LIVE Oregon Stream – Thursday Morning

Streaming for one hour . . .

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19 Responses to LIVE Oregon Stream – Thursday Morning

  1. usnveteran says:

    Glad you got the link … KrisAnne Hall now speaking on the Live Stream. Almost 17,000 on the Youtube livestream now.


    • Jean says:

      I’m so close to tears! Hugs, ~Jean

      • usnveteran says:

        I was so angry when WP wouldn’t allow me to post to your site .. but glad I was able to finally post the video to you. I’ve gotten over 200 emails about this entire event. I wish the Presidential candidates would say something about all this activity across our country.

        To correct what I said earlier — they are not ‘surrending’ — they are ‘turning themselves in’ … at this moment.

        We have to continue to support these Patriots … they, and we have a long way to go …

  2. rthunderws says:


  3. Marilyn says:

    I hope they have a lot of support sure doesn’t sound good to me, too much corruption around them, and then there using our system with there rules. This could all go in a very bad direction, this may just be the beginning . Jean, take it easy on you, we all need you and your help, we knew it was not going to be easy. They want that land and they want it bad. Pray for there safety and justice. They can’t get away with what they are trying to pull, its illegal. Hugs to you!

  4. Spencer says:

    The disjointed group of people who decided to be counted in Harney County, OR will go down in my notes as the mirror image of March 5, 1770… The Boston Massacre. KrisAnne Hall shared similar sentiment a few days ago after LaVoy’s murder. Deep down inside we all know what happened here. As a matter of comfort and preservation of status quo, some will explain it away as a band of radicals gone awry. They’ll say that Finicum was charging the Feds as Mark McConnell so calmly and coolly stated. However, in our heart of hearts we know he was murdered along side an SUV filled with others who the Tyrants wanted dead as well. But by the grace of God, Finicum was the only one killed and now we have testimony screaming to get out from the surviving passengers. These passengers were spared by divinity and we will only later learn the reason.

    But listen carefully to yourself in the meantime because you will be called. Before this is over you will be called. I can only pray that enough Earthly flesh will answer this signal coming directly from the creator into our conscience… to make a difference. To give our children what they deserve. To give us what WE deserve. It is why we are here after all… This ain’t no coincidence. You being alive today is no coincidence. How long will you put off your duty?

  5. Deborah says:

    Jean….I had to leave earlier and when I left Krisanne and Gavin were trying to talk David into walking out and turning himself in…..did he end up doing that? I can not find anything online saying he did or didn’t.
    Hugs ~ Deborah

    • Jean says:

      At about 11:00 PT David walked out. I’m not a psychologist, but I think he was on total overload, filled with feelings of real terror and anxiety. Fortunately, KrisAnne and those who ‘talked’ him through this, I think he was able to unload them enough to get some clarity – and walk to safety. Before this happened, I think he was absolutely terrified. What he did was a natural response, IMO, and I hope they don’t try to give him drugs to calm him.

      Years ago, when I lived on the Hill, I knew women in groups trying to get off these drugs, and from what I know now, their lives are ruined, as they had to keep elevating the quantity to get results. Many when given them in post-operative situations, and their bodies just grabbed onto them. Not nice!

      Anyway, we are now going to move forward, and I hope the Feds will not be able to take the narrative back!!! We must all see that this doesn’t happen. . . because I’m sure they will assume that it is their right to do so.


      • Deborah says:

        Thank you Jean. Yes, I agree with what you said, that he was filled with real terror and anxiety. Who wouldn’t be filled with these feelings, given the situation. A natural instinct, IMO, also. I’m so glad to hear that KrisAnne and others were able to talk him through this. When I had to leave, he had said something about shooting himself and I thought Oh my God, David PLEASE don’t do that! That is NOT the answer. We need you to move FORWARD with ALL of us together. We need your voice and your passion David! Thank God he’s okay.
        Thank You Jean ~ Hugs ~ Deborah

  6. Marilyn says:

    They just announced a seize fire in syria

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Marilyn, for the alert. It seems I work a little on my blog and then have to go sleep . . . more. But it’s been more than 20 years, so maybe I’m entitled 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

  7. Marilyn says:

    Just happened to catch that on the news-so i figured i’d put it out there -now its 4am-i am going to be 63 next week shouldn’t i be in bed? LOL! Signing off for the night-or day what ever it is. Hugs

  8. will iam says:

    “Anyway, we are now going to move forward, and I hope the Feds will not be able to take the narrative back!!!

    Please consider that it is hope which allowed the narrative to be ‘taken’ from ‘you’ to begin with.
    Hope keeps ‘you’ separate of the now.

    You cannot simultaneously be hopeful and be fully conscious of the now. The now is, hope is not.

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