A brief note from ~Jean

My thanks to all who responded to my question last evening. If yours was a simple I’m-getting-them-all response, I didn’t publish or acknowledge it. There were so many, I simply could not do so.

It’s evident to me they are tampering with my posts, making my blog ‘off-line’ to others, removing the right hand column, as they choose – and much more.

I’m not going to start all over again elsewhere, I’m simply going to do the best I can. If they take my blog down for some period of time, I will simply regard it as a time for me to rest and relax.

Again, I thank you all and send love and hugs to all my readers, who most definitely are helping me to keep what has clearly become a community effort going! Yes, we don’t need anyone to save us! We have the ability to do it ourselves. 

 Truly, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! . . . and I beleive those who continue to think otherwise will remain as children and have a big surprise coming their way.


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5 Responses to A brief note from ~Jean

  1. That’s the spirit Jean 🙂 this time there are no heroes. The heroes will be the ordinary Jane’s and Jean’s; the Tom’s and Richard’s; it’s up to us, now; only we can save ourselves; hope you get some ‘downtime’ he he; rest is a very important part of what we do; the work we do in dreamtime is the cause and this is only the effect thereof; switch Wi-Fi and electronics off at night and even unplug from sockets. Blessing bt.

  2. kibitzer3 says:

    Well said, Jean. I was one who have not gotten all of your postings all of the time, but things seem to have cleared up – for now.

    I too, have had such problems, but they usually clear up when I reboot my browser, or my whole modem. Anyway: Keep up the good work, Jean – and good for you to not let the gremlins get you down! 🙂

  3. Spencer says:

    Thank you so much for deciding to NOT start over again with a new blog. I followed you sporadically for a couple years on your old site and it took me quite a while to find you on this one. I am sure you are feeling the screws right now from periodic disruptions, but you are an important part of the truth sharing movement. I would love to see you persevere, even if it is sporadic, in the face of the machine.

    I come here right after I check drudge report. The druge report shares mostly political stories, while you share what’s behind the curtain regarding those stories. While MSM flails their right hand you point to what they are hiding in their left hand.

    Thank you for that…

    Please keep going, but if you get weary, be sure and pass the baton. We need you.

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