As usual, serpents speak with forked tongues! . . . a bit of informed thinking-out-loud from a reader, whom I thank. . . ~J

As usual serpents speak with forked tongues! Whatever happened to the $46 billion dollars Congress approved to create a US/Mexican security border 1-2 years ago? Not a peep from the MSM on how that money was distributed or what it accomplished! My guess is that it went into the hands of the narco-human traffickers like our local border law enforcement, DHS and ICE. Then we have Poindexter and Epstein (probably others too) with their mega-ranches staged oh-so-conveniently along the border and along primary trafficking routes into Texas and New Mexico.

BTW, they both seem to have a lot in common – with their spooky connections to DARPA, trans-humanism and human trafficking. And they are both multi-gazillioinaires where no one in the MSM can ever quite understand or prove how they obtained their wealth. They both share a history of meteoric rises to the top with incredible resumes including stints in education, military, vulture hedge fund companies, using secret private investors specializing in cannibalizing key industries and spy software systems now in the hands of the NSA, etc.

They both own some of the largest and most remote ranches in the US equipped with private landing strips. Epstein even owns an entire island! Are we beginning to get the picture here? For them Scalia is just a blip on the radar screen – just one of the bigger boys until he either failed to deliver or was no longer useful for them.

I see a nasty factional power play going on right now between the Jesuits, Freemasons, Zionists, etc. Meanwhile it would appear the majority of humanity is waking up to their disgusting hypocritical shenanigans and just want to be free to live and love in peace. Let’s pray that we can prevail!

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11 Responses to As usual, serpents speak with forked tongues! . . . a bit of informed thinking-out-loud from a reader, whom I thank. . . ~J

  1. Captain says:

    Imagine if everyone refused to serve the Bankers, News CEOs, Zionist leaders, Corrupt politicans, etc. Let them do their own cooking, laundry, taking out the trash — fight their own wars, and grow their own food, etc. Give then no time for their evil games-playing. The Amish shunning thing should apply. The French are onto that —

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Thanks, Captain! Hugs, ~Jean

    • megan says:

      Amen to that Captain, think you are on to something here!


    • jaydoubleyew says:

      I heartily agree with everything you’ve stated, Captain– except the part about emulating the Amish… As my personal research has indicated they are a ‘look the other way’ smoke-screen for said Zionist/Satanic perps. The guys at the top KNOW we are headed into very rough times for those who’ve become so dependent on luxuries such as electricity… Yes, it IS a luxury, just look at how much of the REST of the world has it at all, much less those who have it for MAYBE a few hours here and there via a dangling wire with a lightbulb. The Amish are as well a group with ZERO autism… THEY are ‘allowed’ to live ‘off-grid’, refuse vaccinations, school their own children, etc.— but not the folks at Ruby Ridge, or Waco, or you or me…. Hmmmm.
      Jean just posted in the last 48 hours this AMAZING article that I hope you and all others in this thread will take the time to read– in its ENTIRETY– as well as watch the linked videos within it. I KNOW reading and watching all this will take time. I also know it is VERY DARK and it may be data with which you are already familiar. But what I am trying to get across is that all of what we are seeing ‘play out’ from the ‘BLM/FBI’ in Oregon, to Karen Hudes vs. Anna Von Reitz, to the IMF vs. BRICS/AIIB alliances, to Russia/China/US/Syria madness, to ‘conveniently deceased’ Supreme Court Justices, is, ALL OF IT, tied DIRECTLY to these very dark and purposefully dismissively horrific testimonies. Once having done so, one will much more clearly see that we can ‘clean up’ no PART of the System–THE ENTIRE SYSTEM MUST BE DISMANTLED–IT CANNOT BE ‘FIXED’….

      With respect,
      Jennifer Williams

      • Jean says:

        Oh, my, Jay! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I hope others will read this and take your advice. This is something humanity very much needs to know — and this writer has presented it in a very tactful, thoughtful way. . . and leaves us with suggestions as to what we can do about it! Hugs, ~Jean

        • jaydoubleyew says:

          Yes Jean. And thank you. And BTW: it’s I AM Jennifer Wiiliams, wordpress username: Jaydoubleyew (clever ‘spelling’ of my initials JW, lol) the same Jennifer who sent to you the AVR PDF , ‘you know know something is wrong when… ‘ just to clarify…
          With respect.

  2. kibitzer3 says:

    This is a good, informational piece of commentary. Thanks for posting it, Jean.

  3. Mark says:

    Well considering the new encryption is no more than a year old, I wouldn’t cite the 70 times they unlocked them since 2008. Have they unlocked any since the new encryption?

    • Jean says:

      This article is from someone, IMO, who seems to ahve developed great wisdom as a result of dealing with his nightmare experiences.


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