BOMBSHELL PROOF DHS BLM FBI are Private Corporations

Published on Feb 10, 2016……

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2 Responses to BOMBSHELL PROOF DHS BLM FBI are Private Corporations

  1. Susan says:

    This posted on FB just now by the Bundy’s”
    CALL tell Oregon officials to make the FBI stand down.
    Assemblywoman Michele Fiore is in Portland and she will come in and negotiate. The FBI will not respond. LIVE Audio:
    – US District Attorney Portland: 503-727-1000
    – Multnomah Sheriff Admin office: 503-988-4300 – Opt 0
    – OSP NW HQ: 1-503-378-3387 – Opt 0
    – Portland FBI: 503 224 4181 – Opt 0
    – Multnomah Sheriff – Detention: 1-503-988-3689 – Opt 0
    – Multnomah Sheriff – PIO pager: 1-503-271-0226
    – Multnomah County Jail: 1-503-243-7600
    – US Marshall’s Oregon: 503-326-2209
    – US District Court – Portland: 1-503-326-8000

  2. Deborah says:

    “The fundamental news that everyone has to understand is that when you incorporate ANYTHING you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and move it into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.

    You also move it out from under the Law of the Land (including The Constitution) and place it under the Law of the Sea, instead.”

    – Judge Anna von reitz

    What this means, is that NEITHER the private corporation BLM or the private corporation FBI, HAVE LAWFUL AUTHORITY where Common Law is the Law of the Land.

    Which means every move they make is unlawful, because the confederation of the united states of America is an UNINCORPORATED, common law, organization of sovereign states, indifferent even to incorporated state governments.

    When the FBI or the BLM, or a corporate judge, claims jurisdiction they do not have, and acts ‘under the color of law’ – they are committing fraud, to say the least.

    The actual result is the FBI, Inc. and the BLM, Inc. are foreign mercenary terrorist corporations, committing acts of terrorism against the sovereigns of the usa, and the Corporate Judge is aiding and abetting the criminals in the crime.

    The county Sheriff who does not exercise his lawful authority – and move to protect the sovereigns in his country from terrorist attacks committed by the FBI Corporation or the BLM Corporation – must be removed from office immediately.

    That is the true Law of the Land.


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