Ron Paul: Martial Law Is No Conspiracy Theory

If you’ve been learning about the Constitution from KrisAnne Hall, and you listen to Ron Paul here, you will understand that even Ron doesn’t understand the Constitution. Is that ever empowering, or what? ~J

Published on Jan 28, 2016

Former Congressman Ron Paul joins the program to discuss his dire warning regarding SJ Res 29, which Sen. Chris Murphy has called a “declaration of international martial law.”

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One Response to Ron Paul: Martial Law Is No Conspiracy Theory

  1. JT says:

    It occurs to me that the constitution is merely a nice outline that is and has been cleverly usurped for most of our history. I can appreciate the scholarly Krisanne however, it seems that merely understanding the constitution is not enough.
    The rules have been, might makes right. Human nature and cleverness and violence has overtaken the rule of law. We have a nice, short constitution, but we have hundreds of thousands of pages of laws. The laws in their myriad form have usurped the simple law. Krisanne might as well quote the ten commandments, or the vikings nine virtues.
    We have all been blinded by hyperbole ruledom. I believe America needs to destroy itself before we correct this, and even that is no assurance, we might get worst next time we arise.

    Ever hear of house rules? Those are what congress uses to abide by, not the mundane constitution. Ever hear of executive orders, not mentioned, but yet, we revere them. Change this if you can. You need to remove the 545 players in DC, plus perhaps another 25,000 state legistlators who are not much better,

    Sorry, not sure how to fix Rosemary’s baby. Render to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s. This abortion of govt belongs to Ceasar. The only fix is to destroy Ceasar.

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