In January 2015 Russia enacted the principle thing that Anastasia suggests for all nations to do:

A Reader here has shared this with the greatest excitement . . . and it is exciting!!! ~J

No coincides at all.  As I am almost finished with Book #6, of the 9 books, my sense is that what Anastasia is proposing [ see below link ] is actually beginning to materialize.  Even in the midst of all the devolution of the old systems, Russia has taken concrete steps to bring Anastasia’s dream into real life.  How amazing.  This is so very hopeful for all humanity.

Russia is leading the way

🙂 you, aka youma

Friday, Feb. 19, 2016

Subject: OMG – this was posted on Feb. 17, 2016 at: Anastasia’s dream coming true – Just Amazing – you 2/19/16 [The blogspot just mention by Youma, devotes itself the the Anastasia series of books, and if you haven’t delved into them, they are worth your time. ~J

Talk about no coincidences, this is an example for me.  This below was part of Lance White’s email today, 2/19/16, to his list, which I am part of.  This is so amazing, considering I am almost finished reading Book #6 in the Ringing Cedars series.  The one theme which runs throughout all the books, which Anastasia outlines, is that each person co-creates their own “Kin’s Domain” a Space of Love, by being given one hectare of land free from the government, for perpetuity (all generations to come); thus this is what Anastasia says will return earth to a paradise garden.  

My goodness, please make a few minutes to go to the link below, even if you have not read any of the Anastasia books yet.

To have this appear in my in box today is so amazing, I can’t tell you how much so!!!!!!!



you, aka youma

Friday, February 19, 2016

(the post was put there on Feb. 17, 2016)

Co-creating Our New Earth : President Putin facilitates the “Space of Love” 

Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:53 pm (PST) . Posted by: 

“Lance White” zanymystic59 

This is worth sharing… Anastasia’s vision. <>

In January 2015 Russia enacted the principle thing that Anastasia suggests for all nations to do:

– For the governments of the world to GIFT to all families of that nation what she termed “a Space of Love” or a “Kin’s Domain”. This is an area of land that a couple, a group of retirees, or a “family” (a very wide definition here) would establish for themselves and their children and grandchildren, into perpetuity. This would involve putting up your permanent buildings and out-houses such as sheds, woodwork shop, chicken coops, fish farming processing plant, home dairy (cheese, yoghut, etc production), milking shed, piggery, etc… (whatever YOU and your family want!) and planting your permanent fruiting trees and berries, and your timber trees for future generations, and obviously, establishing your vegetable garden. In English-language terms, a “Kin’s Domain” would be the family’s or the group’s “homestead&quot;. 

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5 Responses to In January 2015 Russia enacted the principle thing that Anastasia suggests for all nations to do:

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  2. paleohippy says:

    That’s a great idea. The government gives me 40 acres and a mule. Infrastructure costs money so how much money do I get for start-up?

  3. lecox says:

    This is a lovely thought, but where’s the protection?
    What if some criminal group invades my “domain,” destroys all the the infrastructure, and kills me and my family? What sort of domain would it be then? Has not just this sort of thing been happening on this planet for thousands, if not millions, of years?

  4. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Food sovereignty places the people who produce and eat food at the centre of decisions about food production rather than corporations and market institutions that dominate the global food system. In Havana, Cuba 90% of the city’s fresh produce comes from local urban farms and gardens.

    In 2003, the Russian government signed the Private Garden Plot Act into law, entitling citizens to private plots of land for free. These plots range from 0.89 hectares to 2.75 hectares. This was on recommendation by Medvedev. Anastasia is definitely being implemented.

  5. Julie says:

    This series is what triggered my emergence from “the box” nearly ten years ago. Since then I have re-read the series and some of these books three or four times. Each time new meanings come forth that I missed in earlier readings. Almost as though the books adapt themselves to my current level of awareness. Skeptics who have not read the whole series are missing the big picture of human conscious awareness, which is the central point.

    It is amazing and inspiring that what was predicted in the ninties is playing out now!

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