under lying natural resources being sold off for political gain, i.e. Uranium One, etc., etc. This was complete ‘gobbildy-gook’ of the highest order. Where was the Editor at NEO, to make him back up these claims? After this piece his integrity, ethics & moral stock have ‘ZERO’ value on the open market. There are still some good writers at VT, sadly Duff is not one of them. Hopefully, NEO has more ethical writers in their stable to call on.

    • Jean says:

      The other editor – Duff is a Senior Editor, is Jim Dean, and my reading of some other very questionable posts by Duff tells me he is in total agreement. Please note, though that this article was NOT published at VT. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. JT says:

    Hi Jean –
    It is difficult to merely follow my heart mind when reading this article. Reason being, I have been aware of Duff’s personality for some years now. What was most disturbing to me was his interview with Red Ice Radio, Henrik Palmgren. I have utmost respect for Henrik, although many of your readers may view him as against diversity, he is quite for it. But I digress….
    In the interview, Duff slowly became careless. It was a two hour interview, of which subscribers were entitled to the final hour – I was only allowed the first portion of the interview, not being a paid subscriber.
    Duff exposed that he runs a private intelligent gathering network. I would define it as Edward Bernays meets Oliver North, and they wed. Duff has an incredibly deep network of Israeli corporations, and he seems to know much more than your average CIA hack, or even your way above, VP level CIA hack. Later in the interview, he expresses that Obama is actually trying to save the nation (his opine). He also, nearing the 3/4 hour point, begins to wax about his I.Q., and his superior intellect and archived facts. Ego with a gut, I would say.
    I also contrast this interview to words written by Duff back in approx 2010, wherein he says – In order to release hard intelligence, I must weave it with at least 50 percent falsehoods. He says, it is the way one can get away with releasing some hard penetrating intell. Problem is, it is up to the reader to determine.
    Allowing the following – Christians reports that their litmus test is – pure fact. Anything less is all false. A false witness, any false witness, even one using other’s info as valid, is a false witness (Dr. William Mount comes to mind).

    In closing, Duff is truly a business man, one who cares deeply what his bank account looks like (my take). He will evaluate himself by how powerful he is in his own right. He will also take pride in an ability to put the con on both high, mid and elite level people. He could be taken out by the elite, except, I suggest everything he prints is with their approval, and he may color slightly out of the lines.

    We really need to look to the end game, which is – the prize. Does the world elite need quadrillions in gold and treasures, with a mere 500 million folks? Once they destroy 90 percent of the planet, they make their own environment very precarious, and they devalue their own treasure. Liquidity is the life blood of wealth. For those who believe this is the end game, I suggest then, that the elite are NOT human. That maybe, just maybe there truly are offworlders, who want to terraform and have the planet for themselves. But, I thought their mantra was – do not interfere? I also thought there mantra was, reveal your plan (William Mount). I suggest, they are liars, and they do interfere, and they do not reveal their plans. Count on lies, not disclosure. It is about resources and riches, but they need some form of a golden goose to fleece when their plans is complete. What does that golden goose look like? Or, is this all a ruse, while they do something else? I continue to urge folks to make your own community strong, your kinfolk. You may scoff, but that is how our ancestors survived. Not by cleaving to foreign cultures. Notice, I am not saying be at odds with foreign culture. The Native Americans cleaved to their tribes, and they successfully (for the most part) coexisted and thrived.

    p.s. – if one takes the elite as being like the usfed, the rate rise in Dec did NOT reduce liquidity. It was a false hike, such that it was merely a face saving game, plus an experiment. I suggest the usfed may not have had the approval to remove the liquidity, so – the rate hike was a joke. Has anyone on mainstream media reported on this technical aspect of money? I don’t think so.

    • Jean says:

      This is good solid thinking and info. Thank you so much and hugs, ~Jean

    • The tale of En-ki and En-lil is known to some………Truth? I’m not sure. Just who is controlling the puppets who purport to be out leaders in Government’s? WE deserve to know.

      Keep in mind too; that there ARE Positive ET’s….whose “hands are tied” so to speak due to a common sentiment that “We are the ones We have been waiting for.” It True; WE are. however; it does not preclude seeking assistance from those ET’s who offer it- with no conditions.

      In this spirit; I would like to ask the Positive ET’s; within my authority- to detain and hold the negative- Cabal controlling ET’s and remove them from the conflict here. Keep them out of it- Humanity’s Choices are OURS to make- not through agency of Dark/ Negative ET’s.

      The Dark has no Right to control all that I AM.
      Michele Baillie

      • Jean says:

        Michelle, as I’ve come to think about it, the sheer number of people working on getting the truth out all over this planet is extraordinary. I’m coming to believe more and more that, indeed, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. The pressures are building, and sooner or later, things will come to a head . . . and I believe we will win!Hugs, ~Jean

  3. JT says:


    I suggest that Duff’s writers had been too good, and embarrassed their disinfo program. Such as Sandy Hook for gun control. You don’t get much better than James Fitzer.

    my “heart mind” says, it cannot identify Duff as having any internal compass. I think this means he is available for any and all projects to the highest bidder.

  4. enki says:

    I agree totally with the comment made by Kim Hayes.

    Duff has not done his homework……
    No mention of the fact that Federal “government” has no remit to own ranch land.
    No mention of the callous incompetence of BLM burning cattle.

    Duff says……
    “…..law enforcement …..stoked up on decades of entertainment media scare porn….. ”

    This so-called “scare-porn” has been shoved down the throats of anyone over the age of 12, by shekel chasing Hollywood, whose secondary aim seems to have been psychological corruption.
    Those who had the temerity to protest at the levels of violence portrayed were lambasted.
    The god-awful “entertainment” industry was and is, agenda on the part of entities who despise MORALITY.

    Two quotes of Jeans…
    1) “But true reality on purpose has been made to appear difficult even daunting. This has been done ….to get us to give up trying to understand.”
    2)”….. If we are to make our way through this confusion being perpetrated on us…”

    There is a video on the following link that …MIGHT….clear up the confusion.
    I do not know if anyone has come across John Quade but his knowledge of American history, linked in to the “court” scam is rather interesting !

    The video is long 1 1/2 hours.

    At 32:22 John Quade says Lincoln instituted Martial Law in USA, without informing the people.
    I get the impression Martial Law has been in place since the 1860s; in some states initially but, increased to others through manufactured duplicities.
    A…NATIONAL EMERGENCY was CREATED & DECLARED…….to bring all states into the same …..Military Court…..ARENA.
    The….TOP DOG/GOD…..in a Military Court system/SCAM…is the… CinC…..Commander in Chief.
    In the USA I suspect this is…….. President….. born in Hawaii….Barry Soetero ?

    VOTING………it is a waste of time “apparently”.
    Voting in secret i.e. in a booth, has no force and effect in law….it is unlawful !
    The votes do not need to be counted as they are, it seems, worthless.
    So, Bernie Saunders, Trump or Clinton………the populace will not be deciding THEIR future.
    Those attending election rallies are wasting their time.

    John Quade says all “courts” in USA below the Supreme Court, are Military Courts or Tribunals sitting in Summary Court Martial Proceedings.

    Gordon Duff says……..
    “In 1881, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting the use of the Army to enforce domestic policy” ?

    If, the John Quade video is authentic, it seems Military Courts have been enforcing domestic policy for 150 years, at least.

    ‘John Quade Abatement Statement’

    COMMENT number 5 posted by Bill Otinger looks informative

    Finally Sharon saw DOCILE foxes playing in a field.

    I think we are seeing…..RABID FOXES…..TRAPPED….in a …CORNER.

  5. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………….

    Plain and simple VT has become just like Alex Jones………CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and they probably always have been. They were set up to be appear “RED-WHITE AND BLUE” and as controlled opposition always does, puts out 10-20% truth and 80% DISINFORMATION. I suspected this for the last 2 years and I think we both realized it about the same time.


    Hugs……………. Frank R

  6. lecox says:

    I read this article about two hours ago. It was published on VT’s site. The site has many outpoints. The amount of ads running on the site makes it difficult just to scroll through an article. It is supposed to cater to veterans, and pushes the psych agenda for veterans (come in and get your PTSD treatment!). It recently started posting Democracy Today newscasts. The site is also used to sell guns.
    I am not ready to send Gordon Duff to the dog house. But a site like VT is only going to take you so far. Any site on the internet is only going to take you so far. As far as I’m concerned, both sides of this argument need to do a lot more homework. Meanwhile, I look for real data and skip all the opinions. I know that almost no one involved in this game has dug deep enough to discover the real, basic truths. Each one has focused on a certain viewpoint, a certain “story.” And it gets to the point where one will get exasperated when someone else fails to understand things the way they do. But no one’s understanding is actually complete and fully valid.
    There are some people in the community that Jean never follows, never mentions. I think it would be interesting to see something from them now and again. But it’s Jean’s blog: She can publish what she wants. And the same goes for every other site.
    Do the criminal groups “salt” these sites with false data? Well, we’re told they do; they probably do. Gordon has admitted that they do. So in the end it still becomes an individual decision of what information to rely on, and what to take with a grain of salt.

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