Peter Eyre celebrates: One man can make a difference. . . !!! What good news; my congratulations, Peter! ~J

 I would also like to share that I have known Peter via the internet now for long enough to understand that his investigative research is simply THE BEST! I offer him my personal congratulations and my very best wishes for having stayed the course, and come out on top — as much as is now possible. What you have accomplished is truly remarkable!

I also believe, Peter, that in the end, you will fully beat these people! They will know they have lost the battle with you, which is the same one in which we are all engaged!



(Personal to me, via an email, but I do not think Peter will mind that I share it with you all . . . you are so much like family 🙂

Hello, Jean,

Well after over 5 years my court case against the New World Order/Illuminati has been won.

It is a victory on one hand but does not reflect true justice on the other.

Basically you can take the cabal on single handed as litigants in person and win the case if you have all the forensic evidence — but the injustice is that they continue to carry out massive international fraud and corruption, continue their wars, conflicts, false flags, false war on terrorism, pedophilia, illegal arms trading etc. that today continues on unchecked……rather sad don’t you think.

 * * * 

Anyway, despite all the pain, suffering, financial loss and in some cases loosing those that you love you get closure by winning the case and today was that day as per my email below….please publish this story in the hope that others will stop being sheeples and become shepherds:

I am well known for being a conspiracy theorist, but as I always have said I do not print anything I cannot prove and yet I still get ridiculed or labeled…….for over 5 years I have been fighting the New World Order/Illuminati in the Royal Courts of Justice in London and yesterday we won the fight in being awarded costs and damages……the problem is we may never recover the money as one of the offenders has jumped the country……anyhow it was never about money, but about principles and the appalling way our leaders and their governments run our country and ripf of the most vulnerable…….

One person can make a difference, so never give up if you are right and fight for those that cannot fight for themselves………case closed and another win (sort of)……below is my message to the lawyer and my friend in England which has now been copied to the world’s truth movement:


Royal Courts of Justice – In The High Courts of Justice – Queens Bench Division – Case No: HQ10D04366 – Master MCCLOUD

Andrea Davison Claimant v Peter Eyre(1) & Gordon Bowden (2) Defendants

Trial listed today at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Well done Gordon and Christopher…..Closure at last but the media battle continues to expose those responsible!!

The damages were rather low when one considers the pain and inconvenience you and I have gone through.

I know this was never about money but when the damages were only relating to the fraud that she had carried out (to which she has been tried, found guilty and sentenced) then the Judges summary statement that we were vindicated in our publications on her criminality given her conviction and sentence is truly a cop out.

This action and associated counter claim was unrelated to the defamation carried out against us in regard to the missing nuclear weapons debacle and the Chinook crash, etc., and so because that aspect did not form part of her case or ours it was outside of the remit and thus we were not vindicated in the true sense..

The unknown political third party has got away with this without a mention and I feel that now the case is over and closed, I or we are duty bound to expose this aspect of the case via whatever media will publish it especially with the fact that the massive Commercial, Political international fraud continues with Ms. Davison carrying on “Business as Usual.”

The general public continues to suffer and bear the brunt of this on-going fraud and corruption with governments around the world imposing harsh austerity measures against ordinary people.

We are all paying more taxes or increases in VAT or GST and the level of health care is falling well below an acceptable level and in some cases money is being taken of aged pensioners or disabled to cover for their massive fraud.

When it comes to the illegal arms dealings and the loss of the RAF Chinook then they have truly gotten away with it ……I ask the question what price do you put on the war dead amounting to millions of souls, both military and civilian?

What price do you put on the 25 high ranking Military, Intelligence, Northern Ireland Police and RAF Crew who died in that Chinook crash as a direct result of our government’s (Department of Trade & Industry) covert actions?

I for one will not let the above victims deaths go without closure as they truly deserve for the truth to come out and for those responsible to come before the courts for their “Most Heinous, Barbaric War Crimes.’

I hope that our associated friends and support network will continue to expose our case and shut these massive “Fraud and Corruption Boiler Rooms” down and more importantly bring justice for those that have perished under their hands!

This message is being copied to some of those people as I know they will continue to “Fight them on the Beaches.”

Just think folks a mere 20.000 English Pounds has been awarded in damages (less than a years wage) for all the above pain and suffering and more importantly the fact that the massive international fraud, corruption, paedophilia, illegal arms dealings, war, conflicts and the many false flag events still continue unchecked!!……’s that for True British Justice……it is time that someone recognized that the magnificent palatial building in the Strand she be called “The Royal Courts of Injustice.

Peter Eyre

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – International Broadcaster

1th February 2016

PS John……The result was rather pathetic even though the case has been won……the true culprits have gotten away with it and so I feel from my perspective that this case should be made public as much as possible in memory off all those that have died for the cause…..especially the missing nuke story that resulted in the Gulf Wars by gross neglect of the British Government and also the Loss of the Chinook or should I say assasination of all onboard, etc. etc.   …..Peter



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5 Responses to Peter Eyre celebrates: One man can make a difference. . . !!! What good news; my congratulations, Peter! ~J

  1. Rev. Joe says:

    God Bless Peter ! He is a true hero for all human beings . Hugs to all. rev. Joe

  2. Deborah says:

    Congratulations Peter!!!!! God Bless YOU!!!!

  3. wolf727 says:

    I always remembered Peter mentioned a long time ago he was involved in a court case and recently I wondered about it. Now finally he has informed us he has won the case.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Peter that the damages are pathetic and they have gotten away with it. The best he can do, like he said, is to make the case be known to the public.

    However, having said that, good to know that ‘officially’ the case was won in Peter’s favour. I’m also glad to know Peter is well – I haven’t heard from him for a long time.

    • Peter Eyre says:

      Thank you Wolf…yes I am fine and just keeping a much lower profile than before….the case took away much valuable money and cost me dearly in relationships, friends and family etc so yes very much a up hill battle that has now been won but really to no avail…….The bastards are still doing what they did before…..ripping up of our respective countries….they saying they have a defecit and then hitting us all with their false flag austerity measure………take care…..Peter

      • wolf727 says:

        Thank you kindly, Peter, for your reply – I was not expecting it. I hear what you are saying, and understand – the cost of a won battle.
        Yes, I agree – those bastards are tearing up nations with fake austerity measures, removing the concept of sovereignty and weakening the role of governments in protecting the citizen from ‘The Corporation’ with the coming TTIP and TPP.
        Conversing with you reminds me of earlier days. You do what you feel you have to do, Peter. You look very good in that picture, by the way. You take care, also.

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