Conclusive Evidence Proves A Premeditated Assassination Of LaVoy Finicum

Great still shots from the video! ~J

NEW Analysis of Lavoy Finicum’s Murder – Each Shooter Numbered and Magnified

SOTN Editor’s Note:

The following link has a video that clearly shows the different stages of the assassination of LaVoy Finicum.  Whoever conducted this video analysis must have had access to special forensic software because they have nailed down every shot that was fired at LaVoy Finicum with extraordinary accuracy.

This Is Really Why They Assassinated LaVoy Finicum

What is clear from the sequence of shooting events is that this extrajudicial execution was a fastidiously planned assassination by the Oregon State Police, the FBI and collaborating agencies.  The firing of several shots at a man who posed no threat is cold-blooded murder. Those Oregon State Police and FBI agents who participated in this assassination must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

State of the Nation
February 5, 2016

Shot-by-shot analysis captured by each revelant frame of the FBI’s own video.


NEW Analysis of Lavoy Finicum’s Murder – Each Shooter Numbered and Magnified:

Video provided by Stage20mega at:


This is proof in slow motion that LaVoy Finicum was ASSASSINATED by the FBI during the ambush….CONFIRMED FROM THE FAMILY: SHOT 9 TIMES….There is NO sound on the FBI video for a REASON!

— The Modern American Revolution

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7 Responses to Conclusive Evidence Proves A Premeditated Assassination Of LaVoy Finicum

  1. AcquiringFreedom says:

    For your perusal, I just received this article and think it bears much importance on this situation and will bring light to many.

    An unintended hero and courageous example for all and murdered by government turning white snow red beside the road in Oregon and no one under color of law is held accountable. I think it is now up to all of us who value freedom to take a stand for liberty or death. Long live Lavoy Finicum! Long live the spirit of liberty in the hearts and minds of like men!-CGL

    Utah Finicum Center for Justice

    Power Corrupts Absolutely: Ties that Bind Run Deep with Aiken Family in Hammond
    Ann Aiken, Chief Judge of the United States District Court of Oregon 9th Circuit, is no stranger to accusations of inappropriate relationships regarding her Courtroom. She is not a stranger to willfully failing to disclose those relationships and has even allegedly illegally ruled in her own favor to attempt to hide those relationships. In one recent complaint filing, a visiting out-of-circuit judge was requested by motion because the Defendants, including Ninth Circuit judges who are a member of the Oregon State Bar, had several political, business and social ties to Judge Aiken who was to be the presiding judge in the case. These ties constituted a very real potential conflict of interest against the Plaintiff’s interests. There are specific guidelines to be followed when requesting inter-circuit visiting judges and Judge Aiken refused to follow those requirements. Only the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court may decide such matters and Judge Aiken refused to follow those guidelines and the federal statute by ruling on these matters herself. Judge Aiken ruled on the motion against her in her own favor.
    Already brought to light is Judge Aiken’s potential inappropriate working relationship with Hammond terrorism re-sentencing lead prosecutor Amanda Marshall. Prior to being appointed U.S. District Attorney Amanda Marshall worked for the Oregon Department of Justice in Child Advocacy Services, a State Agency overseen by the Child Advocacy Services Board, a Board Judge Aiken has been President of since 1998. Judge Aiken was the Chief Justice that oversaw Amanda Marshall’s Oath of Office and swearing in and in conclusion to that ceremony instructed Marshall to “now hit the ground running”.
    Judge Aiken was also the presiding Judge in a 2006 case that overturned several key provisions of the Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Act of 2000 which she found violated the supremacy of the Federal Environmental Protection Act. A management plan that the Hammonds were key in helping construct. As well Judge Aiken’s decision weighed heavily based on affidavit testimony by Harney County Judge Stephen Grasty, whose actions have come into question and extreme scrutiny since the occupation began.
    Now in question is Judge Aiken’s relationship with two brothers who have started a counter occupation movement labeled as G.O.H.O.M.E. (Getting Occupiers of Historic Oregon Malhuer Evicted). Started by brothers Zach and Jake Klonoski, the group seeks to raise funds and generate community sentiment to forcefully remove the Citizen Occupiers of the Malhuer Reserve. Zach Klonoski is a special assistant to Charlie Hales, Mayor of Portland and is listed by the City’s website as the Mayor’s right hand. Jake Klonoski is an Attorney Adviser Department of the Inspector General 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
    In order to re-sentence the Hammonds as terrorists the United States Government had to file an appeal Under 18 U.S. Code 3742 (B). According to the code; “…The Government may not further prosecute such appeal without the personal approval of the Attorney General, the Inspector General, or a deputy inspector general designated by the Inspector General.” The same Inspector General where Jake Klonoski is employed as a key Attorney Adviser. These appeals to sentences are extremely rare in their dispensation. However, as troubling as Jake Klonoski’s capacity to influence that appeal process is, considering his recent political stance against the Occupiers seeking to defend the Hammonds rights, it is does not hold a candle to the inappropriate relationship between the Klonoski Brothers and Judge Ann Aiken, whose former married name is Ann Aiken-Klonoski. Jake and Zach are in fact her sons.
    Considering Judge Aiken’s working relationship with the lead prosecutor, her familial relationship with key members of the Inspector Generals office with the power to issue the rarely heard of sentencing appeal and her involvement in overturning a law the Hammonds were instrumental in crafting it is not outside the realm of logic to question Aiken’s fitness to serve as the presiding Judge in the re-sentencing matter. Taken in the light of complaints filed against Judge Aiken regarding her failure to disclose pertinent relationships and her capacity to circumvent the law in her own behalf, it is unconscionable that she presided over the Hammond case and as the situation now clearly reeks of nepotism, political incest and corruption the Hammond case clearly must be revisited by a new and impartial means outside of the tainted District Court. At this juncture it would seem that a Common Law Grand Jury constructed outside of the Oregon or Federal Courts is the only mechanism remaining that can be trusted to operate under the color of law.

  2. lecox says:

    The video does not seem to be working for me, but this conclusion was clear to me without any further analysis. All the discussion on this site (State of the Nation) is from a “patriot” viewpoint. It doesn’t have the depth needed to accomplish anything besides making some people mad. If LaVoy was taken out for any particular reason, it might have been because he could have accomplished more than just make some people angry. He had courage, he knew something about his subject, and he was obviously willing to act.
    For all the “exposees” and accusations, I can’t say I really understand how things like this get done. At what level does the FBI really start to go corrupt? What agent or police officer would participate in operations like this without asking questions?
    Hubbard had a name for this phenomenon: Potential Trouble Source. The initials (PTS) have since been co-opted by psychiatry. The PTS person is connected to a psychopath. That’s its basic definition. A PTS person can “go robotic” to a psychopath. There is a kind of tacit agreement or hypnotic agreement at work in such relationships. And if the nut says “kill” the PTS will attempt to carry out that order. The police of course should be the most aware of this mechanism, as it is the most important mechanism behind what most of us know as “crime.” But they are practically run by psychiatrists and/or psychopaths now, so that awareness is not going to be available to most of them unless is somehow gets shoved in their face. Well, a few of us keep looking for ways to shove it in their faces.

  3. Captain says:

    Still no action by the WH into this assassination. Seems racist, considering BOs history.

  4. Hildegard says:

    I’ve not been able to locate a video, only stills.

  5. Hildegard says:

    Regarding the Stewart Rhodes interview; the advice he have Lavoy Finicum was to find a constitutional sheriff and make a stand there under his/their protection. Still Finicum did NOT die in vain. He was and will always be a profoundly American hero.

  6. Deborah says:

    Burns Oregon-URGENT -Insider Says FBI Returns To Hospital In Burns Oregon!

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