UPDATE: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent – Two Headlines, February 13, 2016

Further thoughts. We are supposed to get hysterical. We are supposed to decide we want to go to war. We are going to be totally distracted from the IMMINENT FINANCIAL CRASH. PLEASE, DON’T GET ALL UPSET WITH THIS NEWS. LET’S SIT BACK AND WATCH. THIS IS THEIR NEW GAME TO CREATE WAR AND GET THEMSELVES OUT OF THEIR BIND!!! ~J

BTW, I’m betting on Russia to keep this from escalating! ~J

I urge you to read today’s Oracle Report: The Oracle Report, Saturday-Sunday, February 13-14, 2016

Here is a bit of what Laura says:

We may need a “white dove” to bring a certain amount of peace this weekend, as the energetics are highly emotional and can create volatility.  This will be more pronounced on Sunday, as the Moon builds toward opposition with Mars (exact opposition is Sunday, February 14 at 7:13 pm ET/Monday, February 15 at 12:13 am UT)

On Saturday, things have a tendency to become very distorted.  What is out of alignment is easily seen.  The way we feel about things is prone to undergo metamorphosis, which prompts action (especially with the Moon moving toward opposition with Mars).  Remnants of things from the past — beliefs, feelings, situations — are reminders to take intuitive things like signs and messages into account.  We want to make room for the creative, spiritual mind to evolve.

A lot of “testing” goes on with this energy. People test limits, test fidelity, test appreciation, and can also get testy.  Since Mars is being activated by the Moon, anger levels are naturally heightened.  At the time of the Moon’s opposition, Mars will be discharging the energy of “hunters shooting wild ducks.”  Words can really hit hard, so we want to be cautious in our interpersonal communications.  Situations can become exploited and manipulated.  A hyper-level of gratification can also be involved.  Not a good mix.

 * * * 
Saudis Say Assad Must Go, Deploy Jets to Turkey: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent

Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

Confirmed: Russian and Syrian jets are on standby to shoot down any Turkish or Saudi plane that crosses into Syria. Turkey is prepared to close the Bosporus and attack Russian ships in the Mediterranean.

Saudis Say Assad Must Go, Deploy Jets to Turkey: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent

Rudy Panko, Russian Insider

There will be no peace in Syria.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeirannounced yesterday that for The Kingdom, the removal of Assad is “crucial,” adding without any sense of shame that the Syrian leader is the “single most effective magnet for extremists and terrorists in the region”.

This is not a rogue statement made by a renegade government: It’s a policy that has been approved, and most likely dictated, by the United States. And now the Saudis have parked their F-15s at a Turkish airbase used by the US military to strike targets within Syria.

Limited Nuclear War Within 18 days as Saudis (and Friends) mass 350,000 troops, 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 Planes, 460 Helicopters for Syria Invasion

Russia will have no choice but to use Tactical (Battlefield) Nuclear Weapons to defend Syria once a ground invasion begins within 18 days, by 350,000 troops, 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 military planes  and 460 Helicopters from 25 countries massing in northern Saudi Arabia.  Syria has warned “any aggressor entering the country will go home in wooden coffins;” Russia has said “any country sending ground troops into Syria without permission will be considered a declaration of war.”

Thousands of soldiers from regional countries are set to participate in what is being “called” a military “exercise” media reports say.

UPDATE on the post above: Russia Prime Minister Warns US and Arab Countries: Invading Syria “will start a new world war”

Russia has publicly warned Saudi Arabia, the US, and other countries, they risk “a new world war” if they act on plans to send troops into Syria. WW3: 18 days away.

I am not certain if you are familiar with me, I am Hal Turner, a talk-radio host on WBCQ International Shortwave (7.490 MHz) and 95.1 FM in New York City, “SuperStation95.”  I do not own this web site nor do I author any of the news or articles which appear here.  This is my very first contribution to this web site’s content and I am taking this unusual step because something terrible is taking place: All of us are now in grave danger and it is imperative that you be told before it is too late.

National Security Intelligence Asset; FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

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9 Responses to UPDATE: Joint Turkish-Saudi Assault on Syria Now Imminent – Two Headlines, February 13, 2016

  1. Juanita Tremblay says:

    > Subject: Read Now > > Limited Nuclear War Within 18 days as Saudis (and Friends) mass 350,000 troops, 20,000 Tanks, 2,450 Planes, 460 Helicopters for Syria Invasion > > Please go to this link and read

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Captain says:

    Same cia treachery as when US ship was boarded, and sailors temoprarily held captive, by (China/Korea) and a major ISIS leader was found on the US ship…

  3. enki says:

    Interesting expose of the ……multiplicity/duplicity…of ….TROUPES…..due to arrive in Syria in the proximate future !

    Aired on RT 13th Feb….Marwa Osman is a Beirut based Political commentator.
    She says it as it is………….in all its ………manipulated glory !


  4. enki says:

    Another little Syria ……tit-bit………

    Not that I like using such a disrespectful description, for a situation in which innocent civilians are being genocided along with, ignorant young men duped into accepting the SHEKELS of war mongering thieves.


    Russia and their Syrian allies have cut the main supply line of the rebels to the north of Aleppo.
    The Azaz corridor – a narrow strip of land connecting Turkey to the rebel FARCES in Aleppo.
    At the last Lavrov Kerry meeting, Kerry implored Russia to keep their hands off the Azaz corridor.
    US does not want to see Russia triumph and Turkey……a$hkeNAZI Erdogan…..threatened to invade Syria if the corridor was taken.
    Rebels are said to be fleeing to the Turkish border as are civilians, afraid the final battle for Aleppo will be a bloody one.

  5. JT says:

    This is getting exciting. I suppose we have the pentagon divided into two distinct groups. One is the treacherous neocon with loyalty to Israel, the other group is the loyal sane patriot. I hate to use the term patriot, as it has diminished meaning with the crazy Clintonian political correctness.
    I suggest the loyal American group is going to help feed intel to the Russians. That is, if they can trust even a sane American. I can only imagine that the USA is so splintered at this point. Only those lazy ignorant folks who use the mainstream media for their info are going to be roused into trying to mount us into the conflict. I suggest 18 days is too soon for Nuke war. I give it 29 days, which becomes the Ides of March.
    Only who gets assassinated this time? Who is our Julius?

  6. paleohippy says:

    Don’t worry. Vlad’s got this. Hopefully Mecca, Medina and Ankara will soon be fused-over in a nice shiny green color. Sorry, that’s the way I feel about it. I thought that this planet was a joke. It is, but my feelings now extend all the way to the top of the chain of command that runs this Universe.

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