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Please use discernment on this. ~J


February 10th, 2016 | by Barbara Johnson
Taiwan: MH370 Pilot mysteriously resurfaces almost 2 years after his flight vanished over China Sea

Taipei| The pilot of the infamous flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that disappeared in March 2013, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has mysteriously reappeared in a Taiwan hospital on Monday, suffering from severe dehydration and some type of amnesia.

The 53-year-old pilot was transported at the Taipei Adventist Hospital by a couple of villagers from a nearby town. They claimed to have found the man while he was  lying unconscious on the banks of the Tangshui River.

He finally woke up almost 16 hours after arriving at the hospital, but couldn’t remember his name or how he arrived in Taipei. He was rapidly identified, however, thanks to his fingerprints, instantly attracting a lot of attention from the media and from various Asian governments.

The doctors who have been treating since his arrival believe that he may be suffering from regressive amnesia, caused by a major stress or life-threatening situation.

“The patient seems to have undergone a lot of stress lately, and the amnesia is probably an unconscious self-defense mechanism,” claims Dr. Syed Boon Sulong. “The patient is still very weak and sick, and his brain seems to be blocking access to a certain part of his memory, in order to protect him from pain that these memories could generate. His health is too fragile for the moment, but over time, he should able to remember everything.”


Many people hope that Captain Shah will now be able to bring answers concerning Malaysia Airlines ‘s Boeing 777-200ER, that disappeared on 8 March 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Despite all the efforts of the international community, the fate of the infamous flight remains unclear, almost 2 years after the events. Hopefully, as Mr. Shah recovers his memory, he should be able to bring answers to many questions concerning the 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations that were on board.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Cnn is calling it a hoax also-http://www.inquisitr.com/2794782/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-pilot-alive/

  2. Ilex says:

    We call this a distraction.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Agreed! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ilex says:

      Or maybe not, although this does not make much sense to me.

      From jimstone.is

      I think the report about the MH370 pilot surfacing in Taiwan as a mind wiped homeless man is true, despite it being released on a hoax web site and its subsequent getting bashed in the MSM.
      I pulled the report I had on the topic to avoid the backlash. However, it is probably true and was released where it was released so the subject could be broken to the public, and then subsequently bashed into the gutter.
      I said all along, from day 1, that the innocent passengers aboard MH370 would be mind wiped and dumped on the streets as homeless people. Since that is how this pilot was found, it just makes sense.
      I am going to post few excerpts from my original pilot post below:

      Let’s do a little situational troubleshooting with MH370. There is a procedure for getting to the bottom of things, which will hit a correct answer every time. First, in this procedure, you need a key piece of information that is not flexible and subject to variables. With MH370, this key piece of information was the always on satellite linked maintenance tranceiver, which the engines on MH370 had. These satellite linked tranceivers provided a real time engine status feed to boeing, including plane location, altitude, thrust, engine temperature, vibration sensors, the WHOLE 9 YARDS in REAL TIME. With this system operating, it is impossible to lose an aircraft. Yet they “lost” MH370.
      This one piece of information proves, in no uncertain terms, that MH370 did not crash. If it did crash, they would have known exactly where it crashed, because the engines would have reported (without many details) the situation that led to the crash, and from where the signal cut off they would know within a few miles where MH370 went down.

      This one piece of information also proves that it was Western powers that did away with MH370, because they are the ones who control Boeing and kept Boeing from saying where MH370 really went, and that it was remote flown exactly to where Western powers wanted it to go because if MH370 did crash they would have trumpeted it to the world complete with pictures of wreckage and floating seat cushions from day one. This is the cold hard reality, because the engines would have reported right where the plane went down and no one would have been guessing.

      This one piece of information proves that it cannot be any other way. Now let’s get to the motive, because they had to have a motive to take MH370. And that motive was:

      There were 20 engineers aboard MH370 that were working on an NSA proof processor and operating system in a joint project with Malaysia and China. There were other diversionary reports about why MH370 was taken, but this is the one that matters. Contrary to popular belief, it is easy to do encryption that will shut the NSA out permanently. However, that encryption cannot be created by a hacked operating system, or with a processor that is hacked. Since everything available on the market at the time was hacked as a requirement from the ground up, China and Malaysia decided to do their own, so their information could finally be secure. The NSA was having NONE OF IT, so they took advantage of the opportunity of having 20 of the top engineers in one spot, and remote hijacked their plane.

      They killed the people from MH370 that they could not get a successful mind wipe on, possibly loaded them onto MH17, and released the rest of the people (sans engineers) to wander the streets as homeless people in various parts of the world. Taiwan happened to be where they ditched one of the pilots, GOOD FOR THEM, they have morals you see, because they did not actually kill them, they just blew their brains out with drugs, abuse, and electricity, and left them wandering the streets to randomly die on their own if they could not make it as homeless people. Social workers kept track of them to take care of any bad infections and make sure they were not emerging from the haze. That makes it all OK. That is how the elite logic works.

      Folks, there is no conceivable way Mh370 just up and vanished. It was not flown by Amelia Erhart or a 1972 Tupolev. It was a modern aircraft with full telemetry. Such planes cannot just vanish. It was not an ultralight thrown together at Bob and Dick’s garage.
      Since we know damn well from the engines this plane did not crash, and we know damn well that the CIA, NSA, FBI and every other three letter acronym as well as Boeing knows where MH370 went, and that they are keeping it all buried under the veil of SCI level secrecy, the pilot turning up in Taiwan as a mind wiped homeless guy simply makes sense and is practically the only probable outcome.

      And where could they take the plane for a re-identification and keep it all under wraps? Diego Garcia, the only possible answer.

      • Jean says:

        Ilex, I’m confined to ‘resting’ today, so I can’t go into much detail . . but as I’ve watched Jim’s work, he is by no means bias-free. It then becomes very important to discern carefully 🙂 which I think you are doing here. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. pat says:

    oh puleeezzzz–if this IS the pilot-he was most certainly let go from Diego Garcia/cia confinement and had his mind wiped with scopolamine cocktails and was actually returned on the demand of the chinese–who are holding all the negotiation cards (read gold and debt)–as it is, look at the false flags out west/ BLM,Inc. land grabs–in payment of the interest on the money Clintons borrowed from the Chinese back when he was ceo of usa,inc. The sad part is all the other people who are lost to Jacob Rothschild’s and Bush’s lust for tech and patents that were on that plane in the form of the those techies from Austin, Tx.–what is that they say about people like this, so evil, they can’t get into Heaven, NOR into hell, since Satan be afraid they would try to take over THERE.

  4. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………….
    I am going to hold off calling this one until it is REALLY verified. While I have good suggestions as to why they may have released him I will keep them to myself until then. In the meantime, I will simply say that I am getting that same old smell again.

    Hugs……………..Frank R

  5. Spencer says:

    This whole thing is so strange. Nothing has been normal with this flight from the beginning. I can wait to hear what this pilot says when he “comes to.” And since mainstream media is calling this a hoax, in paying more attention.

    Reminds me of the “madman Marcum” story from the Art Bell days. Marcum jumps through a Jacobs ladder and ends up several years into the future scrambling to regain his memory.

  6. Paula says:

    A bit off topic but I would like to report – NO CHEMTRAILS FOR MORE THAN 48 HOURS in my area of Wales U.K. It is the first time in many years that I have been able to see over a distance and we have blue skies and fluffy white clouds. I can even see normal passenger planes arriving over 10 miles away. I haven’t seen that in years. Wow. On the other topic – the outcome is going to be very silly I think. Thanks Jean.

  7. Spencer says:

    The plot thickens. I will reserve my judgement on the Pilot story until he regains consciousness and his memory comes forward. I want to hear his account. If we continue to shine a light on this, then we may actually save his life. He may not be the pilot, but then again… why is this story surfacing? There are also simultaneous renewed efforts, by the victims families, to hear the truth: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/mh370-never-crashed-say-chinese-families

  8. Sue says:

    Let s just hope that — whoever this man is — that his health improves, his memory returns, and he remains safe and free to speak whatever he has to say.

  9. Marilyn says:

    This is the story that brought me to Jeans blog, I had worked for Texas Instruments for 10 years back in the 70’s-80’s some of there people were on that plane. I recently read an article where they said just hope that plane doesn’t show up fully loaded in the wrong spot. Just something for thought.

  10. trey says:

    dis-info site. world news daily

  11. trey says:

    satire site. read disclaimer under about us.

  12. anon says:

    also the possiblity of alien abduction…. which certainly would be shocking…..

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