Wisdom of the HEAD vs. WISDOM of the HEART? ~Jean responds to a thought-provoking Comment.

My comment to which Spencer is responding:

Then, of course, we have the video from the head of the Earthkeepers, Stewart Rhodes, who has left these men all hanging out there — for a safer, more convenient and organized time. Sometimes destiny is not convenient. When it calls, either you answer, or you are lost! Cliven and these particular elected officials seem to understand this – Thank God! ~J

Jean I have to agree. Look, this scenario is not convenient and does not pose the most prominent chance for success. Yes it would be nice to move this theater to a county with a more favorable sheriff. But let’s be realistic. When has destiny ever been predicated upon the “earthly man’s” wants and needs? Destiny, if there is such a thing to consider (and yes I do believe in and see plenty of evidence of the existence and necessity of destiny every day) then we must contemplate the idea that Harney County and those who made a stand against the tyranny machine in various ways are there for reasons we cannot realize yet.

I have been going back and forth from my mind and my heart ever since this series of events began and the pendulum has not stopped swinging. My mind says it is a bad place to make this stand and has little chance for success. Then my heart says, “What if?” And then my soul grows and fills the room with feelings of hope and freedom.

Something that has come into my heart and mind recently is the idea of Wisdom versus Love.

We all are taught to be wise and learn wisdom from a young age. To walk in the world with good judgement and to have good judgement. This leads down a path of reservation and prudence. This is seen as a good thing and society sees this as an upstanding trait. And it is to a certain degree.

I have fought myself and had many an internal battle within myself regarding what was Wise and what was “other.”

I only just realized the true power and potential of “OTHER.”

What if? What if OTHER is the antidote to bellicose and tyranny?

But other is just other unless a foundation in one’s soul is solidified in good conscience.

This good conscience indicator and guidance should be our heart. If our conscience IS rooted in our heart, and it is because all we have to do is be quiet – listen and hear it, then OTHER will send us into creativity and creation from our Heart.

So listen carefully. Does the quiet speak to you? What does OTHER say about what these men are doing in the Northwest? Does it say they should just leave and allow the continued buildup of machinations of the “federal government” go unchecked? Or does it suggest another path? A less likely path to success and freedom?

It is a hard question to answer. You reading this today will not be the last time you are confronted with this question. These splinters will grow and multiply until they are confronted in our minds.

No – it is not Wise to take this specific action.

But does the action represent a greater Love for humanity? Does the action bring more Truth and Light?

Maybe. Maybe it does.

* * *

Jean responds:

Spencer, your comment really, really started me thinking! I’d listened to Stewart’s words and felt how cool, calm, and rational they were. Then I realized there was almost no emotion expressed in them. If someone is connected to his heart, however, and is dealing with the death of one man and the destruction of the lives of several others, surely we would have heard at least some emotion in his voice? I am not talking just about his choice of words, but in the vibrations we hear in the sounds of his voice.

I suggest anyone with interest listen to Stewart’s comments HERE to see if you can hear what I heard.

While it is difficult to appraise anyone after having heard them just once, I know that sooner or later, they will give themselves away.

My initial feeling about this audio is that Stewart is very much disconnected from his heart, and is very much ‘in his head’. There are many reasons that people ‘live in their heads’, but that is not the discussion here.

We have read over and over again that we are in a time when our MINDS should be in SERVICE to our HEARTS. Do you all sense this is the case with Stewart? Is Stewart’s mind serving his heart? (I’m only speaking specifically about this audio, because I do not know yet if what I heard is correct, but warning signals have been thrown up for me, and I will be listening in the future most carefully.)

Spencer, as you tried to puzzle your way through this verbally in your comment, you spoke about WISDOM, suggesting, finally that Steward is expressing WISDOM, but the expression of LOVE — may I suggest the word HEART — is absent.

We are also told that if we are clear, (and very few of us are); that is, if the way to our heart is completely open because we have done our inner work to dislodge all our misconceptions about ourselves, so we see not only ourselves clearly, but also see others very clearly — our hearts will never lie to us. 

My question would then have to be to everyone — according to this audio, “Does Stewart speak with true WISDOM? 

Going a bit deeper, my question would be, “Without a true connection to his heart, can Stewart speak with true WISDOM?

In order to answer this, you have to be able to hear — not just Stewart’s words — but what energetic vibrations Stewart is putting out to us. From them you can DISCERN whether or not he speaks from his heart. After that, there is a whole lot of info that becomes evident . . . 

For instance, is there an option, a way forward, that we haven’t even thought about here? (Spencer has also referred to this in his comment.)

In conclusion, I’d like to suggest you consider a very subtle statement that, because I am not sure of where Stewart is coming from, seems to fit beautifully here: It’s not what you do/say, it’s how you feel about it.

Let me explain by telling a little story: Over twenty years ago, I’d literally run away from home, from a life that was killing me. I had no understanding of this fact, however, not at that time. Many, many months later, I went back to Philadelphia to visit a good friend there, who chastised me roundly for not ‘pulling myself up by my bootstraps’ and getting on with my life.’ I was told I was a coward and had run away.

This was what she saw on the outside, but by then I had already learned a lot, and I could turn and ask her the questions, “How do you know that I am running away? How do you know that I have not chosen to run towards something?” 

She had no answer.

While at this time Stewart’s decision might be the right one, was it made for good, wise reasons? 

I myself do not yet know, but the sound of his voice sent warning signals through me.

I’ll leave you to puzzle over this and make your decision.

I hope those who have chosen to read this will find it helpful as you attempt to learn discernment.



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9 Responses to Wisdom of the HEAD vs. WISDOM of the HEART? ~Jean responds to a thought-provoking Comment.

  1. phair2 says:

    I found your personal story interesting and enlightening. I too am from the Philly area. I lived in Woodbury, New Jersey, about 5 miles east of the Delaware River. I think it is a sort of epidemic, that people from around that area, especially if they are also Italian and Catholic, would say such a “Fred Flinstone” statement like : “You ran away, youse a coward. Heh-heh.” I can almost hear their whiney, making-fun-of, Jersey/Philly tone of voice. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t like living there and I finally got out. It seems that a lot of people who live from the heart move away from there. But that tends to make the concentration of un-enlightened, smarmy judgmental jerks, even more concentrated and worse. A lot of people whom I’ve known from back in that area of the country, especially my own Italian-American family, act as though you are some sort of wimp or traitor if you dare to leave the area. It’s almost like an open-air prison for them. And they can only like or enjoy things that are “Jersey” or “Philly” including “Jersey Girls” as though women from Wisconsin or Iceland must certainly suck. And you can’t tell them that they even MIGHT be wrong. They have to pee on the electric fence themselves to find out. Some of them do change, and that’s when they join you in moving away. But of course they will get made fun of too. Talk about “peer pressure”. That whole area is like a high school socially. Oh by the way, women from Wisconsin and Iceland are among the best. LoL

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal story, which is actually not just like mine, but it certainly points out the problem we both encountered! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…………

    AS I pointed out in an earlier response, Stewart Rhodes is a military man leading many military and police type citizens. Coming from a military family and being a former Vietnam Era Veteran I can guarantee you that when you think, plan and act, emotions remain at a distance so that you do not make a mistake.

    It’s not that emotions should not be taken into consideration, it’s just that in leadership roles, excessive emotions or at times any emotional display can be seen as a potential sign of weakness. I know.I have been there. I like you and many others worry about whether or not Oath Keepers has been infiltrated or co-opted. My heart says YES to the first and NO to the second.

    I believe they probably realize they have been infiltrated and are dealing with it. I also suspect that they are looking for DIVERSIONS and DISTRACTIONS being used by the enemy. As I said earlier……………..when dealing with military style tactics one must use a military mind and sometimes keeping your emotions distant can be a good thing.

    Hugs…………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Frank, I’m coming from a completely different framework, although I realize the validity of yours. If we are in service to our hearts and we have clarity – our emotions will be totally under our control.

      Men have been more often than women cut off from their emotions. I can’t tell you how many men have tried to make me responsible for their emotions, and I’ve refused to take it on board. They simply don’t know how to manage them, and so they have shut them down.

      Women are in touch with their emotions, but because of the way they have been treated by men in this patriarchal system, they also don’t have control of theirs.

      Think about that – and we are moving into a new paradigm that requires people not to give gut responses – but to be connected to their hearts. This is an almost impossible situation – at the moment – and I know it.


  3. Spencer says:

    Where did that video about Etowah, TN go? I was about to comment on it but it disappeared. Ironically I moved from Philly to Kingsport, TN (a few miles north of Etowah) in 2006. Then from TN to Arizona last year. What strange synchronicity. You’re freaking me out.

  4. paleohippy says:

    I wouldn’t judge a commander’s heart on the battlefield. I would rather have a leader focused without emotion than one who would fail me in a moment of heart. We are warriors. We save our hearts for friends and family when the fighting is done. We are not common people. Understanding us can get fuzzy.

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