Bix Weir: It’s Happening

DOW, at the moment of publication, DOWN 354. ~J

Rumors of bank failures around the world are absolutely true…and they are very, very contagious!

US Banks were told by the Fed NOT to mark to market their energy assets and not to cause any disruption in the oil and gas sector by pulling lines of credit or forcing companies into bankruptcy. All well and good if all they needed was to get past the 4th quarter 2015 but now things have not improved – they have only gotten worse and the spotlight is on the write downs for the 1st quarter 2016.

Chesapeake Energy Craters 40% on Restructuring Report

Chesapeake Energy Corp., the U.S. natural gas driller that’s been slashing jobs and investor payouts to conserve dwindling cash flows, lost more than a third of its value after a report that it hired a restructuring law firm.

The shares dropped 40 percent to $1.83 at 9:45 a.m. in New York, the lowest intraday level since January 2000. Before today, the Oklahoma City-based company had already lost 85 percent of its market value during the previous year. Chesapeake’s bonds also plunged. The fall was triggered by a Debtwire report that Chesapeake retained Kirkland & Ellis to help restructure a $9.8 billion debt load.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg as ALL the oil and gas companies will have to take massive write-offs and make restructuring moves that directly affect the Fair Market Value of their bank held assets…which are all leveraged in the first place!

As I talked about before, not only is the unsecured debt subject to a total write down but the secured debt’s underlying assets are severely impaired and will only get worse as companies are forced to liquidate their equipment and properties at the worst possible time in the market cycle.

IF the stock market stays viable (and that’s a big if) I’m looking for a 75% loss this year WITHOUT any bounce back as was witnessed in the past.

The 1st Quarter ends on March 31st and companies will be making ‘pre-announcements” from the end of February all the way up to the final day in March. Watch for “changes in guidance” and “one time charges” to be the order of the day from here on out.

Silver, Gold and Bitcoin will shine over these coming months but remember “They” can place the price of silver at $0/oz or $1M/oz with a click of a mouse!!

It’s all in Book 3 including what the Bad Guys have planned for us IF they get their way.

“The Road Awakens” by Bix Weir

Some reader comments:

“Wow! Best book of “Conversations” yet, Bix. Although I’m scared out of my wits about our future I love your positive conclusions. I also know it’s not a contrived view you have because you actually PROVE everything you say…nice change from the others in the conspiracy world that preach the Doom and Gloom. Congrats!”

– Steve V.

“I don’t know what to say. I bought Book 3 to see what it was all about and within 24 hours I had bought Books 1 & 2 and all I want is MORE!! I love how you put these crazy puzzle pieces together so it all makes perfect sense. Great Job!”

– Diane C.

“Bix, I’ve been an avid Road to Roota Traveler for 10 years now and it’s amazing how it is all coming true – just like you said it would years ago. Sure, it’s taken time but it seems more and more people are traveling on our Road now and are READY for the Crash. Nobody…and I mean NOBODY has taught me more about the SECRETS of our financial system than your have. Thank you”

– Alan G. (no, not least I don’t think 🙂

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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2 Responses to Bix Weir: It’s Happening

  1. The death of a thousand cuts. The Cabal is bleeding red ink. Keep going.

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