Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death? by Jon Rappoport, February 17, 2016


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Four days before he died, Supreme Court Justice Scalia voted to stall Obama’s plan to force drastic climate-change rules on the American economy. The vote was 5-4.

With Scalia now gone, the vote would be 4-4.

With a new Obama Supreme Court appointee, if Obama could ram his choice through, the vote would be 5-4 in the President’s favor. Ditto, if the next President shares Obama’s position. And the climate-change agenda would roll ahead.

We’re not talking about small climate-change rules. We’re talking about the Big Ones.

And note: such rules could very well dovetail with the Brave New World spelled out in the upcoming TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership).

It’s a wedge formation, a squeeze play, a pincer movement featuring new EPA climate-change regulations on one side, and new draconian possibilities embedded in the TPP.

If Scalia was murdered, the above agenda was sufficient reason, because the climate agenda has the force to transform life on the planet.

If Scalia’s murder were a movie, he would have been told, as a warning: “You have no idea how big this thing is; you really don’t understand the forces you’re messing with.”

Of course, most Americans don’t believe a political murder along this line could happen in real life. They can only accept it in a movie, where it makes perfect sense. That tells you something about the schizoid nature of the public mind.

Adrenaline-driven in front of a screen; tranquilized and programmed to be passive and accepting of recognized authority, otherwise.

“Don’t be silly. Scalia, murdered, and murdered for that reason? It couldn’t happen. That’s so…barbaric. We’re civilized.” That opinion and $6 will get you a rainbow smoothie.

Obama’s climate-change plan uses the EPA to act out international agreements signed at the recent Paris summit. But in order to, yes, scam these agreements into force in the US, the EPA has to stretch and bend and distort already-existing US law. And it has done so.

However, a number of states have sued to stop the EPA, which wants to make all states cut CO2 emissions from electrical power production by 32% in the next 15 years. Aimed mainly at coal-burning plants, these regulations would create deep reductions in the overall US energy supply and output—a primary mission of the economy-wrecking Rockefeller Globalists.

The US Supreme Court, four days before Scalia’s death, with his vote, declared a narrow 5-4 halt to the Obama plan, pending a lower-court decision on the issue. The 5-4 vote didn’t knock out the plan, but it stalled it. And if Scalia had stayed alive, his vote going forward on the Obama plan could have remained crucial.

The pending TPP, another Globalist trade treaty, contains a section that allows endless changes and additions in the text as years pass. In other words, the passion for cutting energy production for the US, and the rest of the planet, can easily be expressed and ratified by the member nations.

The TPP also reveals a cynical attitude toward the “humanitarian goal of saving the planet from CO2 death.” Major corporations that burn coal and employ other ways of releasing CO2 can relocate to far-off lands (e.g., Vietnam) and spew CO2 to their hearts’ content, without messy environmental controls.

In other words, the true underlying Globalist scheme, vis-à-vis climate change has nothing to do with messianic rescue: it has to do with lowering energy production.

Drive economies further into despair. Move more jobs out of industrialized countries.

Create further poverty and chaos.

And then bring new order in behind that—one planet, under the tight rein of one worldwide political and economic management system.

That’s the true meaning of the climate-change agenda, notwithstanding solemn promises and heraldic pronouncements about replacing lost energy with new renewable technologies.

“I have an idea. Let’s cut our electricity-use in our home by 30%, while we figure out how to replace it with some new source. That’ll work. I’m sure of it.”

On top of all this, the entire manmade-warming hypothesis is riddled with fraud and guesswork dressed up to look like United Nations science. A hypothesis is supposed to be able to make useful and specific predictions. The warming hypothesis is a dud in this regard. It was never meant to be science—it was always a strategy designed to cut energy production on planet Earth, torpedo economies, heighten human suffering, and usher in an elite Globalist triumph.

This is what Justice Scalia was going up against.

If he was murdered, there was sufficient reason.

The FBI can do two kinds of investigations, depending on the orders of the Attorney General: heavy or lite.

Heavy means leaving no stone unturned. It means taking control of the Scalia’s body now and doing whatever can be done with it, in its embalmed state, to determine cause of death. It means raking wackaloon Judge Guevara over the coals, along with US marshals, to find out exactly how the verdict of “natural causes” was reached. It means extensive interviews with everyone at Poindexter’s ranch. Wall to wall forensic analysis of rooms and spaces at the ranch. And so forth and so on.

Lite means a brush-off, meant to avoid any disruption in the present scenario.

So far, from what I see, the FBI is doing Lite. Scalia’s body should already be on an autopsy table.

There continues to be no uproar inside the Beltway about the absurd, insane, useless declaration of death by “natural causes.”

And there is something else going on. It’s the convenient mind-control program that says, “Mustn’t disturb the dead. Don’t interrupt the expressions of sadness at his passing. Don’t dishonor the man by raising questions about his possible murder. Give the family their privacy during this period of grief.”

It’s the passivity of the obedient mind. Whatever induced mood, fabrication, lie, omission can feed and expand that passivity…is deployed:

“We need to be more accepting. He was an old man in ill-heath. He passed away. Natural causes. The great cycle of life. Be gentle. Nothing to see. Move along, slowly.”

“Possible murder of a US Supreme Court Justice? Please, not at this time. It’s a discordant idea. Unharmonious. Let the man go gently into that good night.”

power outside the matrix

Truth be told, this whole country has been subject to a “no-disturb” sign for a long, long time. Don’t think; agree. Don’t investigate; obey.

The “don’t-disturb-the-dead” program is really about the whole population. The implication is: “we’re all dead already; don’t disturb us.”

The lesson? Just because other people are mired in a hypnotic state, you aren’t obliged to pander to them. Their trance is their own.

Whether you’re alive and awake and alert and have power is a choice. Yours.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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11 Responses to Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death? by Jon Rappoport, February 17, 2016

  1. Tracy says:

    FYI > ClimateGate: 30 years in the making (Edition 1.1) ~
    with detailed timeline links ~; or (pdf)
    Quote: “Mohib Ebrahim, who has created timelines for professional exhibitions, has now produced one of the ClimateGate scandal, providing graphs, e-mails, history, and analysis of events. This is the second edition, thoroughly edited and revised.”
    —— Remember this headline: Over 100 published science journal articles just gibberish ~

    • Jean says:

      These sound so interesting, Tracy. I’ll try to get them up, but if not, I hope people will link to them from here. . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean 🙂

  2. cinders2015 says:

    I am really impressed by this writer’s take on these matters. For myself it was Breitbart that opened my eyes to what measures will be taken by whomever has the willingness to follow their masters bidding. I absolutely agree with the way Jon describes society today, crossing all lines that divide the human race is the realiza

  3. Debbie says:

    This was published today by vatic blog…it’s really amazing what has been done behind our backs..imagine GHW Bush signed into law a provision for the genocide of American Christians in 1991…all it needs to be activated is martial law:

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Debbie, this is important, because I think it demonstrates that neither Anno or KrisAnne has it right. KrisAnne apparently is blinded by her Christian perspective, and Anna seems to understand everything but the fact that people cannot take an oath to serve a government — a subtle but important difference that changes everything she teaches.. When we begin to understand these facts, I’m hoping we can learn from both of them.


  4. cinders2015 says:

    Or the beginnings of realization that what we thought we had is only what we thought we had. More & more are unable to ignore blatant corruption, which will develop into awareness and then lies are exposed that will lose their hold. All of the false flags will be seen for what they are, control mechanisms. I honestly think more people than will admit believe Sandy Hook, among other false flags, was a hoax but fear keeps it dormant. My first reaction to awareness of 9/11 was the fear that we’re run by psychopaths, which became a knowledge that a condition even worse than that is what rules. In time it will become so evident that everyone will be driven to do or die…don’t know what will happen, we’ll see I guess.

  5. Robert Owen says:

    Well of course Scalia was murdered. It has all the earmarks of exactly what you would expect if someone put a hit out on him right from the top. Just ask yourself the obvious. If you were gonna find a motive, the means and the opportunity, how would you having the power to do so, make sure that any investigation that is possible to show a hit was placed on him, how would you do that?

    I would do exactly what happened. I would tidy his body up and not make it available for any forensic investigation, and put the marching orders out to the mass-media I control and own on threat of them losing their jobs or getting their life upset in many ways it id be your worst nightmare, through the Rothschild Crown Templar Illuminati and NAZI Kazarian cabal.

    Listen people, if you have not figured this out yet,, there have been legal filings put into effect by Judge Anna Von Reitz in 2013 at that bankruptcy hearing in the UN, to restore America to our organic Constitution of 1789, and the de jure sovereign state status as ac Republic we have always been entitled until it was stolen and our nation’s wealth and prosperity was plundered by the ruthless cunning of Rothschild et al, Crown Templar, in the City of London, as an arm of the IMF, and Vatican City State, where the Pontiff in July 2013 as a result of Judge Reitz’s filings, has cleared the way for us to return to the de jure rule of law and make our rightful claim and standing, as free,and independent, sovereign living beings who belong to the lawful trust of our estate in equity land patent we live on.

    This was established through the United Nations national security council, that the mass media, and even very few alternative media outlets don’t report about, how the UN also owned by the IMF and the Vatican global estate trust, held bankruptcy hearings in 2013.

    The debts were discharged from the previous bankruptcy and we were left with no successor contract to take over the financing of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and the NORTH AMERICAN WATER AND POWER ALLIANCE and all of its subsidiaries to which all the STATE, COUNTIES AND CITIES across the USA and the western hemisphere are owned and operated under the corporate umbrella of the Vatican, was linked to the Pontiff’s declaration in July 2013, that henceforth all of the offices and departments and subsidiaries must now abide by the rule of law. It is also notable that Judge Anna Reitz filed in the UN at that time, the necessary Uniform Commercial Code secured party creditor affidavits and liens necessary to securitize the original equity contract of the organic constitution of 1789.

    However even though there has been a concerted global effort between the G-20 nations to finally purge the planet of the most evil and psychopathic genocidal/ecocidal entities who are “Souless-beings” who put money, power and control over others,, above that of what love and love for life means to live in peace, harmony and balance with other life in the universe, they are still a threat and still carrying out ruthless and last ditch attempts to create as much damage as they possibly can to upset the apple cart of what they know they have lost,

    Hell give me a task force group of US navy Carrier’s, and I guarantee you I know how to use the proper technology to locate and isolate the command and control bunkers and compounds and living quarters these parasitic vermin coupled with the 101 st airborne division and US navy seals and special forces, for we are talking about a relatively small group that head the command and control of their organization we can cut-off at the head. Ordinarily I am a man of peace, but in this case we are not talking about living beings that have a soul, but people who have chosen the dark forces of the beast of the underworld to commit genocide and ecocide against the love that our Creator gave to life, these monsters have committed to destroy. These are not therefore living-beings, but a parasitic demonic force of evil so vile,and without any moral and spiritual endowment, upon which their right to exist is forfeited, for it is beyond most people’s comprehension the level of atrocities these dark demons have brought force on planet earth,for centuries since the whore of Babylon raised its ugly head.

    This makes it incumbent upon every sentient being in the Universe to close ranks and unite in loving consciousness to preserve the life we still have among us they wish to destroy, and make it our civil duty and responsibility to bring peace to the world, to live in harmony on planet earth, to recognize and act with due diligence to rid this planet of them, for they truly represent the greatest threat to the future of all our children, and all life on this planet and the Universe, to live in peace, security and balance..

    The energy signatures that animate their physical bodies to act against our Creator and the living planet we live on, should be calcified in the great PIT we have seen already moving around our solar system, you can view on the images that have been posted on the US Navy;s SECCHI stereo viewer and NASA’s LASCO cameras, for years now, since the cosmic war in space was won by our allies in 20008.

    Following the victory you could clearly view the PIT came through and did the pour, to a number of planetary VAH’s(planetoid vehicles) to clean this solar system out of those who represent the underworld, and were calcified in the PIT.

    Extra Judicial Notice: US SUPREME COURT filed by Common Law Alaska Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz.
    NOTICE to All Members of the Press Corps, All Federal Employees, All Members of the American Armed Forces, All Sheriffs, United States Marshals, and Others Responsible for Public Safety and Peacekeeping Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger January 3, 2016

    Your offer to contract is hereby rejected!Filed Superior Court State of Alaska by Judge Anna Von Reitz
    Notice to Congress: The Days of Legalized Theft is Over, by Common Law Alaska Superior Court Judge Anna Von Reitz.
    The “Domed Flat Earth” Spaceship ..

    Star Wars recorded on NASA cams – The 2007 War vs Reptilians, Greys, Borgs .


    • Jean says:

      Thank you for offering this information, but I definitely do not agree with all of it. I’ll let my readers read this to see if they find any areas of disagreement. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  7. Deborah says:

    Suprime Court Justice Scalia NWO Assassination?

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