An important piece of information from Doreen Agostino . . . my thanks to her for sharing. ~J

I notified Frank O’Collins that Cindy Kay Currier had reclaimed the Universe on behalf of humanity [Cindy revoked Papal Bull Unum Sanctum] which Frank responded

Hello Doreen,

Thank you for your email. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to post my formal response (in its entirety) or not:

[1] In respect of the alleged Papal Bull Unum Sanctum by Pope Boniface around 1302, a clear maxim arises – that Fraus omnia vitiat “fraud vitiates everything”. In other words, an act done in fraud and without authority has no effect, whatsoever; and

[2] Thus, any reference to the Papal Bull in question or any other such historic example of historic fraud is not to legitimize it, nor agree with it, but to expose some of the most audacious examples of fraud, perfidy and falsity underpinning claimed western law; and
[3] Put simply, no trust was created by such a Papal Bull Unum Sanctum, no matter how many times it may be stated to the contrary, as the very claim of authority to form such a trust was founded on fraud – hence the maxim referred above; and

[4] The same applies to any other action in deliberate ignorance, or fraud or perfidy, whereby a man or woman claims some authority they do not properly posses to make claims and demand where they have no right. Indeed, Ex dolo malo non oritur actio “an action (in law) does not arise from fraud”; and

[5] To argue otherwise, is either to argue in complete ignorance of a proper foundation of the rule of law, or to be lacking in the competences of reason and logic; and
[6] Finally, any document issued by any person claiming they possess some unique ability, or authority or insight to “collapse” such trusts is a document itself based on fraud, absurdity and ignorance – and only serves to perpetuate misinformation, than genuine restoration of knowledge of law; and

[7] I refuse to be party to any such fraud, I reject any demand to be witness to such fraud and so do not send me any more fraudulent documents.

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5 Responses to An important piece of information from Doreen Agostino . . . my thanks to her for sharing. ~J

  1. Ilex says:

    Imagine a life without fraud. What dimension does this man live, certainly not 3D.

  2. jaydoubleyew says:

    Regarding Frank O’Collins’ statement which APPEARS to be, in an extremely ‘wordy’ and pompous fashion, creating a round-robin-type argument by claiming that since HE views the Unam Sanctum as ‘fraudulent’ (I myself agree with this premise that no one can ‘claim’ the earth and all in it ‘for God’ and to as well be his ‘intermediary’) but even though it IS fraudulent in the manner he describes, he seems to completely dismiss that our entire economic and monetary structure is FOUNDED UPON THIS VERY FRAUD! And to go on speaking about ‘law’ and ‘legitimacy’ and what he claims as a nonsense position for anyone that claims to have authority collapsing THAT fraudulently claimed authority is/are themselves fraudulent, screams to me that he is a very well-heeled controlled-opposition shill— all it does is circuitously describe the Paradox that it is—WITHOUT providing ANY suggestion as to how to address it—which, is most certainly, NOT ‘legitimate’ because to claim the very term ‘legitimate’ (hello: ‘legal’ = ‘legitimate’… Same root, same overall meaning! same man-made system of Law) is to place it within the Man-Made Law that is INFERIOR to Natural Law–God’s Law. That MOST of the so-called Christians of the world BELIEVE it and its’ pretext is/was the very example that then created a registry of believers and supporters of it, that the birth certificate/Cestui Que Vie Trust/Bond fraud we are now experiencing was even conjured into being in the first place! How does Mr. O’Collins project we correct THAT particular point since the fraudulence of the Unam Sanctum itself seems to be his stance, and in no way does he offer any solution herein as to how one should therefore maneuver in this landscape.
    I have only heard of Mr. O’Collins peripherally from other ‘remedy seeking’ friends I’ve met on this journey, I have, for whatever reason, not been drawn to research him in any way. This statement above gives now solid rationale for what my personal discernment already knew. Thanks Doreen for sharing. I have visited your blogsite before and as well know personally–in the flesh–Cindy Kay Currier. She is a stellar Human Being who works tirelessly, thanklessly, is homeless and depends ENTIRELY on donations to live. She is working very hard to expose the fraud at its base level which is that the ‘glue’ used by the perpetrators IS the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Murder– involving ALL of our Judicary AND Law Enforcement—DOWN TO THE MUNICIPAL LEVEL. Please, please please, read and watch the videos within this post Jean just put up in the last 48 hours– and share widely!
    With respect,
    Jennifer Williams

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Jennifer! I also told Doreen, who has started to post Anna’s work here, linked or otherwise, that I’m leery of Anna. She fails on one point: We are never to pledge an oath on the Bible or to any organization, but only to our fellow man.

      Just now, I’m remembering Drunvalo’s discussion of channeling. He suggests that how ‘evil’ works is to give you lots of true facts, but insert one, which if you follow it, will lead you in a very bad direction. Maybe I can find that post. At the time, he was speaking of our creating the merkaba. One wrong ‘turn’ so-to-speak, could land you in a heck of a place/dimension. I fear this is part of Anna’s work, because this restoration of the Republic, without our having earned it, and in the wrong way, very likely sets us up for a subtle re-run of what we already have. Can you see this?

      My tough healing experience has taught me that there is no way around our personal healing; we must go through it, and when we do we develop a deep, deep trust that we will be taken care of by Source energy, just like the birds and the lilies of the fields.

      I do respect your thinking . . . and thank you for offering your ideas. I find them extremely helpful to me on a personal level, in my own search for the truth of what is going on.


  3. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    He he, well said Frank; all we have to do is declare them null & void; the decree of the sovereign makes law; these folks that believe someone is going to do an RV for you with all your rights intact is asleep at the wheel. Imagine if all the world was awake, how many 1 000s of well-meaning but in truth will end up obstacles to freedom itself? Dear Lord, please, please do not let more wake up until we have trimtabbed the ship? in peace

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