Longtime Harney County Man says U.N. Paramilitary are in Burns Oregon Refuge

Published on Feb 9, 2016

From what I can see most the U.N. Paramilitary are now hiding out at the Malheur Refuge blockade point, not far from the center. Longtime Burns, Oregon resident Larry Jay has told me all about the U.N. and Foreign Mercenary on the ground in Harney County. The American Mercenaries are arriving daily by the dozens and I think maybe some of the French Mercs are hightailing it out of here after watching my videos. We are making a difference !

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8 Responses to Longtime Harney County Man says U.N. Paramilitary are in Burns Oregon Refuge

  1. usnveteran says:

    Jean~ Sorry for the delay … I was blocked for a little while to sign in to your sight …
    Live stream on Youtube:
    [Rev. Graham and Michelle are driving up the road to the check point now… about 15,000+ are checking out this video, Rev. Graham now speaking on the live stream…]

  2. Marilyn says:

    Doesn’t look good there I saw where Cliven Bundy was arrested this could get nasty.

  3. Reblogged this on You Matter Right Now and commented:
    Good Afternoon Everyone!
    I learn something new everyday… here is a report directly from the area up in Oregon. See and hear longtime Burns, Oregon resident Larry Jay confirm that he has seen French/UN mercenaries on the ground up in Burns.
    Edward freeman whoRU

  4. enki says:

    “UN Paramilitary are in burns Oregon Refuge” ? ? ?

    THEY cannot be UN according to the following link ……


    “The UN can only deploy military personnel when there is a UN Security Council Resolution authorizing them to do so”
    “All military personnel working under the blue helmet are first and foremost members of their own National Armies”.

    As far as I am aware the UN….a …Rothschild/Rockefella PRIVATE CORPORATION…..does not have the authority to deploy MERCENARY FARCES.

    Another point….it takes some considerable time for the UN to negotiate the “loan” of military personnel from the different National Armies around the globe.


    So if these….. TROUPES are ACTORS…… rather than US “government” employees or Military personnel serving …ON LOAN…to the UN from National Armies of Nation states…….

    Who is paying them ?
    Who has engaged their services ?

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