What I See in Justice Scalia’s Murder . . . what do you think? ~J

Published on Feb 15, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by clone #12 of John Brennan who killed Scalia with a stun gun hit directly to the heart. Brennan was in his Temporal body at the time, and used the same gun he used to kill Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Paul Walker, Karen Carpenter, Robin Williams and many others. Scalia, a servant of the dark side, was killed because he refused to submit to a new CIA law. And so it goes, even those who serve the dark side are only one decision away from being killed.

Does anyone have a link to a video from this man that speaks of the trials of the Bush’s? ~J

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49 Responses to What I See in Justice Scalia’s Murder . . . what do you think? ~J

  1. hannacora says:

    Jean, I believe Tory Smith is speaking of the metaphysical plane. He certainly presents himself as honest and very credible. Everyone must decide for themselves.
    The following description is from his YouTube channel
    Hello My life themes are Healer and Survivor. I love to read DNA and have started a blog
    readmydna.wordpress.com everything about us is recorded into our DNA. I have been doing Healing sessions for about 20 years now, and Zero Point Energy is what flows through my head, heart, and hands into what I am focused on. I was abducted and witnessed child trafficking and in one incident, I was raped while they murdered 54 children in the same room. I chose to fight the child traffickers and January 2016 was the 49th month. These battles and attacks against me occur everyday and every night. Thank you for your prayers for these children. I get my Information from several different sources- directly from the DNA of people, The Hall of Research, The Hall of Justice, The Hall of Records, and others in Heaven, which is 3 feet up from us.
    He also has a website – readmydna ~ Everything is Recorded in Our DNA

    So Jean, there is very little/or no tangible or visible results that we can see or hear. It would take someone with a very deep spiritual gift to know/see/feel the authenticity of Tory’s claims.

  2. JT says:

    You asked, what do we think?
    I think it likely that Scalia was murdered. I would wager, but i dont want to profit from this.
    As for Tory Smith, i beleive it more likely that a unicorn will come to my house tonight to swoop me off to paradise.
    For the record, i dont have a thing for unicorns.

  3. Translimits says:

    Why would they take out sweet Karen Carpenter? She became anorexic over time and you can see the decline in the making over the years. That one’s far fetched to me. Anyone, pls. clue me in.

  4. Watcher says:

    “The Bush’s are being held to go on trial”…………..
    So, the entity that went on stage with its wife 2 nights ago to support Jeb Bush’s nomination, was a “clone”?….
    Geeze, how come this super human man didn’t “read” the temporal body of John Poindexter?… DNA etc….. John is Cheney’s buddy… and has been functioning for the Bush cabal for the last 30 years… Poindexter owns the ranch that the judge took his last breath on….
    51% Sacred light to get to heaven? Hummm…………………..

  5. Captain says:

    Personally I think this murder it to further intimidate Congress and Military Leaders. Bush/Cheney/Neten-yahoo use blackmail and threats to control all these people. Bush very likely still has his minions in cia from when he was director doing his ugly work.
    That said, I did a search of this guys page:https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rm3zZK_uA4aSzV2gHysGw/search?query=bush+arrest
    and came up with this: MILAB REPORT Jan 5&6 17 Bushes Arrested ~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgFQdeZfxnE

  6. Ilex says:

    Here you go Jean. He also states that “old George” is finally gone. He also states that old George was a drone/ reincarnate of Jack the Ripper.

  7. Ilex says:

    These MILAB updates are disgusting. Just sayin.

  8. Debbie says:

    Hi Jean,

    I just read another article from educate yourself that would support what Tory is saying here:

  9. Captain says:

    Something NOT making the news… seems obama abandons the bible and all that America was founded upon…

  10. Deborah says:

    Scalia: Sheriffs Office Involved with Justice’s Death Received Millions In Federal Grants

  11. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………

    I am sorry but I guess I have to be the voice of reason here. I turned off the video at about the 6 min mark. Why is this man not in a white jacket with his arms behind him? As my heart and conscience rapidly YANK me back to reality and I agree that Scalia MAY have been murdered this guy,whoever he is, is tantamount to the Easter Bunny for me.

    He is raving on wildly about the Metaphysical with absolutely NO PROOF and this type of video appearing on your professional site really hurts you big time. Personally I would remove it as it demeans your otherwise hard earned credibility. Simply put this guy appears to be a LOONY!

    Hugs………..and protecting your credibility………..Frank R

  12. Captain says:

    From The Big Picture blog site:
    Consider this new twist. Possible, right?
    Check out the other links on Scalia at this site—like this one…
    Thanks, L. There are always six sides to every story, it seems. ~ BP

  13. Linda Torgrimson says:

    Jean, please do not remove this video. Just because it seems incredible to some people, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. And as far as proof is concerned, metaphysical matters are very hard to prove. I read so many “weird” sites, that what he says makes perfect sense to me. It’s obvious that Scalia was murdered, and I do believe that a very large number of our celebrities, politicians, military “high-ups”, and other “important” people are cloned, so why couldn’t he have been killed by a clone? Nothing in this world is the way we think it is, as I’m sure you know.

  14. megan says:

    Personally, this man does Not resonate with me, I think he may be under the influence of something but what exactly? Would be very convenient to blame all the murders on a clone though wouldn’t it? Let’s the real culprits off the hook eh? Just sayin.


    • Jean says:

      This is everyone’s choice, according to what they have studied and have for a background coupled with their ability to discern. Personally, I think he is genuine and good. Whether or not what he is telling us is accurate remains for many, I think, to be seen. Frankly, I do not yet know. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  15. Deborah says:

    The Truth About Scalia’s Murder- and Yes- He Was Murdered

    • Jean says:

      I took a very serious look at this post, and I can find no validation for it — and so will not post it. It feels like this person was seriously abused, but when he speaks of the wrath of heaven – there is no wrath of heaven, Deborah. Clearly, he doesn’t understand this – anything wrathful is a result of our separation from God.


    • Jean says:

      Deborah, I’ve had other confirmation about Hurter, so I’m going to release this post. Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Deborah says:

        Jean….if you don’t mind me asking, what or who is this confirmation that you mention, regarding Hurter? I’ve never heard of him until I read the article, that I posted above. I know what he said seems kind of “out there” and these days I find myself not doubting anything anymore. There’s so much evil and corruption in the world, it boggles the mind!
        Hugs ~ Deborah

        • Jean says:

          Deborah, I’m not free to answer your question. Please forgive me. I know in a deep way what is going on, so this does not surprise me, but because I trust this person, who hasn’t said this is exactly what happened, I’m guessing that something similar did happen. Whitney Houston was a sacrifice. . . how terrible! So if that happened, I think anything is possible.

          Their ‘god’ demands ritual sacrifices. That’s it, and we are to be sacrificed.


          • Deborah says:

            No problem Jean….yes, I know Whitney Houston was a sacrifice…..and I agree… how terrible! I’m just so sick of all this evil and corruption! Thank you for responding to my question so promptly….I appreciate you Jean!
            Hugs ~ Deborah

        • hannacora says:

          David Shurter is a new name to me. So, I tried to find anything I could about him on the internet. He has a very active presence on the internet:
          his own website, a number of video interviews, articles for other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, a weekly Broadcast and his Amazon page.
          Also had a good look at his website and my tendency is toward trusting his story. This is only myself without anyone’s influence. I was particularly touched by the following section on his site:
          Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist.
          You can tell that he wrote this with great care in explaining the events without going into the extreme gory details. His writing style better than the average and his vocabulary is polished, The above story is a follow up to the book he has published. I will definitely finish reading that part. There are not too many cases that are male multi-generational willing to talk about their experience. I am learning a bit more on this topic from his writing.

          This kind of knowledge is a must if we want better understand the games played on us.
          Like most people, this topic was totally foreign to me. I was most shocked to learn abut this ongoing sordid affair, and even worse…that is so prevalent all over the world,

          • Jean says:

            OH, Johanna, I appreciate your leg-work/research. I’m getting better now, and a large part of this means I can’t keep my eyes open for very long. I just can’t do what you are doing – and others like you. Many, many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

            • hannacora says:

              Jean, I’m glad it helped.
              I just did what I usually do when I encounter a new author. Before I invest time into reading new material I like to have an idea of their background because it helps me better understand their perspective. And while I am at it I check for any red flags. It’s just a habit most likely from past working experience. TODAY it is more important than ever with all the disinformation and the pure lies we are served.
              Thank you so much for all you do Jean! You are a natural at choosing what is important to present and I truly love your GREEN comments.
              Endless Blessings!

          • Translimits says:

            David Icke exposed this in England and the US about 10 yrs. ago. –Big Time. Including The un-Royals and those positioned high in British Gov’t & pressed the Police to get to the bottom of things related to it. He also realized mentally-challenged and “slow’ children plus orphans, were their chief prey. Absolutely Vile Beings run our world and will go to any lengths to keep this sordid activity going.

  16. Deborah says:

    Regarding the US Camps and the End Times…

  17. Deborah says:

    Justice Scalia’s Death Relates to June 2015 Incident

  18. Captain says:

    This is kind of in keeping with the Sorcha Faal report that Obama ans Scalia had a secret meeting before Scalia went to Obama’s buddy’s sex ranch…. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/alex-jones-obama-murdered-justice-scalia-and-donald-trump-next

  19. Captain says:

    Might be of interest – also covers Trump in the first part…
    Scalia Death Ranch Feels Like The Shining

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Jean

      Did you listen to this info war video……….? If you listen to what these men are saying about the ranch and the 4 hours ride the body took to El Paso for embalming……..well, it just made the pedophile ranch – throat slicing story by rape victim make perfect sense!! I would say it all adds up now…you must hear this video and description of that creepy child-rape ranch – owned by a good friend of Dick Cheney….this is just amazing.
      Also, I want to tell you I went to a Trump rally of Pawleys Island yesterday, and sat in the second row and heard Trump speak…I felt he was speaking from his heart the entire time. Surprisingly enough he is also down to earth, and totally approachable. I’d be happy sit down with him.

  20. Deborah says:


    • enki says:

      Predictive Programming…… versus…….. LUCIFERIAN PROTOCOLS.

      Satanists…. Luciferians….. ILL-Loonati……..
      Feel obliged to notify VICTIMS of the calamity that is….SCHEDULED….to befall them.

      Informing victims of their demise, in advance of the demise does, “apparently” in the minds of these ….SICK ‘not of mankind’ entities…….ABSOLVE….. the perpe-TRAITORS of their evil !

  21. enki says:

    “Jeb” And the Bush Crime Family”

    Book authored by Roger Stone.
    Previewed on RT’s ‘Watching the Hawks’ …episode 183….


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