Burns Oregon — FBI Tells Enterprise To Report Santilli’s Rental As Stolen

I don’t exactly know what Pete is about, but this story makes it clear what the FBI is about. ~J

PS As I’m listening Deb says it’s rumor that Cliven Bundy is going to Oregon. At the end, Pete leaves a message . . .


Deb Jordan woke up to a knock on her motel room door this morning and was informed by Gresham, Portland police, that the rental car she had in the parking lot had been reported by enterprise out of Cincinnati as stolen — When Deb & Pete’s attorney, Tom Coan called Enterprise to confirm — Enterprise told them the devious actions of an FBI agent who is located in central Oregon. 

The FBI told Enterprise agents that Pete Santilli had been incarcerated in Multnomah County jail since January 26th and that 2 unauthorized women were driving the rental car leased in Pete Santilli’s name. They also told the Enterprise agent that these 2 women were planning a trip to Burns Oregon where there was an active illegal occupation of a wildlife refuge — and asked for the on-star code so that they could listen to conversations inside the vehicle —

Deb Jordan

Action everyone can take part in. Get the call flood going and get our patriots out of solitary!

– Multnomah Sheriff – Detention: 1-503-988-3689
– Multnomah Sheriff – PIO pager: 1-503-271-0226
– Multnomah County Jail: 1-503-243-7600
– Multnomah Sheriff Admin office: 503-988-4300
– Portland FBI: 503 224 4181
– OSP NW HQ: 1-503-378-3387
– US District Court – Portland: 1-503-326-8000
Here’s who is in jail now.
Ammon Bundy
Ryan Bundy
Pete Santilli
Ryan Payne
Brian Cavalier
Dylan Anderson
Jason Patrick
Jon Ritzheimer (Beinig moved to OR)

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