DML Unfiltered, a SPECIAL (02/12/16)

[To the very angry Veteran who thinks hanging isn’t too good for these so-called traitors, I invite him to watch this video and inform himself.]

Essentially, these people say although the STANDOFF has come to an end, they will continue to follow this story!

Need some back story?

You will get it from these people. 

This video is definitely worth your time!

Click Here


12bad0dd-2154-49ea-9b7b-fa39833527e0.png Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED is the first primetime TV show to combine the popularity of traditional cable news programming with the voice of social media. Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED viewers are a part of the program; they have the opportunity to say what stories they want to hear about and what events are covered. Host, Dennis Michael Lynch, offers a conservative point of view, but is open to guests and social media interaction from all political parties and viewpoints.

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One Response to DML Unfiltered, a SPECIAL (02/12/16)

  1. lecox says:

    I think what happened here – and the way I remember it at the time – was that a correct action was taken to back the criminals off. This was to discover and expose the actual motivation for the criminal aggression. We call it “pulling the withhold.” That’s what my church did when it successfully negotiated with the IRS to be recognized as a non-profit. It pulled the withhold behind the IRS antagonism towards the church.
    I think Harry Reid’s fascination with this “solar project” that he was connected to was the real reason behind the BLM move to remove the Bundy Ranch. Researchers exposed this well enough to get the Feds to back down. It’s just a theory, but there’s a good probability that’s what happened.
    The handling of criminals can be greatly improved if we discover and expose the real (usually petty) motives behind the acts of violence which they incite.

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