Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes, February 7, 2016

At the forty-five minute mark, Simon offers his thoughts as to why the Pope met with Krill. When I read yesterday that they had signed an important paper/agreement, I just couldn’t bring myself to publish thr dyoty, because I’m so sick of these fancy papers being signed with great flourish — with no actions to follow. I’ve been looking for an explanation, and Simon gives one here. 

Simon also speaks about the dimensions, particularly the fourth, and this lines up with what Drunvalo shared several years ago. In discussing a possible Event, Simon suggests that one may occur between mid-March and mid-April, which fits with Cosmic Consciousness statement that something will happen, possibly around the Ides of March (mid-March.

In thinking about Drunvalo’s words, I’m reminded of his statement that he was taken forward and allowed to see how this all comes out, and that it will get so terrible that it will look like there is no way out, and then, magically, a way will open. I pray God he is correct. I believe there are a hug uncounted number of people on this planet who have been doing their very best to bring us through — and this has been noted 🙂 ~J

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13 Responses to Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes, February 7, 2016

  1. Ilex says:

    Jean, all the “in the know” financial people are screaming about March and April. Then of course we start a new lunar year on April 7th and China starts calling the shots on the precious metals. Ought to be a very interesting month.

    Here’s one from clif high to ALL AMERICANS. If you want to skip his infomercial about how he captures data, start at the 11:45 spot.

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  3. Don Berube says:

    Never heard of this guy, but he does seems like a rational individual. His perspective however is as limited as any other who gets information from on-line resources. I do not doubt that his observation of the death of fiat money is accurate. Some have alluded to the “idea” that a group of people have been preparing a transition plan that will make this transition much less painful than it could have been otherwise. Let us all hope and pray this is true, for if it is not, we are bound for trouble the likes of which none have really prepared for. GOd help us.

  4. lecox says:

    Simon believes that the plans of “Source” are intact and operating in this universe. A lot of people believe this. I presume that Simon has been told this by his ET “family.” This doesn’t necessarily cast doubts on any information Simon shares with us, but I think this is a lie. I think ET wants us to believe this but that it is not factually the case.
    As for the other data, we’ll see what happens later this year.

  5. Aleanna says:

    Below is an alternative to Simon Parkes’ 4th dimensional, relatively “comfortable” transition predictions . . . the purpose is to make people “feel good”, even happy, about what is coming. After all, it would be just terrible to have any fear . . . right?!

    The following prophecy for Armageddon was delivered on February 26, 1990, almost exactly 26 years ago!

    This prophecy happens simultaneously with the complete global economic collapse:

    “As a signal, when the Pope of the Vatican flees Rome and seeks refuge in another land—KNOW THAT THE TIME IS RIPE! This will take place in secrecy, but the word shall be leaked out . . .

    . . . Warning Day – Satan and Archons hold mankind hostage . . .

    . . . then God will detonate the beam strata in the higher atmosphere, which lasts for 3 days. Humans will feel intense microwave heat from all directions. Many will make soul transition in the midst of the “warning”. All who remain in the light of Grace will have no fear, They will pass through the great warning without what you will call physical suffering to any great extent. But many will die in this great “warning”, and there shall be much death to the physical perception. . . . There will be tremendously high waves roaring in upon the lands and entire cities, buildings etc., shall disappear from their very moorings; the atmosphere shall spew forth currents of great heat and toxic fumes and the winds shall swirl as the whirlwinds from every direction and flatten great cities and lay waste great portions of the lands and the heat will shrivel of plants and devastate great herds of your animals except those which have been given safety in thy preparations . . .

    . . . As this comes into thy consciousness, move into thy places of safety, beware most specifically of the sunrise–do not look into the sunrise or unto the sky or into the flash. Close your windows and you who have prepared, move within your cave-like bunkers and seal your windows. REMAIN INSIDE!! NOT VENTURE OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR–DO NOT GO OUT ONCE CLOSED WITHIN. GET FLAT ON THE FLOOR ON THE LOWEST LEVEL OF YOUR DWELLING AND WITHIN THE DARKEST PORTION, AND FLATTEN YOURSELF AGAINST THE FLOOR IN THE FLATTEST MANNER POSSIBLE. I FURTHER SUGGEST THAT WHILE YOU ARE PROSTRATE UPON YOUR FLOOR THAT YOU CONTINUALLY PRAY AND PETITION MERCY OF YOUR GOD, THE FATHER, FOR WE SHALL BE ALLOWED TO SHIELD THOSE OF YOU WHO ASK IN GOD’S NAME FOR PROTECTION . . .

    . . . And in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of Hell will try to prove — disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle. And brothers, herein will be massive tinkering of your evil technicians and discernment shall be rested squarely upon your shoulders. The evil Conspiracy has laid in stores, weapons and yes, space craft in order to discredit the lighted brotherhood and dupe the masses. The efforts are greatly underway in the terror tactics of misrepresentation of truth by partial truths which produce incorrect conclusions. . .

    . . . The “enemy” will regroup (for he also knows this is coming), and he will respond with war of an Earth scale with Earth based beam systems and nuclear weaponry. The reason they will do this is again in an attempt to hold God’s people hostage and/or annihilate you. The enemy will retaliate with nuclear weapons and Earth-based beam weapons. Come into the Light beam shield, and God is allowed to protect you . . .

    . . . This will be followed by a horrendous World War that will last 3 days. WATCH UNTO SYRIA, WHICH IS THE KEY TO WW3 . . .

    . . . Next, a fiery comet “a second sun, Ball of Redemption” will come for another 3 days.”

    • Jean says:

      Alleana, this is similar to the description of a generic SHIFT offered by Drunvalo, although this is much more severe. We are called to stay in our hearts, do not go outside (of a safe place) and it will last about 3 days. It is much more complicated than this and is Chapter 18 of the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.

      Thanks and hugs,

      • Aleanna says:

        Hello Jean,
        Thank you for your comments.
        This prophesy is a very high level description of the series of events to watch for. I found it particularly interesting with regard to the Pope fleeing Rome and Syria being the linchpin to WW3. There is far, far more that I could have added (literally volumes), including the hopeful events that surround this prophesy. For now, I would like to just put this information out there for anyone who might resonate with it.

        • Jean says:

          Aleanna, I find your comments interesting because I am in touch with someone who is checking on the fact that the Pope is likely to stay in Mexico City, which has recently declared itself a City-State like the Vatican, The City of London, and Washington, D.C. At the moment, it is thought that Mexico City will be used for the movement of drugs – and human beings/slaves. I hope to have a story on this shortly. Hugs, ~Jena

          • Aleanna says:

            Jean, thanks a million for this update. I had a hunch that the Pope would not return to Italy from Mexico, based on the default of the Italian banks, the imminent global economic collapse, and recent accusations that have been made against him from those within the Vatican who are aware of what is happening behind the scenes. If the Pope returns to Italy during this critical juncture, I believe there are numerous sources within the Vatican, and indeed throughout Italy, who will expose the Pope and have him immediately incarcerated. I will eagerly await any further confirmation that your contact might be able to provide on this matter. Hugs, ~Aleanna

          • Aleanna says:

            Hello Jean,

            “The World Post”, which is a partner with “The Huffington Post”, published an article on January 5, 2016,
            which stated:

            “Predicting what issues Pope Francis will be taking up in the new year is hazardous. He is called the “pope of surprises” for good reason: he sets his agenda personally. He always seems to keep his cards close to his chest, not allowing his spokesperson and even some of his closest collaborators to see what he is up to.”

            and . . .

            “What about Bergoglio’s own native land? No visit to Argentina has been announced yet; Francis’ travel plans for 2016 remain a mystery. According to the official agenda of his public audiences in Rome, he’s scheduled to be away for part of May and June, which suggests some journeys overseas.”

            This article also references Vatileaks II:

            “The pope was implicitly referring to the “Vatileaks II” affair — leaked confidential Vatican documents on internal mismanagements that Francis has been trying to resolve. The scandal has led to a trial, due to reopen in February, with some of the highest ranking cardinals called to witness.”

            According to Wikipedia, the Pope was supposed to visit his home country, Argentina, in April, but this trip has been moved to either May or June, 2016.

            My best guess is that the Pope will plan his “travels outside Rome” based on the Vatileaks II trial, which would explain his noncommittal travel plans.

            I have subscribed to “The World Post” and will keep you updated on the Vatileaks II trial.


            • Jean says:

              Thank you, Aleanna, for this informative input. I’m trying to follow this story, because I don’t think this Pope has ever been up to any good. Hugs, ~Jean

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