David Fry – Message from Inside Refuge


Sorry, I don’t know how to import this! Get this viral, please!!!

I’m sure someone will get this up on youtube!




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6 Responses to David Fry – Message from Inside Refuge

  1. Hildegard says:

    Jean, I heard the recording but it took a few attempts. Audio wouldn’t load and couldn’t find it on Gavin Siem’s youtube channels. Finally the web wouldn’t load, I had to force quit my browser, run a repair permissions THEN i could listen to it. Ya gotta be relentless sometimes! Hopefully this will be up on Youtube soon. We need to pray for these brave souls.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, we need to pray . . . because the US is going down, and I hope they don’t take these people with them. I think there will be hell to pay. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Jean,

    is the desired video. Downloaded three others, sorta’ shotgun-style, from the same FB page; must watch ’em all first in order to title ’em correctly prior to uploading since all are titled identically in Human Language, but for the FB serial number.

    So here is the Genuine Word, delivered live and first-hand from the Malheur Occupation as of 02-06-2016. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  3. enki says:


    THEY could be planning to use the Refuge occupants as the catalyst for bringing down….ENGINEERING….the collapse that is overdue.

    They might have thought their….. ASSASSINATION….of Lavoy Finicum would act as a catalyst but, in the style of Putin……no one is biting.

    It is as if, we are the “audience” to their PLAY ACTING, but their ACTS are just, puerile deceit, more of the same.

    I am wondering if they are afraid to make the final move.
    The resultant backlash, may ensure their next big move is their final move.
    If their next big move is not catastrophic, they could be TOAST.

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