A follow-up response to Head vs. Heart from our reader, known as Spencer

In view of what took place last night in Burns, Oregon, I hope you will find this well worth your time! This individual, known as Spencer, has an incredible voice, whether or not he knows it, and I am so glad he has found it. We need to hear from him so very much, right now. ~J

Jean I am truly Humbled you chose to share our conversation and place it alongside of your highlighted materialI believe why I was compelled to make a comment on the subject has a few reasons…

1 – The poker game of tyranny vs liberty has been building up exponentially to this point from various starting points in history that can be argued to have started as soon as WWII and as early as the Civil War. And in some circles may have been seeded six thousand years ago. Nevertheless, control over the many by the elite few is alive and well and being protected on all fronts… at all costs. The Tyrants have appeared to go “all in” in Harney County. The amount of assets deployed to this area, to counter act the intentions of what now appear to be four people, is staggeringly comical. They are trying to make a statement. They are calling the bluff of the freedom loving constitutionalists and the “militia.” So the shear size of the response tells the “Wise-minded” and “rational minded” to go away and move along. Then why does my heart want to scream “GO… Stand and be counted?!”

2 – The “Wise and Rationally-minded” persona of the protesters decided to make an attempt to dialogue with the would-be tyrants and asked to converse about peaceful options. This was for all intents and purposes ignored and side-stepped by the Federal representatives. They showed no compassion or understanding and instead showed force and did not accept the peace offering… Once again the Rational-minded tactic came up empty-handed and was slapped. “The heart driven” and compassionate Bundys came to help a fellow ranching family using their (in their own words) divinely inspired course of action and were quickly asked to stand down and rethink their approach by rationally inspired groups who stated and posed to have freedom’s best interest in mind. This “rational group” (who I will not name) was also not respected by the “Feds” and instead were used, and potentially coopted into becoming a proxy negotiating team, which ultimately benefitted the occupying Federal group. Again – My heart screams WHY!? Why did rationality not win? Did we need to respect and get in line with the divinely inspired heart driven Bundys? Maybe we should have.

3 – Now that we have a Freedom Loving hero who was murdered in cold blood by the very tyrants that the “rational minded” group wanted to reason with I have to ask: Who is going to stand up and represent the next ranchers who are ready to die for their families, land and/or freedom? I will pose it this way… If I find myself standing in front of my house next week and I am confronted by the Feds because I said the wrong thing online or because I decided to voice my opinion against the wrong political group, and guns are pointed at my head while my kids are inside the house, then I can tell you right now I’d rather have Ammon Bundy, the ghost of LaVoy Finicum by his side, with the guidance of God and Heart than I would the rational wise-minded group leader who I will not name.

So to bring this to a close (for now):

There is a change in guard in order. If we are going to respect our inner decision to move from a brain focused life to a Heart focused life, then we must also question whether the outer life is in line with our inner decision. We must make an outer decision to follow, or better put – “line up with,” our like-minded heart-focused peers.

So as you watch me, hear me, or “read me” make this real-time decision, please know this: I am right now deciding to align my Heart focused inner reality with my outer reality. I AM no longer going to allow formerly thought of as “intelligent rationally-minded” people to be my ONLY guides and peers. I AM however transitioning to more Heart Focused and passionate mentors and active participants in the Preservation of Freedom, free will and free speech.

Now… I’m certain that I’m not the only one who reads this blog, or who administers the blog for that matter 😉, who has made this decision. But please consider that I am however reaching out to those who are on the fence. Join me. Join me in lining up with Passion. Step forward and be counted. Make a pledge to be Free. Promise yourself you will be who you want and need to be when asked. Whether it be by your heart, conscience or “OTHER” as I so roughly put it before, do what IT asks you to do. Next time your rational mind gets in the way of your Heart during a seriously critical moment cast it aside and open your Heart. Share your views with the world with Passion. Arm yourself with the sword of Truth. If you speak first before you have what you think is enough evidence… that’s fine – just look it up later. But for God sakes say SOMETHING. DO SOMETHING. Enough is enough. Really. It is.

We are being lulled to sleep by rationality again. We were on the threshold of the glorious future and waking up, but now we are being rationalized and lulled back to sleep once again. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Put your feet on the ground and splash some water on your head and face the day!!! Look it in the eye and brave the day.

No – Time is NOT running out. We really do have all the time in the world and life is long. But my God wouldn’t it be liberating and feel great if we made sure it happened right now?! I want to enjoy MORE than just an awakening into ourselves. I want to enjoy what happens next. What will my children do with that gift of The Awakening I handed to them?! Heck – what will I even do with it? These will be good problems to have, but we won’t know how good these problems are until we act on our promises!

Thank you so much for the precious time you took out of your day to read this note. I Love you for deciding to persevere with me during this challenging time. We are here now together for what? I don’t know, but one thing is for SURE… we are right here right now.

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