Here’s an original copy of the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund downloaded directly from the IMF website.

Download from:

Of particular importance is Article IX Status, Immunities, and Privileges on page 26 [or 37] and onward which, among others, states:

Section 3. Immunity from judicial process

The Fund, its property and its assets, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall enjoy immunity from every form of judicial process except to the extent that it expressly waives its immunity for the purpose of any proceedings or by the terms of any contract.

Section 4. Immunity from other action

Property and assets of the Fund, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation, or any other form of seizure by executive or legislative action.

Section 5. Immunity of archives

The archives of the Fund shall be inviolable.

Here’s more… [It is not possible to make these readable, no matter how much I enlarge them; I do not think being able to read them is really important to the understanding of this material. ~J]

The consequence of all these immunities and privileges is fairly obvious and simple, i.e. the Fund is beyond public accountability.

Why not?

The International Monetary Fund is a private corporation that is ultimately funded with taxpayers’ money through our representative governments.

But the Ponzi scheme is not too obvious when one considers the fact that whenever the Fund lends money, the borrower only receives a paper authorizing the latter to print money to pay for its developmental projects back home, e.g. a 1-kilometer bridge.

An IMF debt is a mere paper of authority to print paper currency that has its indicated loaned amount recorded in IMF’s computers and ledgers. Up until this point there’s no actual wealth being lent, nor borrowed, or created.

When the 1 km bridge is completed and the borrower begins paying for the IMF debt with usurious interests, of course, that’s when real wealth is transferred from the sweat of the brows of the people to the Fund, again, in exchange for the IMF’s authority to print currency, a fancy paper with some logo and watermark on it, usually made holy with handshakes and selfies.

Since this is the true nature of the whole charade, for what do we need Fiat IMF?

Why can’t every sovereign State print its own debt\free currency?

Will the secretive TPP, or any other corporate trade articles of agreement be any better?

These are just among several reasons why the BRICS established its own global infrastructure development banks, using asset-backed currencies only.

One of the significant sources of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about it here.

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  1. paleohippy says:

    I know fog when I see it and it doesn’t have to be in 16 Font.

  2. Frank R says:

    This one is SIMPLE………..It’s “THE GOLDEN RULE”! “He who has the GOLD MAKES THE RULES”

    Hugs………….. Frank R

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