The Revolution Has Begun, Cosmic Consciousness

February 7, 2016

The Revolution Has Begun



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10 Responses to The Revolution Has Begun, Cosmic Consciousness

  1. janicetaylorjaytee says:

    Oh boy, did I need to read something such as this. It explains so much about how much my sleeping patterns have changed in recent months very dramatically, and why even after hours of sleep I wake up still feeling tired and not wanting to get out of bed. Been feeling so despondent lately too, especially about the crap going on/intended for those in America, knowing we are next, its all been getting a bit too much, but thank you Jean, you are a faithful warrior in my eyes, even though you’ve been exhausted yourself, you still faithfully get the news out to us, I am grateful…. thank you for sharing this, much needed and so encouraging. They will not succeed in their plans/intentions for humanity, though it often feels like they will, it is all enfolding as it should for now and Source will have the final say.

  2. Debbie says:

    Dear Jean,

    So, do you think they are are going to roll out their old Project Blue Beam in March?
    Cosmic Awareness has been right on many times over the past – he called the Ebola situation immediately, I believe he probably has this one right, too.
    I think Team Obama is ready to put on a really big show…and I can’t help but wonder if somewhere buried in this false flag will be confiscation of bank accounts….the one thing that I can imagine that will awaken EVERYONE will be when they realize these psychopaths emptied their bank accounts…you know there was a reason Congress pass that law last summer making us all investors in our banks – and how we don’t own our money anymore…
    As for Project Blue Beam and “first contact”, I surely hope enough people are smart enough to realize what a hoax that will be….
    Jean, taking a cue from Cosmic Awareness, how would you imagine this will unfold?
    P.S. – this also maybe why you have been exhausted from the fight – you are likely fighting on in other realms as well…

    • Jean says:

      Debbie, I’m sorry, but I don’t have any idea how this will unfold, and I just don’t even have time to contemplate it. There is so much news now, and it is moving so fast, that I can hardly get off my blog . . . I’m trying now to go get something to eat 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • paleohippy says:

        Jean’s in the moment. Stomach speaks. Feed me. Blog can wait 🙂 HUGS

        • Jean says:

          I’ve posted two posts, one LIVE STEEAMiING, from the Refuge. . . are you seeing these? They are my last two post.

          Michele Fiore is speeding from Portland to the Refuge. Cliven Bundy is on his way there . . . are you seeing these posts?

          No one is acting like they are able to see them, although it appears to me that I have posted them.

          Please see my comment to Spencer with links.

          Thanks and hugs,

  3. Wendy says:

    Yes, thank you so much Jean for your hard work. A lot of us count on you to get us the info on the true story of what’s going on.

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  5. Do not be fooled; pace yourself; this is a marathon stretching back lifetimes; imagine that you might have to do this until you leave this plane; and, maybe another few embodiments, if that is your mission; this is certainly our last run; much better beyond this; be present and in the moment; what wears one out is the yo-yo between expectation and disappointment;

    And, this is not a battle, its a transmutation; most importantly, this is merely an illusionary matrix wherein we believe that this is so important to defend; spirit exists outside and beyond this; in here, our negative and positive energy is harvested as we are the batteries that keeps this low vibration maya/samsara going;

    The right thing to do when passing over is not to come back; there is nothing to save; do your best while here or else you will get stuck in this hamster mill; the new earth is NOT here; and, if you are feeling frazzled then go and do the energy clearing meditations of Cameron Day at ascensionhelp dot com; read ‘Why I am no longer a lightworker’ which will clear the confusion of this;

    All the ancient teachings tell us that soon all of this will be transmuted back to Source; methinks its the only solution because the archons cannot exist once transmuted whereas we can; the biggest soul trap is this world of form; in spirit, we exist in formlessness which is pure un-adulterated energy; when energy is slowed down to this world of form, it creates shadows wherein every sinister and evil device and contrivance can hide; and, we are not the masters of this fakery;

    Conclusion: do your best, take nothing personal, be impeccable, never make assumptions; and, don’t take this too seriously, its a very bad re-run of a really bad quality B-grade movie; in peace

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