NorthPoint ASTROLOGY JOURNAL: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for February 15-21, 2016, by Pam Younghans

Photo: Aurora borealis over Fairbanks, Alaska, USA on February 9, 2016
(credit: Marketa S. Murray, post
ed on

VENUS changes signs on Tuesday of the coming week, leaving the stable domain of Capricorn and entering the more unpredictable realms of Aquarius. In astrology, Venus has been given rulership over the human heart and its desire for pleasure and fulfillment. Translated to mundane terms, Venus is said to rule relationships, finances, and what we most value.

As Venus travels through Aquarius (until March 12), we’ll need to allow loved ones plenty of space, as everyone will be more aware of ways that they feel confined. We’ll also want to watch our expenditures, since Venus in Aquarius doesn’t like to be limited by the bottom line. It’s also true that Aquarius encourages us to always want something new and interesting — while Venus is in Aquarius, we may be open to different types of relationships than we usually are, and we may also find ourselves purchasing something unusual — something that in a month or two from now, we’ll look at and wonder what in the world we were thinking.

OUR FIRST TESTS of Venus in her new sign are semisquares with Saturn and Chiron. While not a major aspect, a semisquare indicates frustrations at not being able to have things go as easily as we would like. With the Venus-Saturn semisquare in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday (1:44am PST, 9:44am GMT), we may feel minor irritations either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Mercury also forms minor hard aspects on Wednesday, so our minds can easily veer off track and into the lands of worry or anxiety. Try breathing deeply before entering into any conversations, to calm the mind and help guide your words from a more centered place.

THE SUN enters Pisces on Thursday, beginning its journey through the 12th sign in preparation for the astrological New Year at the Aries Equinox (March 19).

As the Sun travels through the 12 signs of the zodiac, we follow a similar path in our lives. As the last sign, Pisces represents a time of completion. While the Sun is in Pisces, we are called inward to release our attachment to what has been, so that we might be open to what is to be.

SATURDAY brings a Sun-Pluto semisquare, another aspect of irritation. Small nuisances may tip us over the edge, but will also show us how we tend to base our well-being on outside circumstances. This is also the day of the Venus-Chiron semisquare, so we’ll want to watch how readily we fall into victim mode, and focus on healing the part of us that too easily sees rejection in another’s need for space.

Neptune and Ceres align in Pisces on the weekend, increasing our emotional and psychic sensitivity to the needs of others. As we focus on the concept of compassion that Pisces represents, we can more fully move past the challenges on Sunday — the Venus-Jupiter sesquisquare that may exaggerate our critical side, and the Sun-Uranus semisquare that quickly becomes irritated when reality doesn’t align with our ideal.

We also have help from the alignment between Mercury and the asteroid Pallas Athene on Sunday. This conjunction in Aquarius helps us think in positive ways, and opens our minds to the new ideas and wisdom that will take us successfully forward.

In peace,


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