Leuren Moret: Global chaos agenda – Jesuits Trump, Pope, DOPE INC & Mexican border; Nuking of USA population, DHS Urban warfare against Americans, Neutron bomb by USA against Syrian civilians


Leuren Moret: Global chaos agenda – Jesuits Trump, Pope, DOPE INC & Mexican border; Nuking of USA population, DHS Urban warfare against Americans, Neutron bomb by USA against Syrian civilians

By Alfred Lambremont Webre



VANCOUVER, BC – In her report with NewsInsideOut.com, independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD, ABD, updates the public on the Global Chaos Agenda:

  1. How Donald Trump, Pope Francis & Jesuit-engendered conflicts around the proposed wall at the Mexican border will not stop DOPE INC heroin infiltration into the US, which antedate the opium War with China, began accelerating during the Vietnam War, and are controlled by DOPE INC, CIA and Matrix controllers bloodlines including Jesuits.
  2. DHS/Janet Napolitano Urban Warfare agenda
  3. Cuba: Pope Francis & Eastern Orthodox Patriarch Kirrill meeting
  4. Putin surpasses American weapons systems
  5. Deliberate nuking LA methane; Sta. Susanna, Rocketdyne Raytheon
  6. Exclusive report of U.S. genociding Syrian civilians with neutron bomb glowing plasma – War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.

U.S. Neutron Bombing of Civilians in Syria [January 30, 2016]

20160130 NEUTRON BOMB (at 28sec20fr) 20160130 NEURTON BOMB (at 28sec28fr) copy

Courtesy Laurens Battis



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10 Responses to Leuren Moret: Global chaos agenda – Jesuits Trump, Pope, DOPE INC & Mexican border; Nuking of USA population, DHS Urban warfare against Americans, Neutron bomb by USA against Syrian civilians

  1. John says:

    I am sorry but, though I would like to be informed, I don’t have the time or the patience to watch two hours of Mr. Webre taking long hesitant seconds to ask a question and so on. Couldn’t the publishers of these videos get someone to transcribe them? I am sure I could read the entire content in five minutes. My capacity to absorb information is far faster than a North American drawl. I know it’s not your fault Jean, but I think you are in actual contact with some of these people. If they would take the time to type up their presentations they could reach far more people, those with less time like myself.

    • Jean says:

      No, John, I do agree! Lately, it really takes a lot for me to work my way through these long videos, but if you want results, I suggest you go to Alfred’s home page, where this video appears, and leave your comment there. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Pingback: Leuren Moret: Global chaos agenda – Jesuits Trump, Pope, DOPE INC & Mexican border; Nuking of USA population, DHS Urban warfare against Americans, Neutron bomb by USA against Syrian civilians | Johnsono ne'Blog'as

  3. enki says:

    One of the headlines above …states…


    Putin does not need to collapse western so-called economies, the RKM, in the form of Wall Street and the “city of London” have already……. PERFORMED that TASK.

    AND with china introducing a GOLD-Yuan in the first week of April 2016….WESTERN COLLAPSE will be COMPLETE……and it will not have been Putin’s …..FAULT !



    I suspect ‘Webre & Moret’ are ascribing a role to Putin that he does not have.
    I beLIEve ‘W & M’ are attempting to TAR Putin with the ….filthy brush….of RKM perfidy ?

    They are Imho, attempting to …SIGNAL….to readers that Putin is as untrustworthy as the RKM ?

    Are they attempting to inflict a psychological “wound” on those who see Putin as a person of integrity, regardless of the fact that Putin’s main interest is the safety and security of Russia ?

  4. katandpaula says:

    thank you Jean for posting this very informative info.Loren confirmed for me about not trusting Bernie Sanders either, which Alfred has somewhat promoted??? I am going to share this info. with other like minded people. hugs to you Jean

    • Jean says:

      Your welcome~ I already have several other posts questioning Sander. Perhaps if you do a SEARCH using his name. or some part of it? Hugs,~Jean

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