Montague Keen, February 7, 2016

The 7 February was always a very special day for you and I, as we celebrated my birthday on Earth. I thank you, my dear, for always making it so special for me.

What your world is facing now is AGENDA 21, THE DEPOPULATION OF THE WORLD. Their plan is first to depopulate Brazil, by poisoning the whole country. Brazil is the biggest user of pesticides in the world, so it will be easy for them to achieve this. Remember, my dear, I was very much against pesticides when I was on Earth. I foresaw the great dangers of such chemicals being unleashed indiscriminately on the Earth. Those, plus the Chemtrails, were a prescription for disaster, just as you are witnessing now. All the VIRUSES are produced in their laboratories. They are released when it is necessary to bring humanity to its knees by creating FEAR through the scare stories they release. The people who discuss matters on TV and who write what they are told to write in newspapers, are guilty of a grave criminal offence against humanity. They are as guilty as if they had physically administered the viruses themselves.

The cult that rules your world has used you to create wealth and power for them. NOW THEY WANT IT ALL. They no longer want you, in what they now consider to be their world. They planned every step of this takeover meticulously over the centuries. Every war was orchestrated by them, every illness was created by them. Money, the scourge of humanity, was created by them. They have taken humanity hostage, and you have sleepwalked into ever scam they have created for you. They were experts at selling an idea to you. You never looked for the pitfalls. They now run every government, own all banks, and own the pharmaceutical industry. They produce the food necessary for life on Earth. You were blinded to their motives, as they used language (magic speak) to confuse you, so that you handed all control to them. They use you to produce the chemicals that KILL YOU. They use you to kill humanity through the wars they create. They use you to inject poisons that will eventually kill you. You, yes you, are assisting them in their great takeover of the Earth.

All religions are part of this, though they try to hide it well. The Vatican is the Seat of Evil, forget that at your peril. The God that they worship, and encourage you to worship, DEMANDS BLOOD SACRIFICES AND SUFFERING, which THEY SUPPLY ON DEMAND. They owe their success to this God. Humans supply the blood to appease this God. The MASS that you happily attend, is but a re-enactment of the blood sacrifice, and you willingly take part in it.

What will it take for you to wake up to this EVIL that is all around you, dressed up to confuse you. They have been so successful in conning you into believing them through religion. There is one thing that you could, and should, learn from them; they stand together, they always support each other, and therein lies their strength. They promote only their own. They change their NAMES continually to confuse you. They learned to fit in to many countries; to infiltrate and destroy the structure of the country and its people. This brought them great success. You are living in a world that they have ensured you know nothing about. They have kept you in the dark about everything. They have made you dependant on them, and that, my friends, is not a good thing. They have been clever and they have been patient.

This is THE GREATEST BATTLE THE EARTH HAS EVER WITNESSED. Good against Evil, Light against Dark, call it what you will; but be assured, it is one battle that every one of you will be part of, and it is already raging all around you. This is a fight for your very existence.

This is why, my friends, I implore you to vote only for those who are not in the pockets of the Cabal. Ireland has elections this month. This is the most important election that they will have. Vote only for those who have shown themselves to be honest, who only work for the betterment of the people and the country. Voting gives you power, so use it wisely. Forget party politics, it is of the past. It is time to move on, and take back control for the people. Vote on party lines and all you get is THE SAME AS BEFORE. This is your opportunity to take back control from the Cabal. Are you up for it? Or will you sit back and allow the depopulation of the Earth without lifting a finger to stop it?

Come to terms with the fact that all the news, both in newspapers and on TV, is false and scripted by the Cabal to prevent you ever knowing the truth. So much is stacked against you. They have had so much experience of conning and controlling humanity. You, my friends, are only just waking up to it. When newsreaders and reporters understand what they are guilty of, and refuse to be part of THIS GREAT DECEPTION any longer, then you will see the whole house of cards fall. They would not have achieved so much power and success if you had not been their willing helpers. It is time to show loyalty to your own kind, as they need your support.

Please stop fighting the Cabal’s wars. Do you not see that you are part of their depopulation program. Remove those uniforms. Refuse to be a blood sacrifice to the Cabal’s God, for that is all that you are to them. You cannot avoid seeing the destruction of life on Earth all around you. It has got to be stopped and dealt with. Deal with it and help will come to you with free energy, etc. Stop being helpless slaves. Find your voice and refuse to assist in the destruction of humanity. Take back your power.

My dear, yes, they always attack the lungs. They are an easy target for them. They do it to your friend, also. He is an easy target for them. Their power is diminishing, and this is when they are at their most dangerous, as they are not good losers.

Please take some rest. Be prepared !

Together forever, your adoring, Monty.


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6 Responses to Montague Keen, February 7, 2016

  1. It doesn’t matter who you vote for. it’s been proven the new electronic voting machines are fixed with rogue software that changes votes in favor of the Cabals desired candidate. That rogue software then deletes itself.

  2. Debbie says:

    Dear Jean,

    I know you believe the elections are a sham – they clearly are – but we have just ONE candidate who is running on his own money and is not owned by the cabal – the cabal has made it clear they plan to eliminate him – for me, there is no more hesitation – I am behind Trump, I am praying for his safety and his win – if there is an election this year, we need him to win it. I believe that Trumps heart is golden. I hope you will come to this conclusion yourself, and use your very valuable influence over to his success, in many ways you already have…and I thank you.
    In my opinion we can no longer afford to doubt Donald Trump, warts and all, he is our man, the one who is not part of the cabal – but instead he has a target on his back for getting in their way. Clearly, they would set us up for a Clinton vs Bush (both from the same mafia family)….
    Let’s pray for him, or hold meditations to keep him safe….whatever we can do to help protect him from our executioners…..

    What do you think?

    • Jean says:

      I’m not looking that far into the future – don’t even know yet if we will have one. Big changes are coming at us, so I can’t dwell on something that I think may change. I’m watching for patterns. . . like that from Washingtons Blog that I posted today, Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … Want a Revolution, by Washington’s Blog. This is a first 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Light I AM says:

    Trust NO man (or woman) is the COSMIC axiom!
    SPEAK (literally) and LIVE your TRUTH, 24/7. (much acceleration and Higher support)
    When you are aligned – connected to Higher Self …aka, the shimmer up your spine, which tells you much. You automatically project the change you think (Higher Self), rather than you want (want is the ego).
    It is the THOUGHT = Energy, on the Move!
    ENERGY, ON the MOVE!
    For with the Father (your own Higher Self) …ALL is possible.
    i.e. NO ego. You THINK it, You BE it, You LIVE it.
    PURE as the driven snow is another way of saying it.
    So, …are your thoughts PURE? The highest ideals? Have you purged all the discordant crap out of your own consciousness? I want this, I want that, sort of thinking?
    NEVER look outside of SELF for the answer.
    By all means observe everything, all around …these out-picturings are but precipitated, or outward signs of the individual’s and the group’s INNER Vibrations manifesting!
    ALL discordant vibrations (consciousness) must be exposed (including one’s own consciousness – to self) in order to turn your own self/family/group/town/state/country/whirld’s “ship of state” (vibration) around.
    PURITY and HARMONY and DETACHMENT from an outcome, are the ABSOLUTE by-words to MASTER-SHIP. The changes you not only desire to see, but to want to actually manifest, is then made possible, because it is a integral part of your own ESSEnce! Your VIBRATION!
    i.e. The WORD MADE FLESH, is what the enlightened one had stated, and this is what and how it happens, you become the same, The “WORD MADE FLESH”, you BE!
    NOT outside, but INSIDE …INSIDE of SELF …The WORD Made Flesh is what you then are!!!
    Can you not see the logic of this position?
    Cosmic law is …”The Call Compels the Answer”
    You need to be that PURE conduit … and the old paradigm of discord and divide & conquer is consumed permanently!
    So care not, for who is, or, does what, or not!
    Do that and you have completed your rounds of discordant earthly incarnations and the discordant ones are gone forever!
    Man, Know Thyself!

  4. Jean says:

    It is my blog, and I reserve the right . . . Sorry, but that is the way it is. Obviously, you can leave such comments elsewhere, and I’m sure you do . . . Is this really of importance now? This is judgment upon someone who has done a lot to help us. . . Compassion seems to be missing. 🙂 I’m sorry if you don’t like the way I call it, but I will call it. . . that’s part of my job here, right or wrong. Hugs, ~Jean

    PS There are people who delight in getting on my blog and deriding Veronica; these are comments you don’t see. I’m tired of it all— and the hell people try to make me pay for not letting her be taken her down here. I know Veronica on a personal basis, and it is pretty obvious to me that such people have no really deep relationship with her. I do not agree with her on lots of things, but who can agree with anyone on everything? She is at a different place in her life than I am, and she has a very different background. I’m sorry if you got included just at the moment I decided to make a public statement of ‘ENOUGH”.

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