World Warning/Mass Depopulation/Zika Lie by BPEarthWatch

Published February 11, 2016

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3 Responses to World Warning/Mass Depopulation/Zika Lie by BPEarthWatch

  1. hannacora says:

    That’s indeed extremely evil. Has the name Monsanto ever been associated to anything beneficial for the world??
    Zika gives the ideal excuse to enforce a Zika vaccine for pregnant women and children. From reading material on depopulation, Children & Pregnant Women are the first line of attack in order to prevent future generations.
    I was shocked when I read that. These people have no heart!

  2. Ghosty says:

    Per Wikipedia: The word “Zika means ‘overgrown’ in the Luganda language,” referencing the Zika tropical forest.

    Is this more word magic referring to our “overgrown” population?

    • More word magic: In Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken, “zika” means “bad luck”. So Mommy-to-be is shot full of toxic TDaP vaccine to “prevent any problems”, knowing no better.

      Baby is soon born deformed and crippled for life (thus tying-up Mommy and probably Daddy too) and the shocked parents are told it was merely some kind of ‘zika’ that did them both in… Soon thereafter, ‘haw-haw-haw’ noises are heard emerging from the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller cadre’s lairs; those merry merry clowns just DO always like to just laugh on the way to the bank.

      “Got ’em AGAIN, the dummies!” (How many times over, NOW?)

      So where are the indictmants? Gah! Some things change, some stay the same. Others simply MUST BE STOPPED if ever any genuine hope for beneficial change is to live on Earth under Heaven. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

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