Oregon Standoff – Obama Signs Executive Order To Legalize BLM’s Land Grabs

If I hadn’t listened to KrisAnne, I wouldn’t have a clue that this is illegal. How about you? ~J

PS I can’t imagine why Ron Paul (in a recent video) seemed to accept Presidentail Directives as legal!

Note – They’ve truly blocked Sputnik! Looks like they’re really on the ropes! 

Published on February 8, 2016

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11 Responses to Oregon Standoff – Obama Signs Executive Order To Legalize BLM’s Land Grabs

  1. enki says:

    THEFT cannot be made lawful.
    Once an item has been identified as…. stolen…. unlawfully acquired……the malodorous taint……remains with the item.
    It doesn’t mater how much INK Barry Soetero pours onto PAPER, in the form of LEGALESE…the item remains STOLEN.

    The a$hkeNAZI wars; WWI WWII ……people have been reclaiming their ….STOLEN GOODS….fifty years later, regardless of how many owners the item has gone through since the……DISLOCATION from its lawful OWNER.

    In fact a few years ago the US so-called “govt” entered into a ……HIGHLY IRREGULAR…..transaction, that entailed ….RECOVERING….a …STOLEN….painting from, I believe Spain.

    A STOLEN item cannot be lawfully sold.
    So, if Barry is planning for the Federal farcical “government” to sell the….DUPLICITOUSLY ACQUIRED ……lands, there are likely to be repercussions “down the line” that may have financial implications for the ……..DISBURSEMENTS …..of the Estates of those ….COMPLICIT……in the thefts and unlawful sales.

    There has been talk in some circles reference the …..CATASTROPHIC …financial thefts perpetrated by “government/corporate” employees over …CENTURIES…that will mean the …..estates and heirs ….of these people will be impacted …….should recovery of stolen monies be effected.

    I believe under Common Law if an item has been stolen and the thief refuses to return it, the TRUE owner, having issued a Lien, is lawfully entitled to simply ….take it back.

    Finally what happens to people who …..STEAL ….from the SCUM at the top ?

    Sputnik blocked…as you say Jean…..they are really on the ropes !

    • Jean says:

      I just put up a video – so important – and they’ve done everything they stop me. It’s not the way I would like people to see it, but I’m given up getting right: this information is too important! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Tracy says:

    Who benefits from “land grabs” – THE CORPORATIONS; who are the Corporations – ALL Entities listed on the Dunn & Bradstreet, Manta & ALL Credit Reporting Agencies. I recall Mitt Romney saying in one of the debates – Corporations are “people”. What is the TTP/TTIP, et AL – they are “trade agreements” between Corporations who front as Nation/State/Country/Local entities.
    What is this an infringement of (the Who/Whom would be: Earth/people/All Living Beings) – answer: this is an infringement or really a broken covenant with PRIME CREATOR, i.e. as by the Ten Commandments – “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house; {S} thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”
    What we are witnessing is the breaking of a Supreme Covenant, by “Registered Corporations” using covet means against the “will of the people”, to take what one/they want(s) with “force” expressing service to self agenda. This is a “violation” of a prime law of CREATION against EARTH & ALL benevolent SPIRIT in form. Not only do we have “lawlessness” against Earth & her children, we have lawlessness against PRIME CREATOR. Actions have consequences, the Law of Cause & Effect.

    Jean & Friends, thank you so very much for all that you are doing to impart the truth. I have watched the videos of the new conference regarding Ammon Bundy & the Harney County, Oregon Refuge. I am grateful we have “salt of the Earth” people such as these representatives who desire to speak the truth of the extent of this lawlessness. All I keep remembering is an encounter I had with a very nice woman (a while back) who told me GOD/PRIME CREATOR has a plan and it is unfolding as it is supposed to for our benefit. Stay strong & keep the faith. And I may add we have to do our “little part” (as best we can) to help unfold this plan. Thanks Jean, glad you’re taking a little break. 🙂

    Related Links for above:
    Ten Commandments – Exodus 20:13-17 ~ http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0220.htm#1

    FYI- interesting comment/observation by Popeye over at Nesranews.blogspot.com (thought I’d share) It is under this post: Has America been invaded by her enemies? Is our nation now under attack?

  3. JT says:

    The power of our govt is derived by their exertion over our finances, with IRS as collection service (for profit corp, i am told). – And the barrels of their guns. Their guns allow them to interpret the constitution as they see fit.
    We Anericans are an exceptionally controlled people. Exceptional in deed. When does someone start printing t-shirts saying, “we are all Syrians now” ?

  4. As to the Sputnik blockage: Network address still reaches the Sputnik site from this desk; so too does top-level invocation via the Domain Name System now, with perfectly good response time compared to the prior access some few hours ago. BUT: The site graphics are slightly larger in the DNS-invoked version than in the site accessed by direct addressing!

    Don’t know exactly what to make of this. Most likely a holoweb spoof, though. If pressed, YT on that basis is frankly far more inclined to accept the direct-addressed “version” of the site in question over the DNS-based one; more chance of manipulation (packet-replacement and malware injection, for example) by far with top-layer DNS than with next-layer-down direct addressing imvho.

    But those with complete blockage might do well to change-out their standard-issue ISP-provided Domain Name Service for an indie one of those; http://opendns.com and several others found by searching on the terms [ free dns ] quite handily “wire around” that mode of blockage once enabled. Just follow the simple instructions on the indie DNS site of your choice.

    Have screenshots. This odd-sizing effect is symptomatic of cyberwarfare, methinks. And that {GRRRRR!} is all. 0{:-|o[

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  6. Reality Check. Time to step back, review and document the real facts one at a time, examine the big picture…hit the reset button…we need to shine the spot lights on what IS relentlessly. Obama is not an American Citizen and raised as a full on Muslim (fact), he’s an impostor…people really need to wrap their heads around this: http://www.westernjournalism.com/obama-literary-agent-obama-born-in-kenya/
    It matters not how many crayons and coloring pads he has to make these insane illegal Ex-Order’s. They aren’t valid unless we buy into it and allow it. Matrix grapola!
    The fact remains, he’s a complete impostor and a fraud.
    http://www.vice.com/read/is-this-obamas-kenyan-birth-video. While we are being distracted, much proof of his is being censored and deleted. I suggest we start focusing our truthing and research efforts in this direction. Screw the distractions and drama…let’s strip it back the bare bone…one undeniable fact at a time…then connect the dots for the masses to digest.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you for offering your opinion here, but the fact is this event is waking Americans up BIG TIME. Many already know all about Obama, but they do not understand that his efforts are outside the Constitution. The Bundy’s are making this very clear. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      President Obama Uses Antiquities Act to Lock off Additional 1.8 Million Acres – They are pushing forward, no matter what! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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