Assassination Attempt on General Dunford & GCR Update – February 15, 2016 . . . ? ? ? via email

I’m sorry, and I know we are living in the strangest of times, but I doubt this is all true. . . hope I’m wrong here 😉

by David Robinson

Notes and Video by enerchi of

These are some quick notes I took from the intel provided by Art of the WSOMN conference call that took place on February 15, 2016. I have edited and uploaded to YouTube the intelligence report provided by Art which is about 6 minutes. Full call is a couple hours long. You may listen or download the full call at this replay link here…..

Thank you to the WSOMN team, their website is ….. Chinese are in charge of global financial markets (Art agrees with Iko Ward) Chinese are ticked off that the United States has not met obligations to release the GCR. Dunford has been told by the Chinese to “Get it done or else” Chinese will go around USA if not done. Chinese are tired of USA making demands from Iraq USA trying to hold the GCR at bay and USA has stopped the GCR a couple of times. Get it done Today or Tomorrow (February 15th & February 16th). Prosperity Programs are waiting to go out to the recipients. GCR or PP go first? 48hours to get 70% of the PP delivered then GCR is to follow. If the PP don’t go out, the groups would still be able to go without the delivery of the Prosperity Programs. TRNs are live, but the rate needs to be set and China may set the rate tonight February 15th. Lady asks for Art to confirm a rumor about an assassination attempt on General Dunford’s life. Can you verify a rumor that General Dunford was on his way last Thursday 2/11 and he switched cars in his motorcade. The car that he was supposed to be riding in was blown up. Art confirms that the assassination attempt on General Dunford’s life is true. Bad guys were actually killed, also a single shooter tried taking out Dunford, but the assassin was killed. Assassination attempt also on Chief Justice Judge Roberts last week and it is rumored that Judge Scalia was assassinated by [ice dart] “heart attack”. Dunford is ok and got signatures on the peace treaties and came back last evening 2/14. He has a crew of people working on getting the GCR done. Admiral (Reno) has signed off on everything and all the SKRs (Safe Keeping Receipts) are supposed to be paid off today. Public (non-internet Groups) is supposed to go a week from tomorrow 2/16. China can crash the whole system and are really ticked off. Tired of the games. Will go around USA if not done. USA was trying to require Iraq to jump through more hoops but China said “NO”, and to get this done now. General Dunford said 40,000 banks and exchange centers will be open for currency exchange Bruce said 5,500 exchange centers and 18,000 banks Art is not sure which numbers are correct. Plenty of places to exchange currency.…

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8 Responses to Assassination Attempt on General Dunford & GCR Update – February 15, 2016 . . . ? ? ? via email

  1. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean……….

    Here we go again……..WTF………..WTF……….WTF…………Memories of Neil Keenan and Drake Baily and silly old stories. Are we back at this silly “PROSPERITY PACKAGES” once again? I thought this was a dead issue and determined to be bogus.

    I have that same old foul smell in the air again and my heart says this is BS and “DISTRACTION” AND “DIVERSION”. Saying that, I will add that at this point nothing would surprise me anymore..I am with you on this Jean

    Hugs……….. Frank R

  2. Alex says:

    Utter Poppycock!

  3. Spencer says:

    As we have learned most recently in Harney County, OR and throughout modern political history (i.e. – JFK, MLK, X, Colby, etc)… there are only assassinations. Attempts are for show and obfuscation. Attempts are to draw attention towards action the Syndicate wants people to pay attention to; where as successful assassinations are the real meat and potatoes lie. It’s the greater “shell game” of life… or better yet – lives lost vs. spared.

  4. Jean says:

    I’m sorry, I think you are following a false meme, and I simply can’t take my readers time with it. I do not believe Dunford is real. The cabal, through our religions, has inspired us to believe we have no power within ourselves, that we must turn to others for our salvation; this has kept us as children.

    People who believe in your Dunford can find lots of information elsewhere, but I will no longer publish it here. I haven’t got time for it. Sorry and hugs, ~Jean

  5. enki says:

    Currency exchange ? ? ! $ £ $!


    China is re-introducing Gold as a currency, in the first week of April 2016.

    Anyone possessing a large amount of “currency”……will not need to “stock up” on …LOO PAPER….for a while !

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