A valuable comment from a Reader about our personal healing

Referenced article: The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence

By way of introduction, Kim says:

By all means please get your much deserved rest. Upon your return, I’d love to know what sort of healing modality this is as well as what a body integrationist actually does?
Sleep well

~Jean responds:

Kim, it’s all about the energy that gets stuck in our tissues, specifically in the facia that surrounds ever single organ in our body, which is totally interconnected (like all of life). When this energy is removed, it can literally return us to life. . . . “If you have an issue, it’s in the tissue!” The integrationist puts his body into service for his client and as he releases this painful energy, he is trained to let the energy flow through his own body as he grounds it and returns it to Mother Earth to be transmuted into something more positive.

Western medicine has zero understanding of energy, so people who insist on sticking with it can’t win. They will go from doctor to doctor, be treated as if the problem is an isolated one, and be given drugs, which is exactly what I’d had enough of . . . and I suffered for over twenty years without sleep from the pain of my ‘initial wound’ that happened as my mother tried to abort me — until now, when I’m finally beating it. If you like, I will try to write something more so you understand. . . this will give you an idea. . . it’s all a very, very spiritual effort/undertaking. Hugs, ~Jean

. . . and here’s the important comment from LightIAM:

When you share your uplifting experiences, you are in fact teaching, imparting WISDOM, or “sowing seeds’. Is it barren, or fertile soil you are working on?

Share WISDOM and you share Energy, Living Energy!

It is in your own experiences of walking the path of Thought> Observation> Outcome> Refine Thought, that you become the teacher, for self and others, merely be-LIVE IT.
You walk the path dealing with your issues day by day and if you learn from them and as you go along life’s path, you gain WISDOM …or, become a philosopher (Philosophy, from the Greek = Love of Wisdom).

Disease (DIS-ease) is merely the precipitation of accumulated Dis-harmonic Energy, through eons of incarnations and erroneous thought/doing processes. It ultimately manifests in the LOWEST layer of your Total Being.
The 4 lowest layers of Self and ascending are…
1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Mental
4. Memory

Next Layer = Next Octave = Higher Self = Christ = Connected = Buddha = Master = Shimmer up your Spine/whole being.

Analyze this principle and you can see it directly, in front of you, then work out how to manage better this aspect = heal thyself.

Layers 2/3/4 are also the “Astral Realm” (fallen consciousness), yet they still make a part up of your own consciousness which you constantly have and carry over until you clear it all up permanently.

Many people are now waking, trying to figure out the Cosmos = themselves. They may use different tools, books, experiences, DIRECT attunement, etc. These things, as indeed everything about you, are tools, conduits only to self-realization. When you give another person permission to assist you (Free Will in action) then this is also a tool.

The term “to be MINDFUL” is the observation of what is at play, in and about you.
So, you then start the more mindful stuff and begin to start to …THINK IT, KNOW IT, BREATH IT, LIVE IT …whatever it be, to a much greater degree. A snowball down the hill!

Eventually you do, or will have, come to a point where you take the position – that there is nothing I need outside of myself. I will maintain my harmonious thoughts. Then I WILL expand this same thinking, to fill the world. Viola! …the Father in me doeth the Works! You and the world (whirl’d) changes because that is you …Thoughts in ACTION!

Thus, DO any and everything, via DIRECT ACTION, it is to think …is THOUGHT!

Believe = beLIEve = BEE EVIL = Word play = SPELL-ing = casting as SPELL.

“Belief” = be-LIE-f = ERRONEOUS THOUGHT patterns.

To “BE”, means dropping all the ‘lieves” = Leaves = Pages = Page Boy = Servant = Slave = aspects of discordant self = LIES = Evils.

How does the Bible = Gospel = GoSpell = Spelling = Casting a Spell, sit with you?

George Carlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWiBt-pqp0E (9 Min)
It is a bit like the “troops” I mentioned in my last comment on the UN troops. They really are TROUPES, or actors, playing the part. In that case, the Bankster’s game playing puppetry with a TROUPE of actors. Acting at the behest of the Wizard of Oz!

The whirl’d really is a stage. We now rise and play our part. Simply by thought, being, living, playing our own harmonious game.

…Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy, Detachment from others “dramas”.

Then you heal (or, come to heel) yourself.

Get it? Simple …is it not? You are then Whole = Holy = Master.

So much wordplay and mining, over thousands of years of one’s own MIND.

Experiment with everything …this is how you gain WISDOM. Prove these matters to yourself! Test the waters, play and Love Life for all life is a game …make you game of laughter and fun, joyful and uplifting, it is all a very harmonic Vibration.
…it is YOU, the COSMOS in ACTION, 24/7!

Cheers for now.

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