BIX WEIR: High Drama in US Supreme Court Death/Murder/Disappearance

The “reported” death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia has all the drama of the John Grisham novel The Pelican Brief…and more!

The Death of Antonin Scalia: Chaos, Confusion and Conflicting Reports

– Scalia was found dead in a hunting lodge owned and operated by “Bad Guy” Operative John Poindexter.

– Scalia’s death was unexpected and surrounded with controversy.

– Both local judges that served as Justice of the Peace were “out of town” so Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body…just a phone call from the “officials” on site.

– There were conflicting reports about whether an autopsy should have been performed.

– A manager at the El Paso funeral home where Scalia’s body was taken said that his family made it clear they did not want one…really?

So next they will likely cremate the body and say there’s nothing else that can be done.

Case closed.

So these question will remain unanswered:

Did he die of natural causes?

Was he murdered?

Did he go to ‘The Island” where Enron’s Ken Lay is currently spending his retirement years?

We will never know.

Timing of this could not be more advantageous for the Bad Guys as we now have a split Supreme Court with 4 Conservative Judges and 4 Liberal Judges…meaning a tie on everything…meaning nothing can be done except hear the cases again. Expect months and years of gridlock on ANYTHING going before the Supreme Court.

The battles are heating up as the world falls apart.

Stay in your bunkers!!

Bix Weir

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7 Responses to BIX WEIR: High Drama in US Supreme Court Death/Murder/Disappearance

  1. Debbie says:

    I guess Obama really is determined to get his climate change con game going in full force, that and gun confiscation….how convenient that Scalia is out of the picture….just in time.

  2. More salient and otherwise-unreported details leading to even greater suspicion re the cause of Scalia’s death are found @ Jim Stone’s site; URL
    puts you there.

    Saw it, said it, all done for now. Next outrage!… And that is all. 0{:-|o[

  3. Deborah says:

    D.W. Ulsterman On The Troubling Death Timeline Of Justice Antonin Scalia…

  4. Deborah says:

    TomatoBubble: Scalia Murder Cover-Up Players Are All Democrats

  5. problee says:

    I’m just not buying into some murder conspiracy. That guy was 79yo ate a heavy meat and dairy and toxic packaged food diet, was at least 75 lbs over weight for what looked like a small frame, body mass index said he was on the heart attack list many decades ago.  And he looked like the last time he exercised was 65 years ago in high school when the teacher forced him to.  Looking at the fat hanging off his neck and chin and knowing how all thoes little blood vessels come to the surface on people’s face who eat a toxic diet and don’t move/exercise this guy was a heart attack waiting to happen. He was a 79 yo physical embarrassment. I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack 10 or 20 years ago.  While everyone is focused on this bs story I wonder what the magicians are really doing to us? So much energy is focused on some bs story……. 

    Nope not buying it, I have studied the science of nutrition affects on health and alternative medicine for over 25 years and it’s gonna take some better bs than this to pull me in to it.  All this does is reiterate my deep belief that health has to be number one in our lives or we can’t help others and may not live to enjoy prosperity packages if we do get it. If he had eaten well and exercised maybe he could have lived well into his 90s and continued the great work he was doing. 

    This story leads me to believe that a large amount of what we read in the Alternative News is nothing more than bs to keep us distracted from the truth just like mainstream. 

    • Jean says:

      Well, then, how do you account for the attempt on Justice Roberts’ life? Obviously, you understand only a single aspect – the affects of food on our health. . . that ain’t enuff 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • problee says:

        Dear Jean, giving me a verbal lashing to wipp me into shape so I can get back in the zombie line and be lead to slaughter only perpetuates the cabal agenda. I offered up aa new concept here and you responded in less than 10 minutes minus the time it took to compose.  There is no way someone can understand a new concept that quickly. If we are ever going to get out of this mess it will take everyone recognizing the supreme intelligence that each of us has and pooling togather to foster growth and change, like taking each person’s piece and working togather to find its place in the puzzle. 

        Do you have any evidence there was an assanation attempt on Judge Roberts? When I Google assanation attempt on Supreme Court Justice Roberts there is nothing there. This leads me to believe this maybe just one more piece of fictitious bs added to a fictitious bs fear porn story to get everyone to screech and jump up and down like a bunch of mindless chimpanzees. And very sadly it seems to be working quite well. I know you are smarter than this………. 

        What baffels my bs detecting mind even more is how one of the most powerful men in the county travels without a body guard or any type of security. As if he was so utterly stupid to not know that by supporting the Constitution he made many enemies. Wait it just gets better, to a hunting lodge (owned by Democrats who deface the Constitution daily) where it would not be out of place for someone to walk around with a loaded pistol under their coat and shoot him dead. With an ink pen this man had the power to send many people to jail for life, change the course of society and history or murder millions by legalizing gmos and other toxins.  Then when he doesn’t show up for breakfast we’ll send a minimum wage hotel employee to the room of one of the most powerful men in the county. The ornery little part of me wants to say what if he would have been stepping out of the shower or banging some little 19 yo when they walked in?  We’ll send a hotel employee to the room of one of the most powerful men in the country? 

        According to my bs detector the depth of this one is well over 12 feet.  Trying to surgically implant this into my reality won’t work, no thanks. 

        Jean please don’t take this personally, my intention is to maybe nudge you a little to open your mind not to make you bad or wrong. 

        With kindness 


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