Louisiana Sheriff’s Captain Lays Down the Law…Again [Video]


I’ve spent a lot of time in southern Louisiana, particularly the area known as Acadiana. St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office Capt. Clay Higgins is one of the people I plan to look up next chance I have. I want to buy this guy a meal and thank him for not only his service to the good folks of St Landry Parish, but also some of the best law enforcement public service messages ever produced. In this installment, Capt Higgins and the rest of Acadiana’s finest are on the hunt for a group of violent gang members who need to be under a jail.

NEXT: Watch the Crime Report That Made Capt. Higgins Famous

BONUS VIDEO: Wichita Falls Law Enforcement Honor the Fallen

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One Response to Louisiana Sheriff’s Captain Lays Down the Law…Again [Video]

  1. lecox says:

    This is an interesting presentation. I don’t see videos like this very often.
    Mike Hendren lives in Wichita Falls which is why he talks about visiting Sherrif’s Captain Higgins.
    What the public sees, and what law enforcement sees, are the people out in front doing the violent acts and terrorism. We assume that they run together as a “gang” and that’s as far as their organization goes.
    But now we have the analyses done on all the false flag events, and the various killings that have happened where the officials tell us a story that turns out not to be true. Researchers have discovered deeper levels of organization, planning and financial support in all the events they have studied. So it’s time to change our view of what crime is, who is responsible for it, and how to deal with them. Our current system is ineffective and is making us look like a bunch of fools.
    The way to do nothing effective about crime is to locate some perpetrators, kill or arrest them, send them to jail for a while as “punishment” then release them. This is, in effect, the criminals’ way of handling crime.
    If you really want to handle crime, you have to get to root cause, expose the psychopaths that are creating it at all the different levels, and then handle the perpetrators and general public as possible to disentangle them from the crime system they have become involved with. This definitely includes law enforcement. Law enforcement, being armed and organized, is one of the biggest threats to crime activities. So law enforcement is constantly under attack by criminals in attempts to weaken or subvert it.
    Anyone who wants to be a part of an honest community and maintain that needs to actively work to disentangle themselves from any criminality they may have ever been involved with and then, using various investigative methods, to cooperatively work to locate and expose the active psychopaths in their areas. Crime will retaliate, but if the community fully understands how crime really works, the damage done should be minimal.
    If those 8 or so perpetrators mentioned in the video were off the streets tomorrow, crime in that parish would continue. The planners behind the scenes would find new thugs to hire, and the violence would start again. Law enforcement in particular, government officials, and the public in general need to get hip on this subject or risk being engulfed by it. Crime is well on its way to ruling this planet. And that would be a shame, because most people living here would prefer to live honest peaceful lives.

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