‘In Munich, Medvedev Tried to Reveal a Real World to Western Politicians’ / Sputnik International

To Read Medvedev’s right-to-the-point full speech Click Here.



Medvedev at MSC: Do We Really Need WWIII to Begin Cooperation?

Dmitry Medvedev’s speech was measured and expertly intertwined with Putin’s famous Munich speech of 2007, which reversed the course of relations between Russia and the West, Alexey Mukhin told RIA Novosti, in his analysis of the Prime Minister’s address.

The relations have become healthier since then, he added.

The political analyst also noted that it was not the Russian politicians who have referred to the term the “Cold War” in the present-day environment.

“It was Barack Obama, who was the first to use this term, and with the help of this political magic he revived a huge volume of stereotypes, including the old time myths of the global standoff between socialism and capitalism, which had been left sleeping until then, but are now actively working in the public consciousness, distorting reality,” said Mukhin.

In this sense, Medvedev’s speech reveals the striving of the Russian side to provide a more truthful assessment of reality.

Munich Conference May Echo Russia’s 2007 Dissatisfaction With World Order

Meanwhile, the expert says, Western politicians are being kept captive by the stereotypes of the Cold War and are dwelling in the world they themselves invented.

Divorced from reality, they make odd decisions, harmful to both themselves and the political systems they represent.

This is confirmed by the example of the European Union and the state the European politicians have plunged it into, step by step taking inconsistent and wrong decisions, imposed from the outside.

“The most interesting thing is that Dmitry Medvedev, as Vladimir Putin did back in 2007, tried to reveal the true, real world to Western politicians. We don’t know whether they will understand it or even take notice of it. The Russian leadership however has done its work and this mission may be considered accomplished,” the political analyst finally states.

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